Crescendo con Affectto

By: Yuuna Miyako


Summary: Both Eriol and Tomoyo attend Clow, a conservatory of music and arts. Both have amazing skill, but both have hindrances that prevent them for using their ability to the fullest. When both of them meet, what will happen?

Parings: E x T – S x S

Authoress Notes: Another long awaited chapter for Crecendo.

V. Parmi les Voix - - Among the Voices

And then, proper studies began after such a grand opening. Tomoyo could still remember the faces of the freshmen and transfer students as their soon to be teachers and some of the elite students took their place on stage and made music…no, magic. The music created that day was magic. It was like as if heaven had a concert down at earth. Not even one in the whole auditorium dared to speak during a performance. Everyone was entranced. Not to mention, how her heart ached and almost brought her into tears when a certain elite pianist played a complicated piece at the stage.

Even Syaoran Li, the cool headed, drummer of Daybreak found a lone tear escaping from his eyes.

It's been a week since the hassle of the new school year began to calm down. She found herself sitting in her choir class, day dreaming of the opening performance days ago. The choir was already divided by their voices and given heads up with the first five songs they'll be learning, so as promised, they'd start singing.

"Daidouji-san," Her classmate behind her tapped her back breaking through her daydream, "We're in the next page."

Her lilac eyes carefully scanned the music sheet, as she felt a blush of humiliation crept through her cheeks. Slowly she turned to the page the whole class was in, as she looked at the teacher who was speaking about the music course they were in.

"I believe there is much talent here. But of course, since you guys are in the regular classes, I believe you still have a much to learn."

Each person in that room shuffled uncomfortably. Many of them are probably contest winners and song divas back in their hometowns. Being degraded in the regular classes is a huge blow to their ego. But of course, just being accepted in the conservatory is already an honor and an opportunity.

"I believe each of you are soloists, preparing yourselves for the big break. But in my class you are not. You are students that are being taught. You are rough jewels to be polished and perfected. You have a personal voice, yes, but right now you're in a choir class." She paused and continued, "I don't want a group of soloists. I want a choir whose voices could indeed stand alone if needed but mostly voices who could blend through different others, creating a perfect harmonious wave of music. Welcome to choir class."

Tomoyo recalled her schedule earlier. Classes in the conservatory are more hectic than regular schools. They are under a block schedule: four classes a day and one hour and ten minutes per class. Of course they have the required subjects such as math and science, but three of their elective classes are strictly music classes. One is a music or art course of your choice, another is a class of your profession together with a group (for singers its choir) and lastly is a class of your profession individually (individual vocal training). This differs on what you do and what you are aiming to be.

Her choir teacher, Takayama Hanabi-sensei, is a woman in her mid thirties. She is young, yes, but she proved her talent during the opening performance. A choir composed of the singing department preformed an acapella German piece of some musical Tomoyo haven't heard of.

"So, let's sight read shall we?" Takayama-sensei sat behind the beautiful grand piano that was in front of them and started playing the first notes of the piece in front of them. Every singer followed the music sheet, counting how many notes remaining till they start to sing. Tomoyo, knowing the notes like the back of her hand effortlessly started singing with the whole choir.

Tomoyo's eyes were fixed on the music sheet, as the class's voices blended together quite beautifully. It was rough, of course; besides, they were just sight reading notes, lyrics and composition they never sang before. Even though they have much to fix on (some singers are still singing as if they were soloists, overpowering rather than blending), it wasn't bad for a first time.

To her surprise, Tomoyo actually found her old voice when she sang with many. She felt relieved that she's not singing alone, but with a group of talented singers. With this thought she put more depth and emotion to her voice, while others managed to adapt with this interpretation of the notes written. The fact that the class could blend beautifully with her voice excites her.

It didn't take long till the sight reading of the first song ended.

"Good job," Takayama-sensei applauded, "Not bad for sight reading for the first time."

She looked at the music sheet, "Now, we shall discuss."

Before she pointed the mistakes of the class, she explained the composer and a bit of history about him. Then the origin of the song and what was the general story behind the song.

"You guys probably know this, but it's worth reminding," She spoke out, "Knowing why and who the composer is will give you the intended interpretation of the song. Yes, it's important to look at the notes, the tempo and the given volume. But this will help you in ways you can't even imagine."

The whole class murmured in agreement.

Then she started pointing out and correcting the mistakes the choir has done: "Basses, in measure 45, please hold on to that whole note." to "Sopranos, I know your part is really up there, but try to not only reach but hold that that beautiful note."

"As a whole, your song interpretation was off a bit, but it was perfected as you guys sang through it. Let's sing it once more shall we? Now, in acapella."

This time, Takayama was closely listening to the group, up in her feet walking around. Sometimes she'll halt the class to correct a minor detail and make them continue. Tomoyo, not really bothered by the change of class orders continued to sing as orchestrated. Somehow when she looked out of her sheet music, she saw Takayama-sensei's eyes meet hers, but soon scanned through her section of sopranos.

Hanabi Takayama noticed it.

Though that voice was evenly mixed through the voices of the choir, she heard it clearly when it sang to change the musical interpretation in the first sing through. She can't even explain how beautiful the voice was. The singer knew how to control and knew how to read music.

It was so beautiful that it seems like an elite student broke in the regular choir class.

She thought she could catch it when the class sings the song in acapella, but it turned out the whole choir caught up to that voices lead.

Or what's more amazing is if that voice is just hiding itself among the others. Hiding its true potential, it's magic.

If only she could immediately spot it at once.

It's either she was just hearing things or that an angel is hidden among the voices.