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Chapter 63: Summer's End

The next morning, both woke up to see the sunrise and were going to get dressed when Luffy hissed loudly.

"Damn!" He said as he laid back down.

Zoro, feeling slightly guilty about the how he caused the other's discomfort, went up and told the other to lie on his stomach.

He did and wondered if it was another sex thing until he felt calloused hands rubbing where the soreness was.

He, from his experience with sore muscles from training too much, knew a bit about massaging away the soreness.

The young man hummed contently as he was getting massaged, he noticed that the soreness didn't hurt so much. "So good…" He said, causing the other to chuckle.

"Don't get too excited though, this is so you won't have much pain to deal with."

"Still feels good though…" He said as he turned his head so he could see the other from the corner of his eye. "You know, you have a great ass."

Zoro blushed red in the face. "Well your ass isn't so bad either." He said as he grabbed the said rear, causing the other to jump a bit, and laughed.

"That's not funny!" He said as he turned and sat up straight.

"Course it is. And you look like you feel better."

He blinked and realized he didn't feel sore. "Wow! You have magic hands, Zoro!"

The swordsman blushed, since if it was said anywhere else it would've been… well, true. "No! It's because of years of having a sore body after training!"

"Whatever." He said as he grabbed his change of clothes. "I wonder if there's anything to eat at the train station?"

"Probably won't have a chance because of that station officer." He said as he packed his stuff after getting dressed.

"Oh yeah… I'm hungry…"

"Just tell that Crap-Cook to make you a huge brunch when you get there."

"Good idea!"

Once everything is packed and they managed to once again get away from the officer, they headed back on the train heading back to the hotel.

"I'm going to miss you." Luffy said as he hugged the other close.

"Yeah, me too…" Zoro said as he wrapped his arms around the other.

"Christmas seems too far…"

"It'll be here before you know it." He said as he moved the hat back to kiss the top of the raven hair.

Luffy giggled. "Yeah! You're right!"

Hotel: Evening

Everyone was at the docks outside the Grand Lobby, saying 'good byes', 'good lucks', and 'see you laters' to one another.

Luffy and Zoro hugged and kissed for the longest time before the young man went aboard O' Grand and all four ships headed out.

"See you on Chopper's island, Zoro! I love you!"

"I love you too, Luffy!" Zoro called out.

Franky and Brook cried at the emotional sight as Usopp and Kaya were waving good-byes to the others.

"Be sure you don't do anything stupid, Marimo!" Sanji called out.

"Can it, Crap-Cook! You should be the one not doing anything stupid! Now that you're engaged to that she devil!"

"Turn the ship around! I'm gonna kick some manners into this shithead!"

"As if you could, Princess!"

Luffy just laughed as everyone sighed the whole time as the two argued before they couldn't hear each other, and thus the closing of the summer.

Four Months Later (very early Christmas scene for you guys, no lemon though, sorry)

Luffy, his family, Smoker, Sanji, Nami, Chopper, and his mother, Dr. K, were decorating the castle like home that Chopper lived upon a snowy mountain, while they were waiting for the others to arrive.

Luffy had been waiting for months and now he was more than egar to see Zoro again. He took out an open envelope from his pocket and read the letter inside it.

'Dear Luffy,

I will be there with Franky and the others on his ship, Thousand Sunny. So don't start the party without us.


He held the letter to his chest as he ran around the castle to a window to see if he could find any form of life out in the snow. He did, but it was Robin, Vivi, and Kohzu, and he ran up to meet them and helped out with the decorating.

A few hours later, all the decorations were up and ready for the holiday when the door knocked.

He was the first to get to the doors and saw Franky, Brook, Usopp, Kaya, and Zoro! "Hey guys!" He called as he let everyone in before tackling the swordsman to a hug.

"I missed you too Luffy!" He said as he spun them around in one place.

"So the Marimo made it without straying."

"Can it Crap-Cook, I just got here."

"I know."

Zoro was too tired to waste his breath on a blonde idiot and focused on the crazy monkey in his arms. "How's school?"

"Like schools are." He said. "Speaking of which, how's your teaching been doing?"

"It's great! Rika and those three boys seemed really into learning about swordsmanship."

"That's great! And the city? How's that going?"

"It's going up pretty fast and looking good."

Both of them were heading towards the kitchen when someone pointed out the mistletoe above them.

"You have to kiss each other now." Robin said as she held Franky's hand.

The two just smiled and didn't hesitate to passionately kiss in front of everyone, which would've been broken off by Ace if not for Smoker kissing him. Once they were done, they looked at each other and the young man whispered.

"If you think that's good, wait until Christmas comes around."

The swordsman grinned. "Good thing I've been a good boy then."

Both chuckled as everyone did they're own thing.

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