The Foreign Hottie

"The Foreign Hottie"

Summary: Edward Cullen is a foreign exchange student from London who comes to live with the Swans for a year. Bella Swan couldn't be anymore upset over the fact that a boy has to share a room with her. Could her feelings for him ever change?

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"Oh Bella, stop bouncing around so much," Renée demanded sternly. I frowned slightly, how could my mother expect me to just stand still? I am practically going to have a sister and she expects me to just calm down? I don't think so.

I could hardly contain my excitement.

"How can I? I'm too excited," I admitted. Over a month ago, my school was having families sign up to adopt a foreign exchange student for a whole year! Since my parents thought it would be an 'educational experience' for me and I thought it would be totally awesome to have a sibling, so we signed up for one.

I have always wanted a sister, but unfortunately I was an only child. And now I can finally know how it feels like to have one. We could braid each others hair together, talk about how much we love Muse, and eat a lot of junk food. You know, like sisterly bonding.

And now here we were, at Forks International Airport, waiting for the new foreign exchange student. My parents and I were waiting for her plane to land, until then I daydreamed about how life will be with having a sister.

"I wonder what her name is..." I thought out loud while staring up at the screen filled with the departures and arrivals of all the planes.

"You will find out soon enough honey," Charlie, my dad, said. "I just think how unprofessional it is of the school not giving us the name of the person who will be living with us for the next year."

"Well, we did ask for a female around Bella's age," Renée corrected.

"All we know is that she is coming from London, and her flight is 4-B," I stated. I looked at the clock on my wrist, it was already five o'clock. Her plane should have landed already. My heart accelerated rapidly, I just can't wait to meet her. I'm absolutely thrilled.

And then coming out of the arrival doors, came a bunch of people. I looked around to see if I could find a girl around my age.

Then I saw her, I think. She had long blond hair; she looked British enough to me. I smiled; I couldn't believe that was actually her. It obviously had to be her, who else would it be?

I pointed at her. "I think that's her," I told me parents. They nodded in agreement as we headed over to her. She had a bag with her and looking up at the flight TV screen. "Hi," I greeted her politely. She turned around to faced us, with a puzzled look upon her face.

"Welcome to America," Charlie said really loudly, as if she was def or something.

I rolled my eyes thinking how dumb my dad was acting.

She looked very perplexed. "Are you the Shepard's family? The African American family I will be living with?" she asked in her British accent.

"N-no," Renée asked, as confused as her. So…if this wasn't our foreign exchange student…then who was?

"Oh, alright. Well then I must be off," she said, her eyes wide, as if she was scared of us. She then whirled around and headed toward the pay phones.

I stared at her as she left, puzzled. "So…if she isn't our exchange student, then who-"

I was interrupted by a deep British accent saying behind us, "Hello. Are you the Swan family?"

My whole family turned around unexpectedly to see a boy around my age smiling widely, carrying a duffle bag. He had untidy bronze hair and bright green eyes, which were beaming with excitement.

"Um…yes, yes we are," Renée replied, as shocked as me and Charlie. We were supposed to have a girl around seventeen years old. Not a boy. I crossed my arms over my chest, I tried not to pout. This couldn't possibly be happening.

"It is so wonderful to finally meet you. I'm Edward Cullen, the new foreign exchange student," he greeted enthusiastically. He shook Charlie's and Renée's hand. His emerald eyes then landed on my plain brown ones. "Hello," he breathed when he saw me. His hand reached out to shake mine, but I didn't oblige.

I stared at his out reach hand, as if it was infected. "Er…there must be a mistake, we were supposed to have a-"

"It's very nice to meet you too Edward," Renée interrupted me rudely. I stared at my mother in disbelief. She couldn't be okay with this…right? We specifically asked for a girl! Edward dropped his hand and looked at me, disappointment. "This is Bella," she pointed at me.

Renee nudged Charlie. He finally blinked. "Welcome to America Edweird," Charlie greeted with a little bit harshness. "I'm Charlie." I couldn't stop the giggle that escaped my lips when Charlie said Edweird.

Edward didn't seem to notice, he just kept grinning happily. "I am really excited to live in America with you guys for a year," Edward said. I might add; his British accent was somewhat…attractive. He was kind of like a really hott Harry Potter…just without the huge scare on his forehead or an evil villain trying to kill him and all.

"We are really happy you're here too," Renée said politely, but I could tell that she was panicking as much as Charlie and me. "We should probably get your luggage," she suggested.

Edward nodded and then we all walked over to wait for his luggage from Baggage Claim. With so many bags rolling on by, I started to talk to Renée in a hushed tone. "I thought we asked for a girl," I snapped so quietly that Edward didn't hear.

"We did, they must have made a mistake," she answered in the same hushed voice as me.

"So…can't we send him back or something?" I asked frantically.

She stared at me in shock. "Isabella Marie Swan, we will not send him back. Did you see how happy he is to be here?" she asked harshly. I absolutely hate it when she scolds me using my full name.

"So…are you saying he is going to have to live with us? In my bedroom?" I asked flabbergasted. In the corner of my eye I saw Edward pick up his two huge suit cases, with the help of Charlie. I couldn't help but notice when Edward picked up one of his suit cases that the muscles of his arms flexed impressively, showing how muscular he was. Even under his snug gray sweater.

Oh stop it Bella! I scolded myself mentally.

"We will take care of that situation when we get home," she stated calmly.



The whole ride home was hell. I was trying hard not to cry, since I would have to share a room with this British boy. I would just call him Edweird, like how Charlie called him. I mean, I know he didn't do anything to me in any way that would hurt me. But I hoped for a girl around my age, so we could do sisterly things and bond like sisters.

And now I was stuck with him

"Honey…be nice," Renée demanded when we got into the house, with Edward and Charlie following behind us with his luggage.

I rolled my eyes, annoyed. "What did I say?" I snapped.

"You don't have to, your face says it all," she informed. I tried not to roll my eyes again; she always calls me an open book. Since my face gave away pretty much every emotion I have.

Charlie dropped Edward's suit cases exhaustedly on the floor when we got into the house and then wiped the sweat of his forehead. "Whoa kid, watch' a got in there?" he asked Edward, breathless.

"Just my clothes and stuff… and gifts for you guys," he informed cheerfully.

"You got presents…for us?" I spat out. So first he has to share a room with me, and now he is trying to make me feel guilty by giving us gifts? What a little-

"Bella…" Renée warned, probably knowing what I was thinking. "Thank you so much Edward. You really didn't have to though…" she assured.

"Oh no, I wanted to. You guys are letting me live with you for a whole year! It's the least I could do" he said enthusiastically in his British accent, placing his hand on his heart.

"Aw…" she cooed, she seemed touched by what he said. "You're so welcomed here."

I scowled at her; I wanted to scream out, "BUT WE HAVE TO SEND HIM BACK THOUGH! Right?" But, I knew I couldn't, I already said enough for one day.

"Yeah son," Charlie said, patting him on the back. "We're glad you're here."

And then I couldn't help it…I just couldn't. "Speak for yourself…" I muttered and then blushed like crazy when I realized I just said that out loud.

Renée eyes widened. "Bella go upstairs to your room now!" she demanded menacingly as she pointed to the staircase with her index finger.

I mumbled a curse so quietly that they couldn't hear. I didn't want to meet Edward's gaze. I was too afraid of what I might see. Hurt? Amusement? I didn't know. As I heard Renée mumble a 'sorry' to Edward I heard him say, "Where will I sleep?" he asked in a polite tone. I stopped to hear what she would say.

She sighed, "Bella…could you show Edward to his room please?"

Doesn't she mean my room? "Sure," I said dryly, trying not to sound impolite. As I started to walk up the stairs I heard Edward following close behind me. He didn't say anything when we reached my bedroom; he just looked around my room with a huge smile on his face. He dumped his backpack on the bed Charlie and I set up just for our student…little did I know it would be a boy. I would have just put the bed outside if I did.

Then Edward looked at me, the huge grin still on his bright face. "Nice room," he complimented. "I hope you don't mind us sharing a room together?" I don't know why…but his British accent was getting more and more annoying.

My head tilted. "Actually-" I was about to say something really not nice at all, but Renée walked into the room, interrupting me.

"Sorry," she apologized, putting her hands in her front jean pockets. "So Edward, how do you like the room?"

He grinned even wider. "It's perfect," he replied. "I especially love the blue wallpaper."

She smiled warmly. "Great, so if you're hungry we're having dinner in about fifteen minutes and you would want a good sleep for tomorrow since you will be going to school with Bella," she explained.

My stomach suddenly dropped, and my nerves crept inside of me again. I knew for a fact that my skin turned a ghostly white. And my eyes widened in shock. I almost forgot that mom and Edward were in the same room with me.


I totally forgot that Edweird would have to go to Forks High School, with me. As if high school wasn't already hell, and now he had to go with me.


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