Title: What He Lives For

Title: What He Lives For

Rating: G

Pairing: DOTTY!

Summary: Something that came to me in lit class the other day.

People said that when Dominic Toretto found out that his long-time girl friend, Letty Mendez, was pregnant with their first child, it made him soft. Others argued that it made him fall even more in love with Letty than he already was.

Truth be told, both were true to an extent. Before Letty's pregnancy, one would be hard pressed to find Dominic Toretto engaged in an act of affection in public. After was a different story entirely. It was like they were teenagers again—when they'd first gotten together.

Three and a half years later, Dominic Toretto still frequented the races, occasionally taking on racers south of the Border. But now, he doesn't do it because he lives for the thrill—though it still plays a minor part.

What he lives for now waits for him at home—his wife and daughter. Four and a half years of marriage and Letty's still pretty much the same—minus the trade mark scowl that, at one time, seemed set in stone across her features.

She'd gotten what she wanted—what she so desperately needed from Dominic Toretto; the only thing she's ever really cared about: the promise of forever in Dominic Toretto's arms. Her recently concluded pregnancy had reinforced her position in his world, as well as causing her to fall even more in love with Dominic than she'd ever been—something she didn't think was possible.

She was asleep on the couch when he got home—at 8:45. She'd been so tired since the baby came. The very prospect of motherhood had scared the living hell out of her. For Dominic, though, it had brought about a side of Letty that—even after six years together—he was still rarely able to catch a glimpse of.

If this had been five years ago, one would have best been advised to get as far away from the house as possible, lest chancing becoming swept up in another one of Letty and Dom's all-night-long fights.

These days, it was different—so much different. they had the house to themselves. These days, if he came home after she'd either fallen asleep or passed out, she was just happy that he was home. He could pull her to her feet and hold her in his arms, moving in place to music only he heard.

This was what he lived for. This was his life.