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Author's Note: For polomare, who requested a fic where the command team played Velocity. Had to watch Hope and Fear again to get this right. Sorry if the description sucks.

Spectator Sport

By mistress amethyst une

Chakotay barely dodged the disk as it came tearing toward him. He hit it with his phaser, turning the flashing lights blue. This was how they played… and she always won.

It wasn't that he lacked skill. He'd wiped the floor with Harry Kim, and the ensign had been captain of his Velocity team at the academy. Then again, there wasn't exactly any unresolved sexual tension between him and Harry.

The flashing lights were red again. He ducked and made a quick sidestep to avoid it. She always played as red. Always wore that red outfit… sleeveless red. He fired and hit the disk dead center.

He gave himself a breather as the disk, now blue, chased after her once again. Now, he could enjoy the view. His captain had to have the nicest shoulders in the quadrant. He paid special attention to her neck… usually hidden under that grey atrocity bearing her pips. He loved watching her run and pant as she caught her breath. Considered it a victory when she took a tumble and messed up that perfect little bob of hers…

The disk hit him square in the forehead. He found himself on his back, colliding with the cold metal surface of the holodeck floor. Damn, he hadn't noticed her hit it…

"Full impact. Final round to Janeway. Winner Janeway."

The computer almost sounded bored with its announcement. Out of ten rounds, he'd won zero.

He considered asking her to wear a t-shirt the next time they played. Then he saw her leaning over him as he lay on the floor. That scooping neckline…

"Congratulations, Captain. You win again."