Hello, I'm Kendell, those of you familure with the Godzilla section may be familure with me, if not, you're about to. This is my first Cloverfield fic but by far not my first giant monster fic. Please enjoy, not much destruction this chapter but trust me that will come soon. Enjoy!

The Beast is Dead

Ruins of Manhattan, 7 am;

Rob clutched Beth's hand as explosions rocked the area around them and the terrible monster that had destroyed the city hours earlier emitted its horrible cries. His new job in Japan didn't matter anymore, his dead friends didn't register in his mind anymore, all that did was survival instinct, he and Beth had to stay alive. "Rob, I'm afraid." said Beth, fear in her voice as another explosion rocked the area.

"I know Beth…we'll get out of this, they can't keep bombing much longer." Rob replied, trying to hide his own panic.

For several more minutes the bombs and the monster's roars continued. Then they abruptly faded. Rob let out a sigh of relief but it was caught in his throat as the monster let out a long cry. Fear clutched him, the beast had survived, it was alive. Then he noticed something about that echoing howl, it was almost…sad. The monster was hurt, maybe dieing, for a few moments he actually felt bad for that beast. Soon the roar faded and a huge crash shook the area and then all was still. Nether Rob or Beth moved for several seconds. "Rob…Rob is it over?" asked Beth's panic stricken voice.

"Only one way to find out." replied Rob slowly. He pushed the rubble that covered them away and slowly rose to his feet. He searched and found the camcorder, it was off and wouldn't respond but he kept it in hand as he helped Beth out of the rubble. "Stay quiet."

The two walked out from under the destroyed bridge. Everything was ether flattened or burnt but they'd survived. They walked through the ravaged remains of Central Park. Beth let out shriek, spotting one of the smaller monsters that had come from the big one perched on top of a piece of rubble. Rob quickly picked up an iron rod and prepared to fend it off when he realized it wasn't moving at all. He slowly approached it and discovered its back half had been blasted off. "Its dead." he said but kept hold of the iron rod just in case as he and Beth continued. They were both thinking this must be what the end of the world looked like. There was only one way to find out if they were truly safe, that was find out if the monster was really dead. They didn't wait long.

Laying in the rubble of a skyscraper was the monster. Its long arms spread out wide across the ground and its tail was severed and laying several feet away, still live nerve endings causing it to twitch occasionally, the place were it was blown off spurting blood. It wasn't moving but its chest still lifted up and down and its breathing echoed but it sounded raspy. For a second Rob's heart felt like it was sinking, how did this monster still breathe? But then with what one could compare to a death rattle, the monster's breathing ended and its body relaxed, the blood soon stopped pouring from its severed tail ether from there being too little left in the monster's body or because its heart was no longer beating. Rob and Beth fell to their knees, looking at the dead monster in disbelief. This monster had destroyed New York, killed two of their dear friends, inadvertently killed a third and know it lie dead before them. In a bit of rage Rob ran over to the beast's still open eye and drove the metal rod into the organ. He breathed heavily for a few seconds before he walked over to Beth and embraced her. "Thank goodness, its finally dead." said Beth in relief.

Rob could only nod. He was mentally and physically exhausted, the only thing he could do now was hug his girlfriend, who he planned to now marry, and try to figure out a way to escape the destroyed city. They didn't have to wait long.

Their hair blew around as the winds from a military helicopter swept over them. The two of them waved at the descending craft, looking to them like an angel sent from heaven, telling them they were still alive. The copter landed near by and first to step out was Sergeant Pryce, the same man that had aided them the night before. He turned back and helped out, to the relief of Beth and Rob, their friend Lily Ford. She ran over and hugged first Beth and then Rob. "You're alive, thank goodness." she said.

"Yes, we're alive, barely." said Beth.

"Hud didn't make it, that killed him." said Rob with a bitterness in his voice as he pointed to the dead monster.

Pryce walked over and looked at the monster, called it a series of names that mostly involved cussing and then turned to them. "Glad to see you made it, I regret to tell you though, you'll have to remain in the city overnight." he said.

"What? Why?" asked Beth, not enjoying the thought of remaining in the ruined city.

"Simple, the lice on this thing make people explode when they bite them, who knows what germs it might of surfaced with, we need to sanitize you, even me and the copter pilots need to be." stated the Sergeant. "And don't think I don't want to get home after this living nightmare. Don't worry though, we've set up a base camp nearby, we've been ordered to study this sorry s.o.b. but I'll give you a ride to the camp."

Several hours later, the group set in a rather nice room, it wasn't the best but it was still better than sleeping outside. Pryce came in, reading a report. "Well I've got some information which will be made public in the morning anyway so I'd might as well tell you." he said. "According to early analyses, the creature is over 350 feet long from the tip of its head to the end of its tail. Judging by the tissue samples and organs, we believe this creature is aquatic and the species lives in deep ocean trenches and something drove this one to the surface."

"So that thing is from earth?" asked Rob.

"Yes, its species likely dates back to the dinosaurs. We believe deep sea drilling was responsible for driving the monster to the surface. As such the UN is considering putting restrictions on such drilling until it is confirmed not to be in the habitat of one of theses creatures. We believe the monster is a male And perhaps the most startling fact we've found is that this creature is an immature member of its species."

"This is a baby?!" asked Beth, started, as were her friends.

"Yes, we believe the adult would be roughly 700-1000 feet in length."

"And there might be more of theses things out there?" asked Lily.

"We doubt that another of theses creatures will surface unless provoked, which from now on we'll try not to."

Later that night, while everyone was sleeping, the remains of the city shook like an earthquake was happening. Something huge moved through the city, her size dwarfing the previous creature's. She walked over to the dead monster and looked him over. She seemed to let out a sad whimper and she nudged the body several times, trying to find some life in the slain monster. She picked up the smaller creature, her dead offspring in her mouth and marched off into the sea. As she sunk into the depths, something caught her eye, the statue her son had decapitated.

The next morning Rob, Beth, and Lily were awakened by Pryce yelling and cussing. They walked outside to see that the monster's body was gone, no drag marks or anything to hint it had been taken, it was just gone. They stepped down a ledge to were Pryce was. "What happened?" asked Rob.

"Something took the monster." stated the Sergeant.

"Something? What? There's no sighs anything was here." asked Beth.

"Yes there is, we're standing in it."

The trio's eyes went wide as they looked around, noticing that they were standing in a foot print! A foot print that was nearly three times the size as the one from the monster nearby. Beth saw something in the distance that made her freeze, something even more shocking than seeing the severed head of the Statue of Liberty laying in the streets. The top half of the Statue of Liberty was just gone, it looked as though it had been bitten clean in half...

I hope that was a good first chapter, yes the mother is really that big she can bite the Statue of Liberty in half, kind of makes what Clover did seem small huh? Anyway see you next chapter!