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'He stole it! He actually stole my first!'

Allen ran into his room and then slammed the door shut as loudly as possible. He ran to his bed and then flopped ontop of it burying his face into the pillow and yelling as loud as he could into it. He groaned in resentment as he felt hot tears filling up the corners of his dark gray eyes. How dare he do what he did to him! It was so wrong! So very very very wrong! He clenched his hand into a fist and then pounded on his pillow feeling like he was going to explode. that stupid stupid stupid bakanda! Who did he think he was to steal a kiss?!

"Allleeen?" A voice rang at the door, the familiar accent made him look up and then frown a little, Lavi the always grinning soon to be bookman stood at the door and then walked in with out being told to. "Are you okay? I heard a yell and saw you run for it.."

Allen wiped the silver tears away and then sat up on his bed, "Hel..Hello Lavi ." he said softly as he then looked at him hoping that the other wasn't there to see him screaming into his pillow. Actually that creeped him out, how he always would pop out of nowhere or enter a room with no one noticing. "Wh..what do you mean? I'm fine."

"Allen allen allen, you should know that I can tell when you are upset. And I know the source. Yuu chan was being a jerk to you?" Lavi sat on the chair near him and then frowned as he rested his chin on his palm, "You should stay away from him if he's doing nothing but causing you pain you know."

"But you said-"

"Ara, I know what I said Allen, but I think that he's doing more damage to you now that he's caught on to something.. and with the Millennium Earl becoming more of a threat, you being in pain, or actually in pieces literally is not good. We're friends right? I want the best for you"

Lavi's grin returned the serious conversation starting to turn to a more friendly atmosphere. Lavi still felt uneasy for pushing Allen so far though, he had forced him to confront Kanda before and now it was becoming hazardous.

"Thank you Lavi ..." he smiled weakly as he looked at his older friend who was smiling and adjusting his trademark scarf, sometimes Allen wondered why he even wore it when it wasn't cold. But knowing Lavi he just kept his mouth shut.

"So, do you want to do something? I bet Komui or Linalee could take your mind off of pissy Yuu chan ." A crooked grin covered Lavi's face and Allen couldn't help but smile, Lavi's expressions were always contagious.

"Sure." Allen hopped off the bed and shrugged off his jacket, he wasn't going to wear it while inside today, it just felt heavy for some reason. He smiled softly at Lavi who got off the chair and then walked to the door with him.

"KANDA!" A clip board hit the swordsman on the head hard , Linalee glared at him as she stood next to him, "Allen was crying again! What did you do to him! You know you should not bully him, you know he's trying his best but you still hate him! "

"Che, leave it be .." he said as he rubbed his head, damn another bump courtesy of a girl, what would the finders say? He frowned as he stepped away from the other Asian exorcist and then leaned against the wall touching his lips briefly with a calloused hand, "That beansprout started this whole mess and I'm going to teach him a lesson."

"Allen is just asserting himself! You treat him like he's nothing more than a pain!"

"That's exactly what he is, he's too kind, too sympathetic, and too caring, that isn't what exorcists should be!"

Linalee puffed her cheeks up in annoyance with the lack of sincerity that the other showed for the younger and much more frail boy. It was completely stupid to argue with him. Kanda just had hardened over the years and was never going to change, even if it was the end of the world he would remain a stiff, selfish, crude and vulgar man. She looked away.

"Well you have to get along with him, we are all family here."

"I don't need family."

"You've told me that before and I think you're just pathetic yourself, containing all your emotions, hurting others in order to feel relieved..you'll never make any friends."

"Don't need them either, friendships are fake."

"So what we have..is fake?"

Kanda glanced at her, true they had been 'friends' since they were little, and they talked to each other more than Kanda talked to anyone else.

"I never said that."

Linalee's face softened and she smiled again, "Well you have a mission with Allen anyways. I just came here to scold you and then give you the mission specs." She handed him a black folder with the rose cross on it. She sighed, she couldn't make him 'like' the other exorcists, but she could try to make him less edgy around them.

"Why with him?"

"Because my brother thinks you two are capable to handle this, Bookman is going wit Lavi to Vienna."

"Lucky Rabbit."

"Why would you rather be with Lavi?"

"Why are you asking that kind of thing?"

"You said lucky rabbit..that's Lavi isn't it?"

"I meant he gets to go with someone who actually is worth being in the Black order."

"*sighs* Kanda please just go on this mission and don't give Allen a heart attack..or chop him up either please?"

"Can't promise any of that ." He pushed off the wall and then walked down the corridor to go to the relaxation room to read the rest of the file. "When do we leave?"

"In two days, that means that you need to pack, and tell Allen about it too." she said as she had given him more than one file, one was scrawled with Allen's name for his part of the mission.

"I'm not his freaking keeper."

"But you're his partner. " she turned on her heel and walked back towards the science department room, these boys had to be the most immature exorcists she had ever met.

Lavi had been talking about a cute filipino girl he had been hitting on back on his last mission and continued to drawl on with out noticing the youngster's lack of attention, which in a way was a good thing. Lavi smiled as he looked at Allen who was acting a little better since they had left his room.

"AAANY ways, this girl was totally hot an-"


Lavi sighed a little as he turned to see the other exorcist in the relaxation room which they were passing by, Kanda had seen Allen, hard to miss with a head of white hair, but mostly had heard Lavi blabber on about girls and assumed he was talking to the short exorcist.

"Its Allllen Yuu, not beansprout."

"Shut up Rabbit"

"Cheee, you're so meaaaaan Yuuuuu"

Lavi frowned as he stood near Allen who had stopped fridged on the spot like a rabbit that had been seen by a wolf. He narrowed his one good green eye and then frowned as he shook the shorter one to attention.

"Ah..Kanda what is it?"

"Mission specs, come get them now." Kanda made no movement to get up from the couch where he had set up his things.

Allen made no movement to get any closer to the other and Lavi noticed he frowned and then walked over to Kanda holding out his hand in order to give them to Allen.

"Rabbit..quit baby sitting the beansprout...if he's scared of me..he has to face his fears like a man..not like a wimpy little shit."

Allen twitched and he felt his blood boil lightly, he could feel his face heating up with humiliation and then looked away.

Lavi snatched the folder up and then frowned, "Yuu you're being too harsh on Allen..he's already scared of you and you just make it worse. We're all friends."

Before Kanda could open his mouth, they left Lavi had given him a warning look and then escorted Allen away hopefully to make sure the two wouldn't end up fighting again. No wonder Kanda hated people, they were always bitching at him.

"I'd be mad too ..if someone I didn't like kissed me..shit....now he hates me more."

To be continued

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