THE MARK by Ancholia

THE MARK by Ancholia

Cycle 1 – A new familly member

Chapter 1

Title: The Mark

By: Ancholia

Beta'd by: Moonshine

Rating: R in general

Spoilers: up to episode 12

Characters: Mick, Beth, Josef and that's all for the moment

Author's note: This story will be separated in three cycles, the cycles are separated in chapters.

Disclaimer: I don't own Moonlight, this is the propriety of CBS.

This is my first fanfiction ever so I am really nervous right now. I had this idea for a moment and I had to write it. Let me know what you think, feedbacks are welcomed.

Also, english is not my native language, so if you see grammar errors or other kind of errors, please let me know and I will fix it.

Cycle 1 – A new familly member

Chapter 1

The sun was slowly sinking in the sea. The sky was painted in blood red, orange and purple. There was something in the air, something dangerous. The beginning of the night was promising. A promise of some unexpected and mysterious event.

Mick was out, on the balcony of his apartment. He was looking at the city but he didn't pay attention to the beautiful sundown. In fact, he was thinking about someone. Maybe she was in the crowd of Los Angeles. He didn't know. He hadn't seen her since the funeral. Beth had asked Mo for some days off and she couldn't refused. Beth said to Mick that she needed some time alone. So, even if it killed him, he had let her go.

Mick had his own problems. The cure wore off after a few days. Josef hadn't taken it well. He didn't understand Mick. He knew that his turning was upsetting, that was a understatement but there was no way to go back. Josef knew about the cure. It was only an illusion of humanity and he didn't want Mick to get some false hopes. There was no point telling him the existence of this cure. He was a vampire and he had to accept it. So when Mick called Josef, he had just said : " See you when you'll be yourself again " and he hung up.

Mick was a vampire again, what meant to him, a monster again. He had not called Josef because, really, what could he say ? He was a little ashamed to face Josef. Since the cure had worn off, a few days ago, Mick had thought a lot. He thought about his life, Coraline, Beth, his best friend, vampirism…

Mick was still thinking of Beth when the sharp sound of a knock on the door echoed. He went back inside the apartment. Everything was dark, no lights turned on. He lived in the obscurity these last few days. It fitted his mood and his thoughts. He looked on the security screen and saw a delivery guy. It was pretty late and it intrigued Mick. He opened the door.

" - Hi, said Mick.

- Good evening Sir, you're Mr Mick St John? asked the delivery boy.

- Yes, I am.

- I have a package for you. Could you sign here and there please ? He presented a delivery note and Mick signed it.

- Thanks. Could you help me to carry it ? This package weighs like hell.

- Yeah… Mick saw a common wooden box. Do you know what it is ?

- No. It's just saying to be delivered in less than 24 hours.

- Okay… and who is the sender? " asked Mick.

The delivery boy checked his paper and answered that the sender remained anonym. They put the box in Mick's living room. Mick gave the man a tip and closed the door.

"- Okay, what is this ? "

Mick took a crowbar to open the box. The lid popped open and revealed a wooden chest. He took the chest out of the box and gave it a better look. The chest was made in wood, probably in oak ; it looked very old. The sculpted pattern was almost past and Mick couldn't figure what it represented. There were also some iron fittings on the corners and on the heavy lock. A key was attached at the knob of the lid. Mick took it and unlocked the chest. He slowly lifted the lid and the chest revealed its secret.

Mick's eyes widened with shock, his hand flew to his mouth and he took a step back. A strangled whisper escaped his mouth : " Oh, no, this has to be a nightmare ! "

End of chapter 1 – cycle 1