Howard later found out, after things had settled down, that Naboo had read of his and Vince's accident in his tea leaves.

He would never be able to express to Naboo just how grateful he was that he and Bollo had zoomed under the front of the Van on the carpet in the nick of time, catching Vince as he fell through the cold, night air. He was completely indebted to him.

Howard rubbed a thumb and forefinger over his eyes, looking up as a door opened, and Vince came bounding through, blue eyes alive and shining widely. He lifted the bottom of his t-shirt, and Howard visibly winced.

"Check out my scar!" Vince said, pointing at the angry line near to his other scar, the infamous 'Nicky Clarke' one. But then he saw the look on his friend's face, and dropped the material back down. He reached for Howard's hand and pulled him up. "Hey, come on. Bandages are off, and it's all over now." He kissed Howard on the corner of his mouth, and the bigger man smiled. "New beginnings."

Howard ran a hand over Vince's cheek. "Yeah – new beginnings."

They walked hand in hand out of the hospital, into the brilliant sunshine and towards their future.