The usual disclaimers are to be inserted here

The usual disclaimers are to be inserted here

Spoilers for exit wounds

This is set when Jack has been buried alive, just in case anyone is wondering

Dirt and Death

The first time he didn't do anything- just blinked briefly, painfully as the dirt and grit attacked his eyes and clogged mouth as he gasped hopelessly for the non-existent air

By the third time he had accepted that this was going to hurt so he refused to think about the pain

By the seventeenth time he had mastered keeping his eyes shut when he revived so that it didn't hurt quite so much

By the thirty-sixth time his thoughts had turned to Ianto- Please let…- but the dirt cut him off

By the forty-second time he had managed to finish that thought

By the forty-fifth he had started on a new one

By the one-hundredth-and-eighth time he had a small amount of thoughts sorted in his head, including: at least I've got plenty of time to get my thoughts straight

By the two-hundredth-and-fifty-second time he had run out of thoughts

By the two-hundredth-and-fifty-fifth he had finally managed to think that he was all ready bored

By the three-hundredth-and-seventy-third time he had somehow managed to get Video Killed the Radio Star stuck in his head

By the six-hundredth-and-sixty-ninth time he had forgotten the words to Video Killed the Radio Star

By the sixth-hundred-and-seventy-fifth time he was bored again

By the sixth-hundredth-and-eighty-fourth time he was missing Video Killed the Radio Star

By the seven-hundredth-and-thirty-second time he had remembered the words again

By the one-thousandth-one-hundredth-and-sixteenth time he had been able to wonder what time it was

By the one-thousandth-four-hundredth-and-thirty-seventh time he wanted some sleep

By the one-thousandth-four-hundredth-and-fifty-fifth time he realised that wasn't going to happen

By the one-thousandth-six-hundredth-and-twenty-sixth time he managed to make a grunting noise that was supposed to be a Welsh swear word Ianto had taught him

By the two-thousandth-two-hundred-and-fifth time he had wondered why he had tried to swear in Welsh

By the two-thousandth-two-hundred-and-thirty-fourth time he realised he didn't care

By the three-thousandth-and-sixteenth time he realised his thoughts were too slow. Was he giving up?

By the three-thousandth-eight-hundredth-and-forty-seventh time he had reasoned he was losing hope, not giving up

By the four-thousandth-two-hundredth-and-thirty-ninth time he still hadn't worked out how these were different

By the ten-thousandth-eight-hundredth-and-second time he gave up thinking and began to pretend he was asleep as this seemed to make death easier

By the eleven-thousandth-five-hundredth-and-sixty-eighth time he had lost count of how many times he died