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"Brooke, how do you expect to get into college after being expelled, twice!" The man said sternly as the brunette sat in the principal's office, listening to the man drone on and on about things she could honestly care less about.

"This school risked its reputation when it offered you its spot back after being expelled for alcohol possession and doing less than honorable things in the girl's bathroom, the boy's bathroom, the gym, empty classrooms, the list goes on and on. I wouldn't be the least surprised it I found out from my secretary that you had been doing those things in my office!" The man continued, adjusting his glasses frames so they stayed tight against the bridge of his nose.

Brooke chuckled at the statement, which made the principal very uncomfortable.

"I don't want to hear about this now. We let you back in and then you go and turn around and do the same exact things, but with a teacher. Mr. Chavez was a reputable teacher, and now his and our school's reputation has suffered."

"My father is not pressing charges," Brooke said, in no way intimidated by the man. "He could charge Nick, I mean, Mr. Chavez for having sex with a minor. I mean, doing 'less than honorable things.'"

"Well, your father is not. We have worked everything out and you will be attending Tree Hill Preparatory School in Charlotte North Carolina. Normally a school with this mush prestige would not allow a student with an expulsion record such as yours be accepted, but I made a few calls and your father…" The principal spoke, but was interrupted by the brunette.

"Bought my way in. I know, just tell me when I am leaving," Brooke said as she folded her hands along her chest.

"Here is your transcript and plane ticket. Your parents have sent your stuff to the boarding school already; it is up to you to get on the plane. I suggest you get onto that plane Miss Davis," The principal said as he eyed her over the rim of his glasses.


"Ok, I am officially ready for winter," Haley said as she sat outside with her friends, the sun beating against her back as it shone through the September clouds.

"That's what you always say, and then the second November hits, you complain until March," Peyton said laughing as she ran her hand through her blonde curls that bounced along her shoulders.

"Hey," Haley said laughing as she stuck her tongue out, causing the group to laugh at their childish antics.

"Have you started thinking about what you are going to do for your service project yet, Lucas?" Haley asked as she took a bite of her salad, thankful that the school actually had edible food, unlike most schools in the country.

"Yeah, I figured I could do the community good and share some of myself with the female population," Lucas said as he leaned back, his spine straightened as it hit the brick wall behind his table.

"Seriously Lucas," Haley said, but the blonde made no facial expression that hinted that he was joking.

"Why don't you tutor in English or something?" Peyton offered.

"I have a life, I don't need to help someone who doesn't," Lucas said as he held his vibrating phone in his hand, ignoring the incoming text message.

"What does that mean?" Haley asked defensively.

"Haley, listen, it is great that you tutor, but I am too busy. I have basketball and I cannot ignore the girls that want to be with me," Lucas said chuckling as he pointed to his phone that had ceased to move.

"But by not answering that text from what ever bimbo you hooked up with last night is ignoring them. Thus, what you just said…" Haley began.

"She was bad in bed anyways. Also, people that need to be tutored generally have nothing better to do, its like people that want to go to summer school," Lucas said as he got up from the table, slinging his backpack over his shoulder in the process.

"Nathan, coming?" Lucas asked, waiting for his brother to follow.

"Uh yeah, I'll meet up with you in a second," Nathan said as Lucas nodded his head and joined the crowd of girls that huddled around him.

"Nathan, do you have the practice test I gave to you?" Haley asked, making sure Lucas was further from their table so he could not hear.

"Yeah, and listen thanks for tutoring me. Don't listen to my brother, he is a jackass sometimes…or all the time," Nathan said chuckling as he flashed her a smile.

"Yeah well your brother happens to be my best friend. Sometimes I wish he would settle down though," Haley said aloud.

"He is a guy," Nathan said as he wrote something on the test paper. "Meet me by the boating docks at 5, I have a feeling that I am going to need as much help as I can get," Nathan said and turned to follow his brother, winking at a few girls in the process.

Those were the brothers that the school loved.


"You can't go Brooke!" The crowd of girls cried, all dressed in their school uniform.

"I am going to miss all of you too," Brooke said honestly as she hugged the congregation of girls, all of whom skirts were too shirt and shirts to tight, unbuttoned to reveal cleavage that the principal assumed would lead to 'less than honorable things.'

"Who am I going to cheat off of?" One of the girls cried, obviously dismayed.

"Ashleigh that might explain your grades," Brooke said laughing. She was not the person people looked to cheat off of, at least in a school sense. Plenty of guys had risked their relationship with other girls to hook up with Brooke, but who wouldn't.

"Gonna leave without saying goodbye?" Brooke heard a deep voice behind her and she turned around and stepped into his open arms. The girls took this as their cue to leave, although Ashleigh had to be pulled by one of the other girls.

"Want to have one more adventure?" Brooke asked, her eyes glinting with desire.

"Where to this time?" The boy laughed and Brooke took this as a yes as she headed in the direction she came from.

"Come on Ben, he won't mind," Brooke whispered in his ear as she opened the door to the principal's office, unbuttoning the boy's shirt in the process.



"Good morning Miss Davis. How are you today?" A slim woman asked as she stood up behind her desk and offered a seat to the young girl.

"I'm fine, thank you. How are you?" Brooke asked putting her manners on for the new school. She had learned over the years that the politer you are, the less authoritative figures have to suspect you of something. However, after a while, they begin to catch on.

"I am just great, thank you for asking. Here is your schedule, and your locker number and combination. You will be living in a single room, in the dorms, simply because it will allow you to become more acquainted to the campus without disturbing others by moving in. Plus, your father said that you would rather this than rooming with another girl," the woman said sweetly.

Brooke smiled, and knew that her father had paid extra for the single room. To her father a single room meant a room that would be quiet for when she wanted to study. To Brooke a single room meant no more looking for empty classrooms of principal offices.

"Thank you, Mrs. Casey," Brooke said with equal sweetness as she read the name off of the plaque on her desk.

"Miss James, will you please show Miss Davis here, to her class. I think it is 4th period right now, correct?"

"Yes ma'am. Here is a note from Mr. Cunningham for you," Haley said as she handed the middle-aged woman the white envelope and walked out of the room.

"I'm Haley James," Haley said as she outstretched her hand to Brooke.

"I'm Brooke Davis," Brooke replied as she shook her hand.

"May I see your schedule and then I can show you where your class is?" Haley asked politely.

"Yeah, how about we just skip?" Brooke asked, but then laughed at Haley's face.


"I guess you don't skip?" Brooke laughed as Haley shook her head firmly.

"Anyways, it looks like you have 4th period gym with Mr. Cunningham, which is what I have," Haley smiled as she began walking down the hall.

"Is this coed gym by any chance?" Brooke asked as she looked at her reflection quickly in the trophy case as she passed by. Her short white shorts accentuated her long legs and her emerald green shirt rested tight against her flat stomach, the buttons undone to reveal a hint of what was under the shirt.

"Kind of. All the basketball players have 4th period gym, so they can use that time to prep and have another practice without missing class. During their off season though, then they participate in our gym and health class. It gets a bit awkward during the health section actually," Haley said laughing, causing Brooke to smile.

"Isn't the gym right there?" Brooke asked as she pointed to the door with a sign that said 'Coach Whitey. Gym A.'

"Yeah, but we are outside today. We are running the mile, so you came in perfect time," Haley said sarcastically which caused Brooke to laugh.

"Sounds like my kind of day," Brooke said as she and Haley walked into the locker room to change into the blue shorts and white sleeveless shirts with blue collars. The back had her last name printed across the shoulder blades in blue and the same font and color on the front but it said Tree Hill Ravens.

If it was possible her legs seemed longer in the gym shorts, the blue contrasting against them, making them appear tanner than they were.


"Please listen, if you're group is not running at the moment, do not obstruct the other runners path. Tim, that means you." The tall man said as he blew his whistle for the first group of runners to begin, and in 4 laps, they would be done and he would make the same announcement for the next group.

"Who is that!" Tim exclaimed as he checked out the brunette who was currently talking to the gym teacher.

"New student I guess," Nathan said as he smiled at Tim and then back towards the brunette.

"Who are you took looking at," Lucas asked as he approached the group of guys that had turned their attention to someone.

"Hot Girl #1," Tim said, "Hot Girl #1 that loves Tim."

"Tim don't use your name. She isn't even that hot," Lucas said, although he knew he was lying.

"Lucas not even you can deny that," Nathan said as he looked at Lucas who shrugged.

"She isn't bad, but there are plenty of other girls. I am not saying I wouldn't do her, but I just don't see the fuss," Lucas said as he walked away to the crowd of girls that flung themselves at him. However, his eyes couldn't leave the brunette, and he hadn't even seen her face.

After 15 minutes the group that was running had finished and the next group had stretched.

"Good luck," Tim said to the brunette next to him who had just recently put her hair into a loose ponytail.

"Thanks, you too," Brooke responded as she bent her legs, getting ready to run.

"When I beat you, you can give me a kiss," Tim said and Lucas laughed as he heard Tim trying, and not succeeding, at hitting on the girl.

"Ok," Brooke said simply and Lucas gaped in surprise.

At the sound the whistle the runners took off, leaving some in the place they started, struggling to run the mile.

"Hey Hales," Nathan said as he ran lightly next to Haley.

"Hi Nathan, I would love to talk, but I need to conserve my breath for running," she said smiling and Nathan laughed.

"Ok," he replied, but made no effort to run faster, he just ran by her side, talking to her about nothing of importance to anyone, but to Haley it was one of the sweetest gestures, especially from a guy who could have any girl.

Lucas ran ahead of the group, relishing the wind that was created as he ran faster along the track. He could easily slow down and be the fastest, but what would be the fun in that. This way he could show off and run, two of his favorite things.

He heard light feet behind him, hitting the pavement, and for the first time he realized, he was not as far ahead from the group running as he would like to be.

He continued running, increasing his speed, but trying to pace himself since this was the first lap, but the noise behind him, never stopped.

Lucas whipped his head behind him to see who was following so closely, but between that second of looking, the runner was next to him, not breathing too heavy.

"I'm Lucas, Lucas Scott, but you probably already know that," Lucas said as he turned to face the girl as he continued to run, noticing how calm she was and how even her breath remained as she spoke.

"No, actually I didn't. Sorry to burst your bubble. I'm Brooke…Davis," Brooke said continuing to run.

"Your shoe is untied," Lucas, said when he noticed that the girl had no intention in slowing down. He was faster than her, but he wanted to conserve some energy for the last lap.

"So are your short strings," Brooke said, still her eyes were directed in front of her, and not on the blonde boy, who was so hot. Not even Brooke could deny his attractiveness, but with an ego like his, she thought he didn't need any more confidence.

"No they aren't," Lucas, said, and Brooke smirked.

She turned to face him and pulled the short leg that was closest to her down, causing his shorts to fall around his knees.

"Hmm, I guess they were," Brooke smiled as she increased her pace, but Lucas only pulled his shorts up laughing to himself and caught up with her.

"You know you aren't supposed to pull down people's pants unless they ask," Lucas said raising his eyebrow.

"Yeah, well I do a lot of things that I am not supposed to be doing," she replied, catching Lucas's interest.

"Yeah, want to share, we can have a show and tell in my room tonight," Lucas smiled deviously.

"Yeah, but you have nothing to show," Brooke smirked.

Lucas laughed as he increased his speed, passing her. Never had he met a girl that was not interested in him. Between his basketball status, his looks, or daddy's money, Lucas Scott could have anyone he wanted, and yet the brunette did not seem fazed by anything. She didn't throw herself at his feet, praising him for basically being born like all of the other girls.

Lucas wasn't sure if he liked that or not.

Lucas smiled as he hit the finish line, lapping many people in the process, but never the brunette that had kept herself far enough that she didn't have to talk to him, but close enough to keep him on his toes.

Now he understood why she told Tim she would kiss him if he won, it was because she knew he wouldn't win.

"Davis," Lucas said causing Brooke to whip her head around to see him sitting on the bleachers, leaning back along the next row.

"Yeah?" Brooke asked as she walked to him, her hands resting on her hips.

"There is a party tonight, you will be there right?" Lucas asked.

"I guess you will have to go and wait and see if I show."

"I was thinking that we could go together and then go home together," Lucas winked.

"Sorry, I don't have charity sex," Brooke smiled as she sat next to him on the bleachers.

"Who says I was going to sleep with you, I just said we could go home together," Lucas smiled innocently.

"Well then you won't be disappointed when I tell you I am going with him," Brooke said, pointing to a random guy.

"Tyler?" Lucas asked.

"Tyler, hm, ok," Brooke, said as she walked away from Lucas and over to Haley who had just finished running, along with Nathan who wasn't the bit winded.

"Hey Haley," Brooke said.

"Hey, this is Nathan. Nathan, this is Brooke," she said introducing the two.

"Hey, I saw you met my brother," Nathan said nodding over to Lucas who had his arm draped over a blonde.

"Oh, I am sorry," Brooke, said glancing back and Nathan smiled.

"I am glad to see you aren't obsessed with him. He needs something to bring him back down to earth," Nathan laughed.

"Can either of you tell me who Tyler is?" Brooke asked and Nathan nodded and called the boy over.

"Hey Nate," Tyler said. He was built much like Nathan but his face was softer and his eyes were light green and his hair was a dirty blonde.

"Hey Tyler, this is Brooke. Brooke, Tyler," Nathan said introducing the two.

"Hey," Brooke said biting her lip as she shook his hand, and watched as Nathan and Haley walked away to cheer on Peyton who was about to run her mile.

"So do you like the school so far?" Tyler asked noting that she was new. The school size was medium, neither overwhelming nor homely, but he would have noticed Brooke before.

"Yeah, its nice, a lot nicer than the last one," Brooke laughed and Tyler smiled.

"Well, then since you are new, you want to go to the party with me?" Tyler asked and Brooke waited a few seconds and then nodded. She did not want to seem desperate.


Lucas laughed along with the blonde girl next to him, who was on cloud nine at the idea of being in the same vicinity of Lucas.

Lucas was not the dating type, at all. He hooked up with who ever he wanted whenever the timing was good for him. He did not like relationships that limited him to one person, so he simply did not do them. He didn't like the drama of girls or how after a week they think that he was all of a sudden open to watching their movies or reading their magazines, because he wasn't. Things with Lucas Scott were on his terms. Anyways he rarely ever watched movies with girls, unless there were ulterior motives to the movie.

He leaned in to kiss the blonde girl, lifting her chin up to his as he captured his lips onto hers. As they separated from the quick kiss, Lucas looked up to see Brooke throwing her head back in laughter as Tyler looked at her and smiled.

For some reason, that really bothered him.

He didn't know if he liked that or not…

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