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"Eeek!" Janet squealed as Harry chased after her. When he finally decided he couldn't catch Janet, he chased after Lucy. I wasn't a part of this game, knowing everyone would instantly target me because I was always so clumsy. So I just stood by the cliffs, watch the water beneath me sparkle as the light from the sun hit it.

It was 1970 and I was seventeen. My friends and I had decided to go to La Push since the scenery was always so beautiful.

"Watch out, Gary!" I heard someone's voice yell as a body pushed mine. The impact was so strong, I fell. And in front of me, there was no ground to fall flat on. No, I fell off the cliff. As I was falling, still recovering from the shock, I heard multiple people screaming my name.

Then, with a loud splash, I hit the water beneath me. I couldn't swim so I struggled to keep my head up. I could faintly hear people still screaming my name through my loud panting. But then, I couldn't help it. I started drowning. As hard as I tried to keep my head up, it wasn't working. So my body disappeared into the sea. As I let out my last breath, I could see the air bubbles floating up before everything went black.

My eyes fluttered open again. It was so bright and white. At first, I had assumed I was in the hospital. I groaned, remembering the fall.

"Hello, young one." I turned towards the voice and saw a man in a white cloak with wings on his back.

I gasped. "Who are you? Where am I?" I said quickly turning my head left and right to observe my surroundings. No way was I still in La Push.

"You're in heaven, my dear. But not entirely. Because you haven't had a chance to properly live your life yet, you will be given a second chance to deem yourself worthy of heaven. You will look after those on Earth, discreetly helping them when the need is dire.

"When you have proved yourself worthy, you will be allowed entrance into heaven," with that, he disappeared, and a pair of wings started growing on my back. When they did, it felt like I had two extra hands. I started fluttering them excitedly, causing my feet to be lifted off the ground. I then flew around in a circle, my arms wide apart, feeling the wind against my face as I flew around.

Suddenly, I crashed into something and we fell onto the soft, fluffy white clouds below us.

I looked up and saw another girl with wings on her back like me. She had brown hair and pale blue eyes. She looked up at me and stared for a moment before standing up and extending her hand. "Hi, I'm Angela. We're going to be friends for a long time."

And that's how my life in the skies above started.

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