Tosh had always been a woman of science. Everything she had seen, she had explained it in terms of atoms and chemicals and the Big Bang theory. Tosh's life had been built around the reassuringly practical essence of science that never let her down. That and maths had always guided her through life. They were stable and she was sure of them. She'd always thought that the world had been created by a huge cosmic explosion and that had worked for her. It could explain everything and she could break anything that daunted her down into atoms, then it wasn't so frightening.

Science had meant that she'd never believed in heaven or anything that came after death. At university one night a group of them had sat around and debated whether there was life after death. She'd adamantly argued that the universe had been created by pure chance and that we were just lucky that there were the right conditions on earth for us to survive. She'd said that it was ridiculous to believe that there was anything after that; we were lucky enough to have got this far.

But as she lay dying in Jack's arms, she prayed that she was wrong. She wanted – no needed – there to be something more. She didn't want everything to be over and to never think or see again. There had to be something else out there because this wasn't enough; her 26 years hadn't been enough. And as she took her last breath and thought about what Marcus had argued, that there was a heaven, this perfect place that lasted for eternity where we were reunited with the ones we loved, she hoped more than anything that he was right. Because as she died Tosh realised that maybe science didn't have all the answers; because just sometimes we need to believe and have faith.

A/N: This just came to me when I got a bit distracted reading a fic about Owen and Tosh after death. I suddenly wondered if there is anything after all of this and it came to me that Tosh probably didn't believe in it because it can't be explained by science. This isn't great and I only wrote it in 10 minutes but I had to get it out.