Disclaimer- I own nothing

Disclaimer- I own nothing

A/N- Hey, this is Kate (Brooke's twin sister.) She asked me to post this for her. I am not sure if any of you know this, but she has been sick for awhile, and we thought she was getting better, but she has fallen back again. She was diagnosed with NHL Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. about 3 weeks ago. Right now she is really sick, and she won't be able to write. Therefore, she did her best and had the story finished.

She apologizes if it is rushed, but this is the best she could do.



It was too early to be awake. Well, it was too early to be awake, if you had gone to asleep around 3 am.

Lucas opened his eyes, blinking a few times as his orbs adjusted to the amount of light that streamed into the hotel room from the blinds. The clock blinked 6:45, which meant he had 15 more minutes of sleep before the alarm would blare and he would be forced to leave his comfortable position. He even contemplated about turning the alarm clock off, but the idea of an angry Whitey storming into his room was enough for him to side against it.

His eyes glanced beside him and a smile poked his cheeks. Brooke Davis was lying in his arms. Brooke Davis. He didn't know why it took him forever to wrap his head around the idea that he and Brooke lay next to year, very close might he add, in a bed, in a hotel.

She smelled amazing. Who would have thought someone could smell so good after a night of tears and restless sleep? Her brunette hair was strewn across the side of her face and pillows, but unlike her messy hair, her face was calm and peaceful.

Not knowing the next time he would be in this position, his pretty girl lying next to him, Lucas pulled her closer to him, closing his eyes, and relishing the feeling of her warm body next to his.


Brooke kept her eyes closed. She really did not want to wake up. It was too early and there was apart of her that didn't want to face Lucas. She hated being vulnerable, and coming to him last night really showed her vulnerability. She wanted to be strong, but even she knew, that sometimes the world just got the better of her. She felt Lucas's arm tighten around her, bringing her body closer to his.

Her eyes lightly fluttered open, looking at his closed ones. Lucas Scott was holding her. She felt happy and warm, two emotions she hadn't felt since the death of her grandfather. Maybe, maybe if she could just let all her barriers down, she could feel like this all the time, and not just when she swallowed pill after pill.

Not knowing the next time she would by lying in bed with the handsome boy before her, she cuddled her head against his shoulder, breathing in his scent. Slowly she drifted back into sleep, loving the feeling of being in his arms. She fell asleep feeling safe.


"Damn it," Lucas muttered as the alarm block sounded behind him on the end table. He had just fallen back to sleep when the stupid electronic decided to wake him back up. He kept one arm secure around Brooke, the other flailing around him trying to smack the snooze button.

"Turn it off," Brooke groaned, shifting in the bed, her eyes still shut.

"I'm trying, Brooke," Lucas said obviously.

"Ugh," Brooke groaned again, rolling out of Lucas's arms, and walking over to the bedside table, yanking the clock cord out from the wall.

"Well that's one way to shut that thing off," Lucas chuckled, stretching his arms as he sat up in bed.

"Now I can go back to sleep," Brooke smiled, plopping herself down on the nearby couch.

"Nope, we have to be on the bus in 45 minutes. So that means shower, packing, and breakfast," Lucas said. Packing for him was no big deal; he would just throw everything in a bag and leave the hotel room. But, he knew Brooke and the amount she had brought with her.

"What!" Brooke exclaimed shooting from the bed.

"You need to…" Lucas began.

"No I heard you. What the hell were you thinking setting the alarm for 7? Why didn't you wake me up earlier? Lucas this is your entire fault," Brooke complained, storming towards the door.

"Hey," Lucas called causing Brooke to turn around as she opened the door.

"What? I have to go pack and…" Brooke began.

"You good?" Lucas cut her off.

"No," Brooke replied as she watched Lucas's face fall. "But getting there," Brooke finished with a soft smile, closing the door gently behind her.


The months came and went, like a soft blowing wind, rustling the leaves that blow in their path. Some days were harder than others, and some days, the world was right where you wanted it to be.

In 2 years Brooke and Lucas had overcome adversaries. They had developed a friendship that most people could only dream of. They depended on each other, they looked out for each other, and most importantly, they knew each other. Lucas knew when Brooke was having a day, before she spoke a word. He knew the moment she was about to cry, was when her right eye would flicker just slightly, or the moment she was going to faint, was when her nose cringed for a brief second.

He had seen her worse days and been there when she couldn't even get herself off of the ground. She had suffered when her grandfather died, and turning away from Valium, had proved to be harder than she thought it was going to be. Lucas was there to take away the capsules, to crush them into a million and one pieces. He saved her, in every single way he could.

But sometimes his presence wasn't enough, and he understood that. Some days Brooke wanted to be alone; she needed to just think.

The first month after her grandfather died was the toughest, and holidays were no easy swing. But she was learning to cope, and Lucas was learning how to help her.

He had asked her out, last year. It was the first snow of the year and she looked beautiful. Their friendship had gone through a lot, but so had they. There were feelings there, between both of them, but Lucas had suppressed his, until he knew she was ready.

But he had done it. He had reached out of his comfort zone, and taken her hand, gently guiding her to a bench, the snow settling on it. He asked her how she was feeling, was she okay? He had gently brushed her hair from her face and told her how amazing her was, how amazing she had been, and how amazing she would grow to be. He had told her that he wanted to be there, when she grew to be the woman he knew she would become. He wanted to be there as more than a friend. Before he finished his speech, she landed in his arms, her warm, tender lips collapsing onto his.

It wasn't long until they had found their way up to her dorm room, their bodies melding into one, the snow falling softly in the distance.

It was slow and steady, just like their relationship had been. Lucas had taken time to explore her body, caressing her stomach, lingering on her skin. His lips massaged her neck, and his tongued wrestled with hers. He had taken the time to get to know her, and they made love, their first time.

He gently slid inside of her, waiting for her to adjust. She was tight so it took a moment, but he would have waited forever for her to adjust to his size. They moved in rhythm as he thrust in and out of her, their breathing filling the stuffy air. Her hair clung to her cheeks as she felt a pleasure she had never experienced. It was up until then, that Brooke had, had sex. But now, she had made love, and they were two completely different things.

Lucas could still remember the way her eyes closed gently as he rubbed her, her moan filling his ears with delight. He had grown hard quickly, and relished the feeling of her fingers over him. She had begged for his entrance, and he gave it to her. They came together, in perfect harmony.

In the end, they lie next to each other, their breathing slowly falling into a normal beat.

Lucas could remember her hand sliding into his, holding it. She looked into his eyes and they made love, again. It was like that, all through the night. They needed each other; it had been too long.

Of course, with their constant sexual activities, it wasn't long before Brooke was forced to take a test. Yes, the dreaded pregnancy test.

In most cases, it is a test that rips couples apart, but in this case, it brought them together.

Brooke became pregnant with twins, and Lucas was overjoyed. It took him a long time to fathom the idea that he was going to be a father, but the feeling he felt when the idea was processed, was indescribable.

The pregnancy was tough. Brooke was emotional, and cried herself to sleep for two months straight, making comments that her grandfather would never know his grandchildren.

It was tough, but they got through it all.

On April 27, Brooke gave birth to two beautiful health babies. John Lucas Scott was born first, and he was perfect, in every way. Named after his grandfather, he had a legacy to live up to. Next came Emily Nicole Scott was born second, and if it was possible, she was even smaller than her brother.

Brooke cried, and Lucas teared up as they held their children. Sure, they were young and unmarried, but when did that constitute happiness?


In the next 4 years, the babies had grown and took after their parents in many ways. John was a spitting image of Lucas, his personality could be deemed identical. He took a liking to basketball and it had become a routine for Lucas to take his 4-year-old son out onto the River Court every day, even if it was just for 15 minutes.

Emily was daddy's princess. She had light blonde hair, with bright blue eyes, just like her brother. Brooke even wondered if she had any contributions in this process. But then, Emily spoke, and Brooke knew she was hers.

Emily was a confident little girl, as confident as one can be when they are so little, and Emily was exceptionally little. She was free spirited though, a little troublemaker, but she was also loving and precious. She would just cuddle on her parent's laps, a little stuffed bunny in her arms.

Brooke and Lucas loved their children. When they were 2 years old, they decided to get married. It was soft and romantic, simple but beautiful. Lucas stayed in Tree Hill to coach the Ravens basketball team, while Brooke owned a small boutique a few blocks away. To an unsuspecting eye, they lived a perfect life.

But it was tough. Brooke would have her days when looking at her children would remind her of her grandfather. She had fallen back into pills right after the twins were born, and if Lucas hadn't been there for her, she wasn't sure she could have ever made it.

But no matter what happened, they were there for each other and that was all that mattered.