Sadie Bautista

Chapter 17: Getting Back to "Normal

"I feel like I haven't seen you in forever and a half," Maddie smiled p at Cassie as the two made their way down the halls of the elementary school , Cassie smiling brightly as she clutched a stack of file folders filled with the work her students had done during her absence.

"Yeah, it's so nice to be back though," she sighed as the two women came to a stop outside her classroom. The students were still outside enjoying the nice weather for recess and Cass had promised a party for their good behavior and hard work while she was absent. Pushing her classroom door open, Cass dropped the folders on the desk and began setting up the food the kids had brought.

"Did you hear Lanie and the new science teacher are dating?" Maddie grinned and Cass laughed as they placed napkins on each desk.

"You never fail when gossip's going around, Mad, what did you do while I was gone with no one to tell but your kids?" Cassie asked sarcastically. Madeline shoved her friend's arm with a smirk before leaning close to her again.

"You know the guy I was telling you about, John Hennigan? We're officially together now and guess who's furious about it?" Maddie said, her eyes sparkling with mischief.

Pretending to be interested, Cassie raised her eyebrows and widened her eyes dramatically, "Who is it now?"

"Melina," Maddie grinned when Cass fumbled with her pile of napkins and turned to her looking stunned.

"How is that two-bit, good-for-nothing bi—!" Cass began bitterly but Maddie stopped her with a laugh.

"She's claiming I stole him from her when she had clearly been done and over with the guy for almost a month and a half. Johnny just shrugs her off. He knows she's just a drama queen so we both pay no mind to her," Maddie shrugged, frowning at the warning look on Cassandra's face. "What?"

"Just be careful around that woman, she'll do anything to screw you over. You know that, Madeline," she sighed, finishing with the napkins and grabbing a stack of neon green plastic cups and placing them beside the napkins.

"I know, I know," the younger woman shook her head. "All you went through… just be glad the district let you keep your kids. Old Shaw is still chomping at the bit to get you fired. You know Billy can't fail anything without your career depending on it."

Rolling her eyes, Cassie paused at the window to watch her students running around the playground and laughing. Little Billy Shaw sat by himself on a swing, his eyes on the sky and a dreamy expression on his face. He was the one student who had written her a heartfelt letter in the welcome back cards her substitute had the class write and she smiled when he glanced around when one of the girls called his name. He ran off to play on the jungle gym and Cass turned away from the window, her shadow of a smile fading when she met Maddie's dark eyes.

"If Mr. Shaw has such an issue with my teaching he can move to another district because I'm not going anywhere and I'm not letting anyone else jeopardize my students again. I'm supposed to be here to help these kids get their education and that's what I'm going to do, whether those parents like it or not."

Maddie shook her head, tossing her pile of napkins on the party table as Cass finished up placing the plates. She glanced at her watch and sighed as the recess bell sounded for the kids to come in for the second half of the day.

"Well, looks like it's back too the classroom," Maddie saluted her friend as the classroom door burst open and students streamed into the room, all chattering and laughing.

Smiling, Cass nodded as Maddie left the room and watched her kids, the small group of students she tought she'd never see again, take their seats around the room, their eyes drifting to her as she leaned against the calkboard beside her desk. She took a deep breath, enjoying the comfort of her classroom before calling the kids to order.

"Okay guys, before we dig into the treats you've all brought, I think we can squeeze in one quick reading lesson to get you ready for your vocab test on Friday…"

A graoned echoed from the kids as they shuffled to pull out their readers and Cass smirked, pullin gout a piece of chalk to write notes on the board. Man, did it feel god to be back!


"I'll see you tonight for Raw right?" Maddie called across the parking lot a few hours later the school buses already gone, the students all dropped off safely at their homes.

"Most definitely! I already have the popcorn," Cass grinned as she climbed into her car. She glanced beside her at the passenger seat where she usually tossed her laptop case and books but instead of the usual mess on the seat there sat a single red rose, a little note folded beneath it. Curious and excited, Cass tossed her things into the back seat and grabbed it, enjoying the fragrance of the rose before opening the note.

"Look up" was printed neatly across the white paper and she slowly lifted her eyes to find Randy standing before her with the rest of the roses, his arm in a sling as he smiled at her. Gasping, she shoved the door open, nearing tripping in her excitement and rushed to him wrapping her arms around his neck tightly.

"What are you doing here? I thought you were at Raw?" she half laughed half sobbed, the bundle of roses now laying forgotten on the ground as Randy kissed his girlfriend before explaining himself. "What happened to your arm?"

"It's kind of a long story," he shrugged and Cass raised her eyebrows. "Ok fine, you know we taped a Pay-Per-View yesterday after Saturday's house show and you know Paul and I had a match…"

"Keep talking, Randal," Cass said darkly and Randy laughed nervously.

"Well, he tossed me and I landed wrong and I broke my collarbone so I'm out for a while to recover."

"So you'll be home…here…with me for like six months?" Cassie asked slowly, enjoying the terrified look in Randy's ocean eyes.


She tried her damnedest to look disappointed but she couldn't help the huge grin forcing it's way across her face at the thought of having Randy all to herself. And now that Melina was Maddie's problem she didn't even have to worry about pissing anyone off. The complete jubilance coursing through her at the thought surprised her and Randy took a set back as she beamed up at him.

"I was expecting you to be upset," he said cautiously and Cass laughed aloud.

"Upset? Why would I be upset? I mean, yeah it sucks that your hurt but that just means more…." Her voice trailed as her mind went into overdrive, the blush on her cheeks rising at some of her thoughts.

A devilish look replaced the goofy smile and Randy took another step away from her. He could almost see the horns she looked so mischievous and he waved a hand in her face.

"Hello… Earth to Cassandra!"

Her bright eyes lifted to his and she winked, grabbing his good hand and pulled him toward the car. Randy let her push him against the side of it as her lips found his hungrily. He chuckled when she pulled back for air and moved around the car to get back in.

"So where are we going?" he asked as she climbed in and started it.

She gave him a "duh" look and rolled her eyes, motioning for him to get in and revving the engine. "I would be stupid to let a single second go by where I'm not all over that toned, tanned, beckoning body, Randal. If you have six months home with me, I'm going to make sure you make a one hundred percent… slow recovery," she grinned as he sat beside her looking intrigued.

"And I always thought you were the innocent school girl," he laughed as she gunned the engine and shot toward the end of the parking lot. Laughing evilly, Cassie glanced at him before returning her eyes to the road.

"After all the shit we went through, Randal, innocence is no longer apart of my vocabulary… And when it comes to you and those abs it's not even a thought," she smirked, whizzing out of the school parking lot toward the quickest way home. With her job, by some miracle, still intact and the man of her dreams beside her, for once in Cassandra Casey's life, all was right with the world.

A/N: I know, I know… crappy ending.. but I couldn't think of ANYTHING else to write…I suck at endings and everything was already tied up…Oh well…it's finished. I hope y'all enjoyed it anyway. Cass is happy, Randy's happy, Vince is happy… so I'm happy. Yay for corny endings! I had fun writing this little story and I thank everyone for reading and reviewing. I appreciate it greatly! Well, that's all from me, thanks a bunch!

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