Unexpected Love Series


Kakuzu may be Ooc, I haven't gotten far enough in the series to see what hes really like,oh and its a Kakuzu x Naruto (in case you mistake the name bellow for something else).

References to sex, lemon, and past relations (Sasuke x Naruto). Naruto dragged Sasuke back after the fight at the valley of the end and they dated for four years before Kakuzu came into the picture.

Ages: Kakuzu: 28, Naruto:16







The best of everything.

Thats what he wanted, what he had always wanted. He doesn't deserve any of it, it's not like hes going to lie about that. He didn't do anything, save anyone (in fact hes killed a lot, most of the time for money) he didn't invent anything solve anything. He didn't deserve anything he has, or wants.

These desires: he gets them, has them because he wants them. Call him selfish, he already knows he is and to be blunt he doesn't care. Call him twisted for loving, desiring someone far younger then himself (12 years to be exact) it's not like what you think matters.

Because as he watches the beautiful blond whither and moan under him ,screaming his name as he pounds into the blond's impossibly tight heat: all he cares about is the whithering teen under him and the pleasure they feel.

The fact that he stole the blond from the chicken headed Uchiha doesn't matter, or that the cute whisker bearing teen was happy with his boyfriend before he came and 'stole' him (not that the blond wasn't willing: Gasping his name and arching deliciously into his touch. He may have stolen the kitsune, no his kitsune, but he didn't force him to stay), none of that mattered except he got what he wanted, what he had loved and adored since the first time his gaze fell on him: Naruto Uzumaki.

When he had first set his gaze on the cute blond, he had been 25 and the blond 13. He was fighting, and winning, against his partner Hidan. He had immediately wanted him,wanted to touch, to hold, to ravish; he wanted everything that had to do with the blond.

That was the day his dark obsession was born.

Every day since then he spent thinking of the fox, dreaming of him, wanting him. And what he wanted, he always got.

It took a while to plant the seed of temptation into the other wise loyal blond, but it was done. And all it took was a few searing kisses, touches, whispers and he had the blond: his blond, in his possessive grip.

Naruto shuddered as two arms encircled waist,drawing lazy circles on his clothed hips and cold lips blew gently across ear.

Stolen right from under the Uchiha's nose, he vaguely thought hands moving to tighten his hold on the blond's hips. Not that he cared. The Uchiha had been to stupid: leaving the kitsune were others could take him. And he did take him, taking the delicious blond for himself.

The blond gasped as the black haired man sucked and kissed his way from his ear lobe to his jaw, before nipping at his jugular.

"Nnngh, st-stop!"

The brunette chuckled at the weak plea, hearing the hidden cry for more. He slowly turned the blond to face him wrapping his arms around the younger male's waist possessively, and kissing down his neck, smirking when he dragged a soft mewl from his cute kitsune.

But then again,he couldn't fully blame the Sharingan user: the child was new to the game and he had several years under his belt, but then again maybe thats what made the idea so tempting to fox Jinchuriki.

The blond gasped and mewled softly as the brunette brought his mouth up to nip at Jinchuriki's bottom lip: leaving the blond aroused and breathless. He purred as the man slipped his shirt off before attacking his chest.


His name turned to a moan as he sucked mercilessly on the blond's pink nipple using his fingers to tease the other, the blond arched and mewled, a protest dieing on his lips.

He remembered the brat's disbelieving look as he kissed the blond senseless in front of him,and how he smirked at the heart broken teen as he disappeared with the dazed and non-protesting blond.

He removed his mouth from the abused pink nub to the other giving it the same treatment before he began to kiss and suck up his slim tan neck up to the blond's slightly swollen lips and kissing him. Hard. His kitsune moaned loudly, giving up any attempts at stopping the brunette in favor of kissing him back and wrapping his arms around the older man's neck and his slim legs around the other's waist.

His kitsune had wanted to stop at first, not because he didn't want it but because his sense of loyalty to his boyfriend, even if he didn't love the Uchiha like the Uchiha loved him. Before the blond Jinchuriki would have never thought of doing anything only for him: thinking it selfish and greedy.

"But even the loyalest fall into temptation"

He murmured to the panting and arching blond,a soft smile playing his lips.

And all it had taken was a simple question.

"Isn't it greedy to take what isn't there?"

The blond had been speechless, not wanting to admit that he had been right and instead choose to fight him, not that he minded. He wouldn't hurt the kitsune not liking to hurt his possessions but would wait for him to tire all the while whispering into his ear: making him doubt everything he had ever based his life on.

He carried the blond to the bed and slipped of his baggy jeans:never breaking the scorching kiss. He felt his already hard arousal harden further at the sight of his lover sprawled onto his bed, panting and eyes dark with lust.

His hands traveled down his lover's sides, and he dipped down to kiss him. The blond mewled and moaned , making him against the kiss. He nipped the blond's bottom lip swallowing his gasp and dived into the warm cavern savoring the sweetness that only he would ever taste from then on.

"This is wrong."

He heard the teen mummer against the kiss, he grinned breaking the kiss to softly stroke the blond's cheek.

"Do you want me to stop then, Naru-chan,if its so wrong? Would you have me stop and take you back to that fake life, and your fake love?"

The blond pulled him down,using the collar of his Akatsuki cloak , and kissed him. Bringing his hands to the hem of the brunette's cloak and pulled it over his head.

"Don't stop."

He didn't intend to: ever. He'd make his lover immortal, if he had to, so that they could live forever side by side, so he could forever make love to the adorable kitsune.

And yes, it was 'making love' to him. Not fucking, because he truly did love the blond with all his greedy heart: he loved the blond. Plain and simple. And no one would ever be allowed to say other wise.

He smiled, a genuine smile at his lover's answer.

"Then tell me what you want, my kitsune."

He smiled, loving the blush that spreed on the blond's cheeks.

It had taken forever for him to get the Akatsuki leader to let the blond join, stating that the controller of Kyuubi would be more powerful, easier to contain than the raw power itself. They be stronger not to mention the fear a Jinchuriki would strike in people's hearts.

The leader had finally agreed, as long as the blond never attempted to leave, not that he has or ever will, even after three years.

And even after three years the annoying youngest Uchiha still tried to gain the blond's affection back.

"Touch me."

He pleaded, arching desperately. He chuckled softly and kissed his swollen lips,making his way down his stomach,dipping his tongue into the blond's belly button making the blond mewl.

"Touch you were?"

He teased his desperate lover.

"Nngh, everywhere!"

The blond screamed deliciously:desperately. He chuckled again,wanting to tease his lover even more, he lightly palmed the blond's obvious arousal, delighting in his gasp.

Not that the brat was the only one to try and divert his love's attention. He could name six of his teammates, including the leader, that wanted his blond for them selves.

He could call them selfish: but that would be hypercritical.

Wouldn't it?

Besides he knew his blond would never betray him. He wasn't arrogant, or conceited like the younger Uchiha (which is one of the many reasons he lost the blond in the first place) but because they spent so mush time together, he knew the blond well enough to know what he wanted and didn't want. Well enough to know what he needed, and how to please him.

His kitsune knew how to please him to,and knew what he wanted or needed when he wanted or needed it, or what he didn't want or need.

He listened to his blond's complainants (something no one has ever done before, from what his blond has told him.)

He saw through the fake smile and his mask, and helped the teen get over the need to use it.

That,and the fact that the blond was completely oblivious to their attempts at wooing him.

He fingered the obnoxious orange boxers his kitsune adorned,mentally noting to get him new ones,and ripped them to shreds. The blond was to far gone to notice,and arched his arousal back practically begging for attention.

Smirking he brushed his fingers over the soft curly blond hairs that lead to his weeping sex,his smirk widening he traced a line down to his inner thigh making sure to avoid his member.

"Nngh....nngh..quite teasing me!"

He kissed the blond's abdomen,and then his lips, cupping his check and grabbing the bottle of lube with his other hand. He slowly worked the lube onto his slim didgets,making sure they were fully coated. His right hand slid down from his face to cup and grope his firm ass.


That little fact didn't stop the perverts attempts to steal the blond though, in fact in fueled their desire for his blond. Though he would die before he let anyone else touch him (and since hes immortal, meaning he can't die, that'll never happen.)

He pulled the panting blond into his arms,so his head rested on his chest and watched as his lover's sky-blue eyes close and his breath even. His eyes darted to the door,where he saw a tuff of blond hair stick out through his slightly parted door, and smirked.

"Did you plan on watching all night?"

The blond head quickly darted away,though he already knew who it was Akatsuki only had two blonds after all: His Naruto and the blond Deidara (one of the six after his own blond).

His hand slowly made its way to the blond's puckered entrance and he slowly loosened the tight ring of muscle that blocked his way,before slowly and carefully inserting a single didget.

Naruto stiffened at the intruder, it didn't hurt, but it was more of an uncomfortable feeling. But relaxed when a hand started to stroke his cheek.


The brunette purred in his ear,making the blond shudder. He slowly pulled it out and slipped it back in,curling the tip: searching for the spot that he knew will make the blond scream.


He grinned and brushed his finger against that spot again,making the blond moan and arch. Chuckling he added another finger,the blond squirmed in slight discomfort before moaning when the fingers brushed against his sweet spot.

He pulled the brunette into a bruising kiss as he added the third and final finger. He cringed slightly against the kiss. The brunette carefully trust his fingers in and out,picking up speed as he went and making sue to hit the blond's sweet spot.

He wrapped a possessive arm around Naruto's waist,and kissed the sleeping blond's forehead, the sound of his even breathing dragging him into sleep.

He graped the lube bottle and was about to coat his throbbing member when a hand stopped his. He was meet with the blond's lust filled dark blue eyes as he slowly took the lube from his hands and squirted it in his hands. He was about to question him when he felt a cool, wet, hand wrapped around his aching cock and pumped him.

"Nnngh! Naruto!"

He faintly heard the blond chuckle this time,as he pumped his aching cock. He finally slapped the hand away, wanting to cum inside the blond instead of his hand.

He slipped his fingers out of the blond,grinning at his disappointed whine. And positioned himself at the blond's entrance and pushed himself in slowly. He groaned at how tight and how hot the blond was.

Naruto whimpered softly, it felt like he was to full and being torn apart all at the same time. He felt a wetness on his cheek and was surprised to find himself crying. A hand softly brushed away the tears, and the pain started to ebb away like lemon in a paper cut.

Kakuzu brushed away the tears and waited patiently for the blond to adjust to his size,before pulling out all the way so only the tip was in and slamming back in, drawing out a pleasured filled scream from the blond.

A soft smile graced his stitched lips, and he ran a hand through his blond's hair, making the sleeping Naruto purr happily.

He held the blond tightly, thrusting as fast and as hard as he could. The blond screamed incoherently the only real word coming out his mouth was his name.

Kakuzu felt the blond's walls tightened deliciously around him, making him impossibly tight. He buried his face into the blond's throat and moaned wantonly, he was close,he could feel it. He pumped the blond's throbbing erection with his right hand:wanting the blond to cum with him.

The blond moaned, arching into the brunette's hand, begging for more. He felt his abdomen tighten before he came, screaming Kakuzu's name.

Kakuzu felt the blood tighten around him,he came hard gasping Naruto's name against his neck, filling the blond with his seed. He rode out his orgasm before he collapsed, arms out so he wouldn't crush the passed out blond beneath him.

He was selfish, he thought faintly, is selfish. But as long as he had his blond by his side. He didn't really care.

He brushed a lock of hair from the blond's face, and kissed his whiskered cheek softly, before turning so he was laying on his back, the blond pressed against his chest.

"I love you, Naru-chan."

"I love you, too"


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