I was born exactly three minutes after you

George Weasley at Fred's Funeral

I was born exactly three minutes after you. I always figured I'd live exactly three minutes longer after you died, and we'd have lived for exactly the same amount of time. I figured those three minutes would be the worst of my life.

It's been three days, already, and I show no signs of nearing death. Except for my ear. And the fact that half of me is laying in the ground in front of me right about not, thanks a lot, Fred. If you were here right now, I'd probably kill you for making us all feel like this. Though if you were here right now, we wouldn't all feel like this, so that's rather unnecessary to say.

Dad hasn't been back into work yet, even though there's loads to be done. And Mom won't talk to any of us. Fleur says that Bill isn't sleeping; he just sits outside and stares at the moon. Or maybe that's just the werewolf thing. Ask Lupin for me. Charlie's coping, as much as he can. He and Percy have been having deep conversations all the time, and I don't know what that's about. If you were here, we could find out. And probably drop a couple of dungbombs on them in the bargain. And Ginny's with Harry, like we always knew she would be. And oh, Ron and Hermione, right? How he ended up with someone intelligent is beyond me, but there you go. So at least no one's alone. Except me. I've never done that before. I've always had you.

Angelina misses you a lot too, mate. She's a great girl, isn't she.

Why'd you have to be a hero? Why couldn't you have stuck to being a ponce like Percy? Alright, so he wasn't such a ponce in the end. I shouldn't say that about him, we all have to stick together now. You should have seen how it all ended, though. Expelliarmus. You know who taught Harry that one? Snape. Funny, right? Speaking of him, that grimy old git turned out to be on our side. Voldemort killed him. Oh, and Mum killed Bellatrix Lestrange. Sirius's cousin. She was going after Ginny and Mum just… you should have seen it. Fantastic, mate.

Remember when we learned how to fly? On those stupid toy broomsticks that only got a foot off the ground and we still managed to break a window flying on them? Remember when we got Sorted? I was the very last that year. I was sure I'd get Hufflepuff or something. But I didn't, thank Merlin. Although I guess we've met some pretty good Hufflepuffs. Remember Cedric? Maybe you see him. A bit pretentious, but anyway. Better than the Slytherins. I should learn to like them, I suppose, now that the war is over. Anyway, I was worried about not being sorted to the same house as you, really, not so much where I was. I would've taken Slytherin to stay with you. I'm glad it didn't come to that though. Think what Charlie would've said.

I don't really… I have a lot more I'd like to say, but you probably know it all already. And people are starting to pull faces at me. Fleur, mostly. I guess zey don't speak to zee graves een France.

I miss you.

Fred Weasley at George's Funeral

I've been waiting for you. You'll probably be here soon; it's longer than it takes for most, but then again you were always coming late. I wonder if you'll get your ear back. We have a lot to talk about. Angelina, really? No one ever told you it was in bad taste to marry your dead brother's girlfriend? I forgive you. It's weird looking down at these things. I feel like I should be weeping and throwing myself on your coffin or something, but I'm secretly happy to see you again. Mom and dad will be too. I've missed you.