Crescendo con Affectto


Summary: Both Eriol and Tomoyo attend Clow, a conservatory of music and arts. Both have amazing skill, but both have hindrances that prevent them for using their ability to the fullest. When both of them meet, what happens next?

Parings: E x T – S x S

Authoress Notes: Yeah, another chaptered story! It was a plot that just popped out my head one day, well, I wanted to write something that dealt with music long, long time ago, but I didn't really have the chance to think in through. Now I sorta kinda have some ideas swirling in my head, so here's the prologue to start it off. And if you do have the time, please check out my other story, Silence!

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You could hear him…

Walk through the halls of the highest floor of the elite building and exactly when you step on that last staircase, you could hear it...feel it. You can't help but just stop there and listen and feel. Waves of deep, hollow notes fill your ears. The sound was beautiful, majestic, a resonance of the angels themselves. The complex melody continues to tumble in your ears, faster and faster. Then an urge of curiosity pulls you to walk nearer to the sound, entrancing, hypnotizing. The closer you get, the louder the music plays. Now you could feel your emotions being moved by it, your heart beating faster and faster, just like how the measurements go.

Then it stops—everything suddenly grew silent.

You start wondering why, where, how…? Then it plays again. Now the symphony is soft, tranquil but heartbreaking. The sound is now pure melancholy, so dark and sad.

You reach the last classroom of that floor and as the music guides you, it's there. The music was being produced there. You take a peek and you see—

A black grand piano was set on the middle of the wooden paneled room. There he was, a night blue haired figure was seated on the piano's uniformed chair, his eyes shut, as he continued pummeling the pedals under his feet and push down the keys before him.

You've heard of him around campus before. And yes, you know for a fact, that was him.

That was Eriol Hiiragizawa.

You could hear her…

Exactly when you step in the regular building, you could immediately hear a voice. The building was empty, allowing the voice to echo through the halls without any disturbance. It was something that quickly attracted you, or anybody who dared to enter. The voice—it was something that you can't ever put into words. But you know that someone with this sort of skill must be part of the elite level of campus.

It must be an angel. It has to be. But the voice was real, so real that you wanted to find out who is singing. Is this your imagination or reality? So you run through the hall as the angel's voice grew louder and louder. Then you stopped in front of an open classroom, and your eyes widen in shock.

Everything you heard was absolutely reality. It's because you saw—

A figure stood alone in front of the huge glass window, her long lilac hair fell naturally down her doll-like face. She looked like an angel, that's for sure. And her voice sounds like one too.

You weren't sure of her name, maybe because she wasn't really that popular in campus. But her identification card was hanging down from her bag, and quickly you took a glance.

In bold, clear letters, it printed, Tomoyo Daidouji.

In Clow's Conservatory of Music and Arts, there is no rich or poor, beautiful or ugly, smart or dumb. Each student is ranked how talented and skillful they are in their specific choice of art. Each student is a raw diamond, ready to be cut and polished. Of course, there are difficulties doing these—but if the process is complete, these people are future shining musicians.

And thus, here starts our story…