AN: Just a small, very short, angst-y piece that popped into my head after watching the final episode. Please R&R. xx

Ianto dropped the mop, the plastic handle hitting the tiled flooring with a loud clatter, sobs racking his frame. He fell to his knees next to the pool of dried blood he had been attempting to clean. The tears slithered down his cheeks, burning tracks along the pale skin and mixing with the dirt that lay on his face from the previous day's events.

Jack was in his quarters, and Gwen had left hours earlier, seeking comfort in Rhys' arms, leaving Ianto alone to his breakdown.

He sat on the cold floor trembling for a while, before he eventually ran out of tears. He stood on shaky legs, not bothering to straighten his suit as he usually would, and headed up the stairs from the med bay, following the trail of blood, causing a small whimper to escape his dry lips as he was suddenly hit with the mental image of Tosh struggling down those same stairs only hours earlier.

He didn't know exactly what he needed right now, but he knew what he wanted.

He wanted comfort. He wanted to forget everything. He wanted Jack.

He slowly made his way through the hub, echoes of the past bouncing of the walls and reflecting off him. Toshiko's pure genius, her ability to always know what to do, the way her face held a small smile as she watched Owen work. Owen, with his crude jokes, and bad coffee making skills, but the same Owen who would do anything for his team-mates.

Ianto slowly pulled open the heavy metal hatch and climbed down the ladder, as Jack lay silently on the bed, only acknowledging the Welshman's presence with a slight glance in his direction.

Ianto sat on the edge of the bed, leaning forward to stroke a finger along the older man's cheek, the dirt and tears that graced his skin rubbing off on Ianto's finger tip as he lovingly caressed the man's face.


"Please, Jack. I need this."

Jack nodded, sitting up and kissing Ianto gently. He undressed him carefully, handling him as if he would break at any moment. They aimed to comfort each other with soft touches and tender kisses, but never quite managed to make the other feel any better. As they reached their climaxes, their screams were masked with tears, as it all become too much and they clung to each other, crying for everything they had lost.

Jack fell back onto the mattress, bringing Ianto with him, never letting go of the body in his arms, afraid he would lose him as well.

Neither slept that night, their minds re-enacting the day's events as they fell into a sleepless slumber.