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Flight 29 Down

Meanwhile Lex had been back at camp explaining the sequence of events that had just happened.

" But Mission: Baby isn't finished yet!" Taylor whined. Lex gave the girls a questioning look.

" We.. had an idea to make a place for Sam to have the baby. Taylor started to call it Mission: Baby, and Melissa and I caught on. We are almost finished but we had to use one of the tents because it was sprinkling. But now the sprinkles are becoming drops and so we're all gonna have to fit into one tent." Daley said.

" But I thought you said that the Mission: Baby tent is being used so Sam could have the baby. So why don't the girls sleep in that tent and the guys sleep in the other?" Lex replied.

" Because. The Mission: Baby tent is set up away from camp. I'm just hoping that we see it through the rain if indeed Sam is in labor."

" Ok, well, leave the first aid kit here just in case that does happen."

" Good idea Lex. Better to be safe than sorry." Melissa said, the others agreeing.

Flight 29 down

" Sam, how ya holdin' up?" Nathan asked.

" Nathan, considering the fact that it's raining and that I might have gone into false labor, oh ya, I'm feelin' like a freakin' ray of sunshine!" Sam said sarcastically. Who could blame her? Hormones. Gotta love 'em.

" Sorry I asked." Nathan said, while Jackson and Eric tried not to laugh to where the other two could hear.

Great, now I feel guilty. Sam thought.

" No Nathan, I'm sorry. Hey guys, I haven't had a contraction since we started our little journey."

" Should we take that as a good thing, or a bad thing?"

" I'm not that sure Jackson...a good thing?"

" No baby is good because it is too early right? I think we should take it as a good thing." Eric said.

" Lets not jump to conclusions though." Right as Jackson said that, they found themselves back at camp.

Upon entering the tent the four were bombarded with questions.

" Where in the world have you guys been?!"

" God we were so woried!"

These things having been said, they were in no particular order.

" Guys. SHUTUP!" Eric yelled. Everyone went silent.

" Part the waters and let Sam lie down in the middle of the tent."

" Guys, what happened?"

" Well, once Lex left to go tell you guys what was going on, we walked for a few minutes and heard a voice and then some crying. We ran to an clearing and found Sam leaning up against a tree. Once we got Jackson to apologize for yelling at her, Sam had a contraction a couple minutes later she had another one which led us to believe that she was in labor." Nathan explained.

" Oh my God, Sam are you ok now?" Melissa asked.

" I think so."

" I think that Sam should rest. In fact, I think we all should rest. It's been a long day, and you boys must be exsausted (sp.?). Lets try to get some sleep so that we can start fresh in the morning."

" Aren't you girls going to go get in your tent?" Jackson asked.

Daley once again explained Mission: Baby.

" Awwwww! You guys are so sweet!" Sam hugged the girls.

"So we're all sleeping in one tent?" Eric asked.

" For tonight at least." Taylor said." I'm not going out into the storm."

" Alright then. Goodnight everyone."

" Goodnight." Everyone said at once.

" Sam?"

" Ya?"

" I'm serious this time. Wake someone up if the contractions start again."

" Ok Lex. Girl Scout Honor."

With the drama and the exaustion from the day, everyone feel asleep.

Flight 29 Down

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