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Prologue: Caught!

The city was dark with the absence of the moon and stars. Low, dreary lights can be seen through the windows of old, brick buildings.

"Stop!" Shouted a man with a black police officer outfit.

Two men were running away from the said cop.

"Stop in the name of the law!"

"Hurry up Yosaku!" Said a man with black hair and, oddly enough, dark shades on.

"Shut up Johnny!" Said a man with a strange headband.

"I said halt you thieves!" The pursuing cop called as he took out his gun. "Or I'll fire!"

The two men turned the corner of an alley, only to find themselves facing a dead-end. "Oh shit!" Both men said as they turned to see the cop, gun pointed at them.

"Drop the bags, put your hands behind your head and go down on your knees."

The men dropped the bags they were carrying and followed suit to what the man told them.

The cop was about to take out the hand cuffs when the feeling of cold, sharp metal lightly touched the bare skin of his neck.

"Tch… What did you morons do this time?" Said a man of nineteen, who was behind the cop with a katana.

"Brother!" Said the two.

"So…" Said the cop. "You're the one they call Demon Hunter Roronoa Zoro, the man that wields the impossible three sword style, santoryu."

"You heard right." The man, Zoro said as his sharp green eyes could be seen with the little light and the black bandana.

"I'm afraid I have to ask you to leave, or do you want to come as well?" The cop said as he heard a gruff response before the other man answered.

"I don't do well in cages made of metal bars and painted stones. But I'm not going to allow you to arrest these two for stealing a bunch of fruit."

"Theft is theft, and it's a crime."

"Not to those who live here…" He brought his blade away from the cop's neck. "It's life!" He hit the man at the back, instantly knocking the cop out. He brought the sword back into its sheath. "You guys alright?" He asked.

"Brother! Thank you!" The two said as they got up.

The man sighed as he scratched his neck before taking the black bandana, which revealed the short, moss green hair. "This is the third time this week! What did you steal this time?"

The two opened the bags, and there were chicken, fruits, vegetables, and…

"Is that a pearl necklace?!"

"Yeah…" Johnny said.

"What would we need from that!?" Zoro shouted. "Only steal food, nothing else!"

"I know!" Johnny said. "But I only touched it, wanting to know how it feels to hold a five thousand beli necklace and when someone started to shout at me, I fled!"

The green-haired man pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. "Five thousand beli right?" The other man nodded. "Only one way to do this."

The three left the alley and headed down a few blocks.

"Thanks again Brother for saving our necks back there."

Zoro didn't say anything as the dim light from one of the street lamps showed the three, tear-drop like gold earrings on his left ear.

They went into a pawn shop, where a man with heart-shaped glasses and long, wavy, pale blonde hair was standing behind the counter. The man's long face and thin beard looked from a magazine that was a few decades old. "My favorite people." He said and he put down the magazine.

The green-haired man rolled his eyes as he slammed the pearl necklace down on the counter. "Five thousand beli, Django." He went to the point.

The man, Django, looked at the pearl necklace to see if it's real before handing out the said amount. "Don't be strangers now!" He called, but was ignored.

Once out of the shop, Zoro counted and split the money in half so that the two men have 2500 beli.

"What about you, Brother?" Yosaku asked.

"I don't need it. Stay out of trouble." Was the last thing he said before heading towards the dead heart of the depressing city.

He passed by some broken window display cases and saw his reflection. He's a tall individual as well as masculine. He was wearing a white shirt that was wrinkled and needed a good wash, black pants, and a green haramaki sash around his middle with three swords on his right side.

He looked around the city he lived in. It was usually dark with gray bricks that have been tagged numerous times. The sidewalks were cracked, uplifted in some spots, and were either covered with weeds or dried blood from a gang fight. Garbage seemed to be everywhere in the streets as the cars were rusting away and the only paint job the automobiles could get were the tagging spray can kind. Some of the buildings either have broken windows or boarded up. Every now and then you could see a faint shilotte of a person, but no one dared to go out at the time of night.

A newspaper stopped by his feet when he was rounding a corner and saw an ad to a very fancy hotel. He glared at it and stepped on the ad. "Tch. Rich bastards and their hungry sluts." He growled as he headed down the street, which was a dead end. "This isn't right… Damn it!"

After awhile, he headed towards a forgotten dojo, which looked like it could fall into pieces any moment, and crossed a stone path that had dead weeds growing out of and was surrounded by dead grass. There were scorched marks on the outside and inside of the dojo, but amazingly the building stood strong.

When he stepped into the building, he stopped as a gun was pointed to his head, followed by six others.

"Roronoa Zoro, you're under arrest!"

Zoro put his hands up. 'Damn it…'

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