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Story: Allen has always been wanting to become stronger to be the exorcist

the 'destroyer but still a savior' but he isn't doing it just for himself, there is someone who

is always on his mind, someone who he wants to show how strong he really is.

Pairings: KandaxAllen, Lavixallen(Friendship)



Allen was never really the type to pass out on the couch of the Black order but today was just too exhausting for his body to handle wandering the corridors and searching for his room, instead he decided to sleep for a while in the relaxation center of the organization. Working twice as hard since his eye had evolved was really a tiresome thing to do, but he did it because it made him feel like he had a purpose in life, and he wanted to save many people.

Groaning at his aching headache, he found a couch to rest on for the time being he didn't even notice he wasn't the only person that was in the room. He made his way to the couch where he knew would be somewhere to rest his sore eyes.

Hidden by the shrouds of shadows,Kanda had been sitting on a chair near the back of the room. As Allen entered, he looked up, glared at him and went back to his book. Kanda was in a bad mood and didn't want anyone disturbing him. He had been really exhausted from all the battles he had been through, normally he really didn't sleep too well since he didn't like to leave himself vulnerable. He frowned as he glared, knowing that the smaller exorcist was just going to be a nuisance if he noticed the swordsman there too, so he kept quiet hoping the boy would just go away.

Collapsing on the couch Allen groaned, it was pretty damned stiff, he shifted his position and then drifted off to sleep after throwing his jacket off and undoing his trademark button down shirt, he finally started drifting off to sleep when kanda had looked up. He was just utterly and completely drained of energy, if he had noticed the man he would have been twice as nervous around him but since he didn't it wouldn't make a damn bit of difference.

Kanda sighed. Maybe taking a nap was a good idea and would help his shitty mood. He closed his book and proceeded to the couch next to Allen, not hesitating to look at the younger boy as he passed. His dark navy eyes casually glanced at the younger boy's serene and idiotically stupid sleeping face. It was irritatingly sweet, perhaps too sweet for the brooding loner exorcist. Frowning he laid down on the couch, hoping that none of the other exorcists, or Path Finders would notice how he had dismissed the fact that Allen was next to him sleeping like a stupid child.

Allen groaned as he flipped on his side his arm near the moody older exorcist's own. He mumbled something in his sleep and then unbuttoned two of his top buttons of his shirt. He wasn't noticing the older boy next to him. His now pale skin under his shirt showing a little, the flames from the torches that lined the room making shadows that danced on his skin. He muttered something that grabbed the attention of the older boy.

"Stupid..kanda...telling me what to do...psh...him and his dumb..pony tail..."

Kanda growled his eye twitching with anger. He raised his fist, wanting to take his anger out on the sleeping boy, but instead, put his hand back down and watched him as he unbuttoned his collar. Did he know that he was in the relaxation center? Of course it could never be shown with the little exorcists' oblivious thinking, so Kanda decided to dismiss that thought. He watched the boy with out thinking himself, the shadows seemed to entrance him making it seemingly impossible to break his gaze. His heart raced as he looked at the pale smooth skin that hid under Allen's shirt, wondering if it was really as soft as it looked. Catching himself thinking like this made him mentally beat himself up again and again.

Allen felt something else in the room and he opened one sleepy eye, but it closed as soon as he saw nothing he sighed, "Damn a hole." he swore in his sleep. "I swea...r La..vi..." he frowned, he then finished unbuttoning his st and flipped over to face Kanda, his small face still serene and peaceful, he had no idea how the swordsman was feeling about him at the moment. He sighed contently as he muttered a little more and continued sleeping his chest rising and falling with each breath.

Lavi? Why was Allen dreaming of Lavi? Kanda frowned and sat at the end of the couch, still watching Allen as his expressions changed. He was really cute as he slept, but it wasn't as if Kanda really had watched him before while he slept, or at least not that Allen would have known about. Kanda's navy eyes watched him even more intensely, the boy's face was the face of an idiot but something was so calming, soothing, and just attractive to Kanda. For once the swordsman had no real idea what these emotions were boiling up inside his hollow shell of a heart.

Allen coughed a little before then groaning, damn the couches, they were bumpy it was stupid. "Crappy couches...stupid Komui san...can't even afford decent.." he whipped around to see the moody exorcist staring at him with a quiet intensity that was both mesmerizing yet well, just creepy. Letting out a squeak, and then fell over the back of the couch, hitting his head on the hard floor. He rubbed it and moaned, his neck now was another pain that he had to put up with. He was a little nervous as to why exactly the brooding swordsman was looking him over like that so tenderly.

Kanda, surprised by Allen's sudden awakening, fell forward, bruising the bottom half of his jaw. "Dammit.." he cursed, rubbing the side of his face. What was more embarrassing was being caught staring at Allen. He hoped the stupid rookie would not question it, but no such luck, the brat just wouldn't let it go. Kanda braced himself for the interrogation by the rookie bean sprout.

Allen peeked over the edge of the couch and squeaked again, "Kk..Kanda wh..what are you doing here?" he said his voice growing higher and higher with each minute. He blushed, why was he staring at him? It was too confusing, maybe the man was planning to dissect him or or..finally lop his head off as he had threatened to do many times before hand. Oh why now? Dammit, he just had to lazily lay there while the older man watched him, he really was stupid.

Kanda's face turned slightly pink as he replied. "I-I just dropped my book, dumbass..." he said picking up the book that had fallen over along with him. "I had been reading. You saw me." He said trying to stutter out his excuse in a fast pace, maybe the dumb kid would just let it go. After all it was true, well..parts of it, he had been reading but then he had stopped. But the boy was freaking asleep so how in the world would he be able to prove that Kanda was lying?!

Allen looked at him, "B..But K.Kanda, I s..saw you staring at me! W..WHy?" he said nervously, "Y..You were!" he said as he looked at the swordsman's pink face. "We..well?' he hid behind the couch to avoid being killed. He still didn't understand why the guy would lie so bluntly, was he embarrassed for staring at Allen?

"I told you! I dropped the damned book! I just looked in your direction for a second and you're already making assumptions!" He lied, trying to protect himself. It didn't seem to be working! What now? Was the damned brat going to run to Komui about this? That was the last thing Kanda needed, to have the psychotic Sister complexed wanna be scientist on his case.

Allen poked his head from the couch and he glared, "Y..You're lying you..you moody bd!" he said quite bravely, "Y..You're sta..staring at me!" he said noting the closed book, it was now on the ground but ALlen could tell the lies on the exorcist's face, he was hiding something and ALlen didn't like it one bit.

"I..!" Kanda's face grew redder as he tried to cover it up. He had no idea how he should reply and had to face it. He had been caught. Red handed.

Allen looked at him now his grin growing, "You we..were looking at me!" he teased, "You..You're a pervert!" he sang, "Kanda is a perverrrrrt!" he laughed before he saw the growing anger of the swordsman who was clutching his katana.

"Who the hell do you think you fucking are bean sprout?!" he said as he menacingly loomed over him, "I'll chop you into pieces for your stupid comments!!"

Allen backed off about fifty feet, and hid behind another stuffed armchair the upholstery wearing out. "Kanda you were clearly staring at me and it's stupid to even deny it!" he laughed although his teasing had worn off quite a bit.

Kanda unseathed his prized sword slowly and glared a deathlike way, "You have some nerve to even joke like that, I was not staring at you and for you to even joke about such an obscene thing is death." He started to walk over to where Allen was meekly peeking out from.

Unfamiliar foot steps echoed through the corridor just outside of the room and it caused both boys to freeze, Kanda really didn't need to have anyone else involved because htat would just mean eye witnesses. Leading for more casualties. He hated explaining things to others of why he did something or another.

Allen froze keeping an on the unseathed Mugen, he had his hands clasped over his neck in desperated hopes that he would be able to save at least that. Whimpering very lightly he eyed the swordsman hoping that he would just let it go even if for a moment giving Allen a good chance of escape.

The other person walked by the room with out even noticing the angsty swordsman and terrified white haired boy, seeing as they were in the clear Kanda returned his attention to Allen, what was already begining to sneak away from the swordsman's length of reach.

"Oi, get back here bean sprout, did I ever say you could leave?" he said with out looking at him. He knew that the younger exorcist would try to get away the first moment that was given to him.

Stopping dead in his tracks, Allen reluctantly turned to him, "I..uh rememebered that Je..Jerry had ..an extra special meal for me waiting right now!" he said lying, although his eyes shifted as if trying to look for a faster escape.

Turning swiftly on his boot heel, Kanda whipped around to face the white haired boy, "What's the matter Bean sprout? Scared of me?" he grinned, it was similar to the one Komui had plastered on his face when ever he saw the oppertunity to try out a new invention on Lavi or Allen.

"I..Isn't it normal to be scared of someone who is holding a sword and is looking like a psycho?" he asked meekly, the last part although was not meant for Kanda to hear.

'A psycho? Che, stupid beansprout, can't keep his mouth shut tight over his words...useless boy.' kanda's obsidian eyes gleamed a little as he walked closer to Allen closing the distance between them with no reluctancy.

Allen backed up hoping to increase that distance, it was getting too nerve wracking for him he couldn't let Kanda have an advantage with him he knew if he got the chance Allen's head would be off his shoulders in a blink of an eye.

"OI YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU" a pair of arms wrapped around Kanda's neck almost choking the tall teen and making him lose his grip on Mugen.

"What do you want now idiot rabbit?" snarled Kanda as he immediately regained his grip on his sword and jerked his neck around at an angle to see his attacker.

"Oh come on Yuu don't be so cold, we're all in this together and you should see us as equals!" one emerald eye shone from behind the swordsman's head, flaming burnt orange hair to compliment it. "Come on Yuu, leave the little boy alone he was only joking with you ...I think.." Lavi replied as he smiled at Allen.

Sighing with relief Allen smiled weakly still trying to regain his composure. "Y..Yes, I wa..was just kidding around Kanda." he laughed still shaking a little, any closer and Kanda would be able to slice his neck clean open.

Kanda snorted a little and glared, "Release my neck before I slice that pale stomach of yours clean open rabbit."

Lavi quickly obliged to Kanda's order and backed away with his hands up palms facing outwards as if trying to protect himself from an oncoming attack, "E..Easy there Yuu, we're all good now...so put your sword away okay?" he grinned uneasily, he had known Kanda for as long as he could remember the first encounter was the worst, being that Kanda had almost suceeded in trying to kill him.

Kanda grumbled something that sounded remotely like, 'Damned rabbit, he just had to interfere for that bean sprout' sheathing his sword he snapped his attention to Allen who squeaked and glared,
"Watch your back bean sprout, I'll be shoving my sword through it as soon as you're alone." he said before then turning and grabbing his jacket off the couch.

Watching Kanda leave, Allen's legs gave out from underneath him.

-- --

"Allen are you alright?" Lavi bent down to inspect the paling boy's face, "Yuu gave yah a scare din't he?" he mused, he squatted cupping Allen's face in his palm, "you look horrible."

Allen gulped and shook his head, "He..he just scared me a bit Lavi, don't worry." he grinned but his legs weren't going to let him move anytime soon. Trembling was a sign of fear and he hated it, it just made him look weaker which led to Kanda harassing him further.

Lavi grabbed his upper arm, "You're shaking like crazy, let's get you something to eat huh?" he smiled brightly, "I think some good food will make you calmer, after all you're always happy when you eat." he laughed as he assisted Allen to the cafeteria.

"Allen!" Sang the pink haired chef Jerry, "What can I do for you?" he said getting in close proximity with Allen, "And I mean I'll do anything you want" he grinned.

Lavi grimaced, the way Jerry acted and his appearence was more than enough for the young bookman to guess that with out a doubt...Jerry was gay. It was only a speculation though, but enough to make Lavi feel sick.

"Ah..Jerry...I would like...Curry fries, mashed potatoes, nashigoren, pepperoni pizza, pasta, beef yakisoba, beef stew, and Caesar salad, crab cakes.. And for dessert, ten...no twenty mitarashi dango! All in large servings please!" Smiled the white haired teen, he already was less nervous and was able to stand on his own.

Jerry giggled like a school girl and sighed, it was said he loved the way Allen's stomach worked which was if not scary just completley wrong, "Is that all? Are you sure that's enough Allen?" he asked.

"Mmnhmm!" Allen smiled as he nodded a little, he was sure that was more than enough, although he never did notice how much 'enough' was when he ate.

"Alright then, I'll have it done in just a minute my little cutie pie!" Jerry patted him on the head and then disappeared into the darkness of the kitchen sounds of pots and pans could be heard.

"Aiiya..Allen haven't you noticed how...uh..friendly Jerry is with you?" Lavi asked as they sat down waiting for the food, "I mean more than the other exorcists or finders he seems to ..be fascinated with you."

Allen, oblivious to pretty much everything, tilted his head, "Lavi..maybe it's just his personality? I'm sure he's always friendly to everyone, not just me." he said as he smiled more. Feeling happy about getting a big meal was just exactly what he needed to get his mind off Kanda.

"Ahh.. Allen you're such a kid.." groaned the older red head.

-- --

"Here you go mon ami." said Jerry setting down the rest of the plates filled to the brim with Allen's order. "Enjoy my little one." he said before skipping off to the kitchen to fill other orders.

"Ikatdakimasu!" Shouted allen before diving into a plate of Curry fries, he felt himself become less and less scared of Kanda and more hungry than before. He smiled, "Laffi.." he said his cheeks full resembling a chipmunk. "Awn't 'ou gowing 'o eat anwything?"

Lavi smiled weakly watching plate after plate become barren as his younger friend dove into them, "Erm, not really I kinda ate before hand." he said waving him off. He smiled as he propped his head up with his elbow.

"Allen...why do you even bother interacting with Yuu? I mean if you are so afraid of him...why not just avoid him all together?" he asked.

Allen sighed not stopping his eating, "Becawse that means dat I'm 'eak" he said his cheeks stuffed with dangos.

Lavi frowned, "SO what if you're weak? Everyone is weak at one point or another...so why are you trying harder than before?"

Allen didn't bother to reply that time, his talking was annoying him already. He didn't want to talk about why he had to be stronger and show Kanda that he was. It was none of the rabbit's buisness anyways.

"Ahhh I see.." Lavi said smiling more and more, resembling the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. "I see what's going on now."

Allen grumbled a little and then began to dive in his second plate of dangos, he knew the rabbit would some day figure it out but he didn't think so soon. "There is nothing going on Lavi..I just hate being called 'weak' " he said glaring and then eating again.

"Right right the mighty Allen stands alone. He doesn't have any kind of relationship because he is the 'destroyer of time' " said Lavi in a monotone voice, but the one emerald eye gleamed in a way that Allen hadn't seen it before.

"Sure what ever you say Lavi." he said finishing up his dessert. He wanted to just eat in peace.

"I'm joking Arren" Lavi put his accent in boldly, "I know for a fact that you work hard for one person...and for that one person to notice and want to be near you."

Allen laughed, "lavi..there's nothing like that going on, so shut up already you're letting your inner fan girl take over your head."

Lavi rolled his one eye, "Okay..well I thought you were doing this to impress someone we know."

Allen sighed, "Who would that be?" he asked, he knew Lavi would chalk it up to Lenalee, since some finders started the rumor that they were dating since Lenalee only was worried about how he was and where he was.

"Our very own...Kanda Yuu"