I'm VERY sorry it took so long to post on this, just had writers block on the final chapter, which is next. Anyway, today they try their last resort, a nuke, enjoy!

Nuclear Option

Pentagon, 10:40 am;

The group looked on, amazed by just how much the immense monster had withstood, they'd finally damaged her shell but Scylla was still alive and not that badly injured. Rob punched the desk in frustration. He thought about their remaining options, there was really only one, the nuclear option. He thought and thought and then realized something. "Quick, send any jets you have in the area to follow her!" he yelled.

"What?" asked Pryce, surprised.

"I have a plan! I have a way we can nuke her." said Rob, pulling a map off the wall. "There's an uninhabited island in the Atlantic, thousands of miles away from anything." he said, pointing to the location on the map. "You said this Sea Bed Nectar Tagruato had been harvesting is the food supply for these monsters. If we can track her to were she rests between attacks, we can lure her up somehow and use Sea Bed Nectar to lure her to that island on like a ship or something, like leave a bit on the surface as a trail before we lure her up. Tagruato has bound to have plenty." he said.

"And once she reaches the island, they drop a nuke on her." said Lily.

"But we need to send in ships or something to keep her in place long enough to drop the bomb, a blockade of some kind outside of range of the bomb."

"Boy, glad you're on board." said Pryce, smiling. He put in the order but looked to the three. "What should we call this operation?"

The three thought it out and Beth got an idea. "Operation Beowulf." suggested Beth. "I had to read Beowulf for a class, this reminded me of something from the story… Grendel's Mother.", the others agreed.

"Alright, let's begin Operation Beowulf."

Atlantic Ocean, 11 pm;

An oil tanker left a trail of Sea Bed Nectar on the surface as it reached the island, beginning the trail where Scylla had been sleeping, a fleet of war ships out of the range of the nuke to be dropped on the island, where a great deal of Sea Bed Nectar had been left, the ships being to stop Scylla from escaping until the nuke was dropped, at which point they were to retreat. "This is Odysseus to base." said the oil tanker's captain on radio, using the ship's code name for the mission based on the hero in a Greek epic that had to face Scylla's name sake. "Our part is ready."

Pentagon, 11:05 pm;

"This is base to Odysseus, you're cleared to evacuate." said Pryce. "Charybdis fleet" he said, calling the fleet supposed to halt Scylla from heading back to sea and named after a creature supposedly near Scylla in myth. "Are you in position?"

"This is Charybdis fleet." said the fleet commander over the radio. "We're ready, willing, and able."

"Good, Argonaut." said Pryce, referring to a battle ship supposed to depth charge Scylla and lure her up, named so as it was between Scylla and Charybdis, like the mythical Argonauts.

"Argonaut ready." said the commander.

"Hercules, get in the air, begin Operation Beowulf." said Pryce, the bomber with the nuclear weapon being named after Hercules, who in one myth killed Scylla.

Rob, Beth, and Lilly watched patiently, praying they would succeed, Rob was fiddling with something in his shirt pocket but wouldn't let anyone know what it was.

Atlantic Ocean, 11:10 pm;

"Drop the depth charges!" ordered the commander of the Argonaut. The battleship fired the charges into the depths, timed to detonate at Scylla's depth. A series of explosion registered on the sonar deep below near a gigantic object on the sea floor which soon began to rise, slow at first and then rapidly. "Get us out of the way now!" he said, the ship began to move when suddenly, Scylla's massive form tore through it from underwater, obliterating it.

Scylla sniffed the air, smelling the Seabed Nectar, which like flowers, the Nectar smelled beautiful and sweet. She submerged her massive head to taste the water, upon tasting it she seemed let out a pleased growl. She opened her massive jaws to full size and began inhaling the bait into her large stomach and as predicted following the trail.

Pentagon, 11:25 pm;

"Argonaut was destroyed but Scylla took the bait." said Pryce. "Base to Charybdis fleet, Scylla has taken the bait, open the path for her and make no aggressive movements, send out the submissive call." he said, they had several recordings of Clover, one was his first reaction to a larger building than him which was, mixed with his body language, supposedly a submissive call.

Atlantic Ocean, 11:27 pm;

The fleet opened a hole in the blockade as their sonar picked up the massive sea beast moving closer and closer. Soon the enormous beast came into view, sucking in thousands of gallons of sea water along with the relatively low amounts of Nectar. She smelled the massive amount nearby by also detected the massive ships. To her brain, they were possible challengers for a food source but she heard the submissive roar, it was low pitched and combined with the room they were giving her, assured her she was in no immediate danger. However, fate would not be on the side of the humans today, aboard one of the ships, an electrical fire had started on a lower deck, igniting the ammo storage aboard it. The ship exploded, spooking Scylla. The massive sea beast immediately brought her long arms down on the nearest ship, sinking it. This caused the other ships to open fire on her. She turned and bit down on the control tower of one ship, tearing it off and throwing it into another, causing a massive fireball. She then dove under and sliced through a ship with her spiked shell, destroying it. She erupted under another, overturning it and then biting into what she perceived as its stomach. She then brought her tail down on another one, splitting it in two. She was soon finished with the fleet, Scylla had killed Charybdis. She moved onto the island and began to feed on the Seabed Nectar placed in the middle of the island with her feeder arms, soothing her savage hunger. However, soon that annoying sound of a bomber filled her ears, she headed back towards the ocean, knowing what would come. She looked up once the sound became loudest and saw a bomber fly over, dropping a single bomb on where she'd been feeding. She covered up in her shell for protection. Soon the bomb hit, detonating a nuclear explosion. Scylla's tough shell finally failed her, being torn off by the great force of the blast, exposing her flesh to the intense heat. She roared in agony as the shockwaves from the blast blew her back.

Pentagon, 11:45 pm;

The group watched the mushroom cloud rise into the sky from the blast site. Everyone held their breath, hoping the nuclear explosion had finally killed Scylla. The blast finally cleared and the trees on the island were ether incinerated or flattened, the Seabed Nectar was incinerated, and the sand had turned to glass. "This is Hercules to base, no sigh of movement, target destroyed! Repeat target destroyed!" called the pilot cheerfully. "No body seen but judging from the island, its reasonable she was vaporized."

The room burst into shouts of success. "This is Pryce to all units, Hercules has killed Scylla, Operation Beowulf is a success."

Rob took Beth off to the side. "This is about as best time as any." he said. "Seeing its finally over." he said and kneeled on one knee. He pulled a small, black, vinyl, ring case, he opened it to show a diamond ring. "Will you marry me?"

Beth gasped, she was speechless. She couldn't speak for a few seconds. She hugged Rob. "Of course." she said as they kissed, Lilly watching with a smile.

Atlantic Ocean, midnight;

Scylla's badly wounded body sunk deep into the trenches. Her flesh torn down to muscle in some places, her shell incinerated, and blood seeping from all over and yet she was still alive, her babies were still alive. She growled in agony but knew she would live as the depths took her back, into a plane of darkness. She finally realized something, the Seabed Nectar had finally driven it home. It was the ones who had built that machine near her home and stolen their food supply who what had brought her son to the surface, she'd seen how fragile the human world was to her species, she knew her son was frightened as she'd been startled by the explosion, she knew what one of her species could do when frightened, she'd just forgotten. She realized that the ones that built that device were the ones who deserved the blame for her son's death. She silently repented for killing humans not responsible for her son's demise and pledged she'd find those truly behind her son's death and make them pay for his death and for the deaths of her own victims…she recognized a symbol that had been on both rigs, her species brains could recognize colors and symbols and were quite intelligent as well, like many sea beasts. The one she remembered on both was a red circle with two human hands below another circle with the word 'Tagruato' below, she knew this was the symbol of her child's killer and she knew it would lead her to them…once she healed…and had her new brood to help her…

Scylla isn't dead yet and when she resurfaces, she'll have babies...giant babies. And she knows who is behind the theft of the Seabed Nectar as well, I'd hate to be Tagruato right now! Next up: The grand finale, Scylla and family take on Tokyo!