Mugen liked strong women

Mugen liked strong women. He liked them feisty, naughty, wild and untameable. With powerful legs and thighs like pure thunder. Talented arms and hands who could force him to fight for his need for pleasure and entertainment. Slender frame, elegant posture and a pretty face. Mugen loved strong women. And his woman was the most powerful of them all.

She's tall and proud. She's intelligent and serious. She handled the sword with an air of grace that made Mugen feel as if he's battling a dancer armed with a sword. She spoke her mind and wouldn't hesitate to insult him if she felt like he deserved it. She didn't talk much though, not even during sex. And she would scratch him, bite him, kick him, punch him, cut him, curse him to hell and hurt him all she could whenever he wanted some. He loved it. There was only one wrong with his woman. She wasn't a woman at all. She was a man. He was a man. His name was Jin. And he was a vixen.


"Go away."

Mugen had barely starting crawling over to his woman and she already started bitching. But that didn't stop him. It excited him actually. He silently creeped closer but she noticed, turned around and glared for all she was worth. Mugen smirked. She glared harder and he pounced. She grabbed her sword and took a swipe at him but he managed to dodge it. She launched forward and tried to stab him but he was ahead of her and grabbed her by the wrist. She narrowed her eyes in annoyance before slapping him across the face, hard, and punching him afterwards to knock him back. He stumbled backwards but regained his balance in time to avoid the vicious kick his woman aimed at him. He flipped back several times in order to grab his own sword and blocked the attack. She kicked the sword out of his hand in anger because she knew he wasn't even trying. She could tell by his amused smirk.

"This isn't funny, Mugen. You said it wouldn't happen again."

"I said that I'd think about it." And he shot foreward to knock his woman to the ground, took a hold of her sword and threw it to the back of the room. He aimed a kiss at her neck and she hissed. She started struggling and it was all it took to make his erect member twitch painfully.

"Now, Jin, don't hold back."

"Don't worry. I won't." And his woman started scratching, clawing at his back, drawing blood. She started kicking every part of him that she could reach as he took of her clothes. She punched him or slapped him whenever she managed to free her hands. She would move her head from the left to the right in order to dodge his kisses. She would firmly close her legs so he had to pry them open with extreme force, enabling her to do more damage. Even when he was finally all the way inside of her, she would do anything to make him hurt. To prove she was strong. His strong woman. His vixen.


"Oi, Mugen, where did you get all those bruises and scratches from?" Fuu would ask.

"Fell out of bed." He would reply. And his woman would stay silent. Because he knew that deep down, she liked it as much as he did.

You're a vixen

You're a dragon

You're an ocean

I'm your stallion

I'm your reason

I'm your tamer, it's been proven


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