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Last time on The Foreign Hottie:

"I can't believe Jacob made that my ring tone," I muttered while looking down in embarrassment.

Edward shrugged. "It was probably just an accident." Typical Edward always had to be the nice guy. I snorted as I leaned toward Edward for a little peck, but he backed away. "Where were you this whole time?"

He wasn't asking accusingly, just curiously.

I froze. There was no way in hell I was telling him about Alex. He would go berserk and maybe do something harsh to Alex for stealing Jake's phone. Hmm, maybe that's not such a bad thing after all…

"I um, was w-waiting for Jake. He has text me to meet him by the water fountain, but never showed," I stuttered, trying not to look like I was hiding something.

"Oh," he replied contently with a smile. I sighed in relief. Edward leaned down to kiss me as the crowd of students still swarmed around us.

I felt whole as his arms tightened around me. I let myself unwind from all the stress that took over me.

I was really getting into the kiss until I heard a panicked voice from behind us. I already knew it was Jake. No one has such a high voice like his.

I hesitantly pulled away from Edward's eager lips, frustrated. Edward sighed a bit impatiently as he looked over my shoulder at Jacob.

"Bella, something horrible has happened," Jacob said quickly. "My cell phone is gone. I have to get it back. Leah said she would give me a call. I need my phone when she calls. I don't know what to do. If I don't answer when she calls, I think I'll go crazy and-"

"Hold on," I raised my voice, I need to let him know about Alex. "There's something you need to know first."


"What a creep," Jake emphasized for the hundredth time.

"Yeah Jake, I know," I said impatiently. "Can you shut up now?"

A couple of days have past since the whole water fountain rendezvous. Jacob still didn't get his phone back and has been freaking out about Leah's phone call. Edward was downstairs cooking dinner with my mom – don't ask why – while I was discussing plan strategies with Jacob.

I still didn't tell Edward about the Alex thing. I felt like I was being a bad girlfriend, but I knew he wouldn't be too pleased about another foreign exchanger hitting on me.

"We need to get my phone back, Bells," Jacob's voice was pleading. His doughy eyes bored into mine as I nodded sympathetically

"I'll get it back. I promise." As much as Jacob annoyed me – he was still my best friend. If Leah was the only girl on the planet who actually liked him, then I didn't want to ruin it. "I'll have to talk to Alex…."

Jake had been lying on my bed. He now had gotten up and started pacing around my room. "Please don't do anything drastic to get my phone…alright?"

I nodded slowly, not wanting to think of what blackmailing Alex could do to me to get Jake's phone back. "I'll get the phone back Jake. You and Leah can live happily ever after too."

I gave him a big smile as he came rushing to hug me.

"Thanks Bella and I won't mention a thing to Edward," Jake promised with a reassuring grin.

"Knock Knock," Edward walked into the room with a warm smile. He had one of my mom's cooking aprons on. He looked completely adorable. "Dinner's almost ready. Are you staying Jake?"

Jacob shook his head. "Its chicken finger's night at my place; maybe another time..." Jake grabbed his backpack and headed out the door. "Bye, lovebirds!"

I grinned as my cheeks turned warm.

I told Edward that Jacob had just lost his phone in the toilet and that a janitor had given it back to him. I thought that it was a perfect lie while Jacob was mad at me for a whole two hours.

A lot of people lose their phones in the toilet…right?

I gave him a double take, grinning at his attire. "Nice apron," I commented while tilting my head flirtatiously.

Edward laughed, showing off his gleaming teeth. "Think so?" I practically swooned at his British accent - I will never get tired of his voice. He laid both of his hands on either side of my hips.

Escaping from his grasp, I slowly walked to the door, not wanting to seem impatient or desperate. I gave him a slow nod as I closed the door shut.

He smirked as he took a couple of long strides toward me. I leaned against the door as I grinned widely.

I couldn't stop the acceleration of my heart as his lips pressed softly against mine. His hand was resting casually on the door. At first he was gentle and lovely with his soft kisses on me. But then something changed….

I was roughly thrust upon my bedroom door as Edward's kisses became more urgent, his body was pressed against mine. Not that I was complaining or anything… I was enjoying it way too much for my own good.

My hands tangled and pulled on his smooth hair, wanting more. His arms wrapped around me as his tongue slipped into my mouth – causing me to go into frenzy.

I was no longer breathing normally – but heaving. It was almost embarrassing if it weren't for the fact that Edward didn't seem to notice. He stopped devouring my mouth and went straight to my neck.

A lot of things happened then….

First – Edward's hand slowly crept up my shirt, his lips still in the crook of my neck. My eyes widened as his hand kept going further up. Well, this was new…

And then I heard someone walking towards my door.

Of all the times to barge in…

Edward obviously didn't notice the intruder about to walk in for his hand was still creeping up my shirt towards my bra. God, I didn't want him to stop...

It took all I had in me to push Edward away. My heart ached as he gave me a confused look. He hair was disheveled and a complete hot mess.

I gave him a quick apologetic smile with a kiss on his warm cheek. "Someone is coming," I whispered.

He nodded understandingly, he cheeks were slightly pink.

It's funny how things can go from hot and steamy to completely awkward and quiet. We held still as the person outside my door walked past. I noted that it was most likely my dad. He was the only one who sounded like Bigfoot when wandering around the house.

I sighed, glad he didn't come in.

I smiled hopefully at Edward, hoping to start where we had left of. Apparently, Edward didn't think so.

"I promised your mum I would set the table…" Edward gave me a quick smile, his eyes still smoldering as he headed out the door, leaving me by myself.

Sighing again, I ran a hand through my hair, not knowing how I could sit through a half an hour of dinner without jumping Edward.


The next day at school I was bound to confront Alex. Every day was getting worse for Jacob as he longed for Leah's phone call. And I was sick and tired of lying to Edward about this whole fiasco. Things needed to be solved.

Before class started I trudged around the hallways, hoping to find that creeper. Usually he was the one following me, but today he was nowhere to be found.


The art hallway was completely deserted. The math hallway was full of nerdy kids who came before class for The Math Club. I impatiently stomped over to the science wing – the tiny shred of hope still in me to find Alex.

I pouted as the only people I saw were teachers…

"Bella…what are you doing here so early?"

I swiveled around only to face Alex. Thank God, I thought as I crossed my arms over my chest.

"I could ask you the same thing…"

No, don't be an ass! You're trying to butter him up, remember!

Alex smirked, but that sick humor of his didn't reach his dark eyes.

"I sometimes come before class to help kids with their Portuguese," he explained, leaning against a locker while sticking his hands in his jean front pockets.

I nodded, not knowing where to start. "Listen, I don't really know how you got Jacob's…."

He frowned, looking down at his shoes. "And sometimes I just sit by the water fountain in front of the main building…just thinking."

I stiffened – his sudden replace surprised me.

My eyebrows scrunching together. "I know I'm going to regret asking this….but are you alright?"

I wasn't used to this Alex. This Alex didn't have an ounce of creepiness in him. He wasn't cocky, but sad. It surprised me more than it should have.

He shrugged, giving me a weak smile. "I've just been….a bit off lately."


Who cares, Bella!

He sighed. "A year is a very long time for us Bella," he began. "It's a whole year without our families, not celebrating a Christmas, or a birthday."

By us I knew he meant the foreign exchange students.

Meaning Edward…

Anybody would think studying abroad in a totally new country would be adventurous and thrilling. That's because it would be. But I never given much thought to how Edward felt about being away from his family.

I knew he had a big family from the information we got about him and Edward's input. He had a younger sister that was a year younger than us. His older brother was two years older. And he had a mom and dad which I'm sure he really cared about.

But Edward rarely mentions his family back in England. Was I an insensitive girlfriend for not considering or asking about them?

I held onto my key necklace which Edward had made me for me, hoping it would give me some kind of comfort.

"But you had a choice…" I replied weakly.

Alex laughed softly. "I'm not saying I regret coming here. I don't think any of us do – but all I'm saying is that it's hard sometimes…"

I nodded, trying to understand.

Slowly, I walked closer to Alex. I awkwardly put a hand on his broad shoulder. "I'm sorry; I can't imagine how it feels like."

I can't even imagine how Edward feels….

He grinned widely. "Thank you, Bella." He took a hold of my hand which was on his shoulder and held onto it. "You really are special."

"Ha-Ha." I wiggled my hand from his and took a step back, completely forgetting what I had to talk to him about. "Well, I should go…"

I trudged away before he could say anything else.


It was two in the morning that Saturday night. Edward and I were still up and talking. Usually when we couldn't sleep, we would go under the covers with a flashlight and just talk about random things. We would play with the flashlight and sometimes I would tell lame scary stories while putting the light under my face. But mostly we just talked.

And sometimes we didn't...

Well anyway – you don't need to know that much.

I started laughing at Edward's lame attempt to make a dog over the flashlight's shadow with his hands.

"You're doing it all wrong," I giggled, taking his hands and trying to make a bunny out of them. "Your hands are too big."

He laughed. "Oh, really?"

I nodded, trying not to think of naughty things at the moment….

"Looks like a messed up poodle instead of a bunny."

He started drawing leisure circles on my palm, a smile still on his face. It tickled a bit, but I didn't complain.

He shrugged as he continued with caressing me. "I guess I get the big hands from my dad…"

I froze.

Did he miss his dad? How about his mom and siblings? Did he want to go back?

The flashlight didn't make things so much easier for me to see his face. We were under the covers and sitting crossed legged – it had suddenly gone from comfortable and romantic to quiet and stiff.

I remember asking Edward about his family when he had first arrived to Forks. But a lot has changed since then….

Remember being a good girlfriend, Bella?

"You'll see them soon, Edward," I assured warmly, smiling a bit. "School ends in a couple of months and…"

He looked sharply at me, almost drawing me away. Even in the dark – I could still see how his green eyes were blazing.


"Y-your family…" I stuttered, giving him a dubious look.

He shrugged, giving me the cold shoulder. "We have a long time until then. We have time…"

Confused, I kept staring at him, hoping to find some answers. Was he sad to be away from them? Why was he mad, and at me? What was going on…?

"Edward, I just…"

"I'm tired," he snapped, looking down at the flashlight he was holding.

I gave a little nod, trying not to cry.

He turned off the light, turning everything pitch black. The last thing I saw was the conflicted look on his face.


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