Summary: Ginny wakes up one morning to find herself in a totally different world

Disclaimer: JK Rowling owns the characters, and I have put them in a world between ours and hers.

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For a bit of info on this here fic, it will be mostly romance (hence, the genre) between Ginny and Draco (my fav pairing!). Of course, what good's a Harry Potter fanfic without the great hero himself? So he'll be in here, too. This is a world created by my imagination, sort of a cross between the wizard world and the real world during 1607. Not everyone is magical, but there are dragons and fairies and all that fun stuff. Its rated R cuz I will most likely put in some heated romance scenes (there will be NO sex in this fic . . . I know everyone does it, but not my little Ginny/Draco. But they will go pretty far). Well, now that I've rambled on and on, I'll just get into the story!

All You Need Is Love Chapter One A Different World

England, December 5th, 1607

The bed was too soft.

    That was the first thing that floated into Ginny Weasley's mind as she surfaced from sleep. She wasn't used to such softness, like sleeping on feathers. But it felt so good, and since she was still half-asleep, she did not pay it much mind.

    She stretched luxuriously, a small smile on her lips. Her dream had been a pleasant one . . . she'd been in the arms of some man with silvery-blond hair and it had been very enjoyable.

    Her eyes fluttered open, and slowly her smile faded.

    She was not in her Hogwarts bed. The one she was in was two times the size of what she was used to. She lay among a sea of fluffy pillows and satin sheets, with thick navy blue curtains hanging open from the canopy, giving her a view of what was not the Gryffindor seventh year girls' dormitory.

    Ginny gasped softly and sat up, confusion settling over her. She took in her surroundings, half believing that it really was not there.

    The room was enormous. A thick, dark Persian rug covered the hardwood floor, and a fire blazed in the marble fireplace, cackling gently and giving the large place a soothing quality. The walls were wallpapered in dark red, and there were gas lamps decorated with gold attached to them. Hanging from one was a life-sized portrait of herself, and it thoroughly creeped her out. A huge crystal chandelier hung from the middle of the ceiling, but all the light that was needed came through the ceiling high windows on the wall the head of the bed was pushed up against. From where she was sitting, she faced closed double doors beside a monstrous mahogany wardrobe. There was a large table with gold cushioned chairs in the middle of the room, and up against the wall was a desk with a washbasin.

    Ginny gaped. The room was elegant and gorgeous; there was no doubt about it. It gave her the feeling of an ancient castle.

    What on earth is going on? she thought, pulling the coverlet back. She got out of bed to stand before the full-length mirror.

    She looked normal, except for the fact she wore a long, old-fashioned white nightgown. Her reflection stared back at her, showing her the confused arch of her eyebrows. Ginny had never really been interested in her mirror reflection – people told her she was the prettiest girl in school, but she didn't care. She was the only one in her year who didn't use makeup, but what was the point? Her porcelain skin never needed any, not to mention she was rather fond of her freckles.

    But her looks were the farthest thing from her mind at the moment. Nothing was wrong with her, so why was she in this beautiful, classical room? Was she dreaming? For some reason she doubted it . . . it felt so real. She could hear the popping of the fire, could feel its warmth against the side of her body, could think clearly and rationally. So if she wasn't dreaming, then what was happening?

    The double doors opened, jerking Ginny's head from the mirror. A short, plump woman with straight black hair and wearing a long plain white dress bustled in, not glancing at her.

    "Majesty, time to wake . . ." she said with a Spanish accented voice, but trailed off when she saw Ginny before the mirror.

    Oh no, Ginny thought. This woman knows I'm not supposed to be here.

    But the Spaniard's face only lit into a warm smile. "I am surprised to see you awake at the proper hour, Majesty," she said, speaking perfect English. "Surprised and glad."

    Majesty? Ginny thought. Surely this woman was confusing her for someone else. "Where am I?" Ginny asked, her voice quite and hoarse even to her own ears.

    The woman appeared not to have heard her; she went straight to the wardrobe and opened it, shifting through its contents. "Your father has told me he would like to see you wear one of your velvets for His Highness Malfoy's arrival this noon. What color would you like?"

    Malfoy? Ginny repeated in her head. Did she say Malfoy? "His Highness Malfoy?" Ginny spoke aloud. "What, is he a king or something?"

    The lady turned and stared at her. "M'dear, are you doing this to get a rise out of me?"

    I could ask you the same thing. "I beg your pardon?"

    She sighed, and settled her lips into an understanding smile. "Majesty, I know you simply detest Highness Draco, but you have been betrothed to him since . . . well, since before you were born. Don't speak a word of this, but I believe that was poor judgment on your father's part, not allowing you two to grow up as playmates together. To have you meet for the first time two months ago, and with the wedding being planned for Christmas, well, I can sympathize for you . . ."

    But Ginny was no longer listening. The main words of this woman's sayings floated around her head. Highness Draco . . . betrothed . . . meet . . . detest . . .

    She tried to piece it together. This woman thought she was someone she clearly was not. And she needed to set her straight.

    "Listen, ma'am, I appreciate what you are trying to do –"

    "Ma'am?" the woman said, sticking out her bosom and swelling to her full five feet. "I beg forgiveness for interrupting you, Majesty, but I do not like the word 'ma'am' coming from your lips in addressing me. You call me Maria, you hear?"

    "All right, Maria," Ginny said, fighting the urge to smile. She was quite taken to Maria, even from the few sentences she had spoken. "I just don't think I'm who you . . . well, think I am."

    Maria smiled sympathetically. "Ah, dear Majesty, do sit down with me."

    She reached up to put her arm around Ginny's shoulders and led her to the edge of the bed. Maria took Ginny's hands in hers as they sat down, and she turned to face her. Ginny opened her mouth to speak more when she cut her off with the raising of her hand.

    "Silence, m'dear," she ordered. "Let me speak with you for a moment. I know this is a hard time for you. This time next year you will be married, and Wales and England will be one kingdom. Goodness knows that's a lot of land, and the pressures of keeping everything orderly will be high. But Prince Draco is a good man despite what he tries to let on. I have a gift, Majesty, you know I do, to see through people's hard shells and see what sort of soul they have. You're life with him will be good. I know you two don't have much in common, but sometimes opposites make the best relationships."

    "I'm marrying Draco Malfoy?" Ginny burst out, unable to keep horror from her face.

    Maria laughed, and it was a trilling laugh that caused the corners of Ginny's mouth to tug into a smile. "You've known it for your entire life, Majesty," Maria said, patting her hand. "Don't act so surprised. Besides, Prince Draco is very handsome. You will produce beautiful children."

    The thought of having children with Draco Malfoy, sworn enemy to Ginny's entire family, made her stomach lurch. Yet she couldn't help but picture him in her mind, and knew that Maria was not lying. Ginny hadn't seen him for quite a few months now, since he had graduated from Hogwarts the previous June. But she could still remember his finely chiseled face, his lips always twisted into a sneer or a smirk, his cold and flashing ice gray eyes, and silky white blond hair that was long enough to spill over his eyes if he allowed it. He was what Ginny always thought of as a "demon angel" because he looked like an angel but had the temper and wit of a demon. She had seen quite a few fights between him and her older brother Ron to know that he despised just about anyone to liked Harry Potter, or anyone with red hair and the last name Weasley, for that matter.

    "Now," Maria said, giving one final hand pat and standing up to return to the wardrobe, "back to the gown color. Which would you prefer?"

    "Whatever you think is best," Ginny said absently.

    I'm not dreaming, she thought slowly, so I must be in some sort of warped world.

    "What is the date, Maria?" she asked suddenly.

    "The fifth of December, m'dear."


    Maria turned and gave her a queer look. Ginny forced a grin. "Just want to see if you know," she said, feeling incredibly stupid.

    "1607," Maria replied, rolling her eyes, and turned back to the wardrobe.

    1607! her brain screamed. Nearly four hundred years ago! I'm four hundred years into the past!

    Her wand. She would need her wand. But as she began to search for a place where it would be, she realized that she probably didn't have it. She was most likely Muggle.

    Her eyes flew to her self-portrait on the wall. Yes, definitely Muggle, or else her picture would be grinning and waving. Instead it was deathly still, a wry smile playing on her lips.

    "What do you know about magic, Maria?" Ginny asked, once more feeling like an idiot.

    But Maria didn't even turn around. "Much as the next person, I suppose," she said, going through dress after dress. "'Fraid I can't help you much on that subject, but you know that sorceress what's-her-face . . . um, Alexandria . . . could probably tell you all you wanted to know. That woman is in tune with every magical person on this planet, I swear."

    "So . . . you don't find magic odd?" Ginny asked curiously.

    "Not odd," Maria replied. "Most people in this kingdom do 'cause they don't understand it. But I don't understand it but . . . I respect it, y'know what I mean?"

    "Absolutely," Ginny said.

    "You've always had a fascination with sorcerers and such . . ." Maria started, but Ginny went back into her thoughts.

    So there was magic in this world she was in. But she obviously wasn't magic. How could that be? She'd grown up in magic, been surrounded by it her whole life, and now she was in a place where she was Muggle?

    Am I ever going to get out of this world? Ginny wondered. I'm not sure I could survive! Being married to "Prince" Draco . . .

    Then something hit her. "Maria!" she cried, not meaning to sound so alarmed.

    Maria spun around, startled. "What?" she asked, looking concerned.

    "If Malfoy's a prince does that make me a . . ." She swallowed the lump in her throat. "A princess?" She whispered the last sentence.

    Maria trilled her laugh again, placing on hand on her round middle. "Oh, m'dear, you are a trip! You are meant for the stage, you are. You can fake a very good surprised and horrified expression."

    Princess . . . princess, I'm a princess . . . The words swam around in her head, and she felt slightly sick. She had not grown up even close to a princess – youngest of seven, the only girl, there hadn't been much money to spare for each family member's individual needs. Ginny had been raised with hand-me-downs and had despised it. But now she was a princess!

    I'm a princess and I'm going to marry a prince, she thought. Her image of princes had always been tall, dark, handsome men, riding on a white horse to save their maidens. Not tall, fair, scowling men who made fun of people because they didn't have money, or didn't have wizarding parents, or any parents at all. I'm going to marry Draco Malfoy.

    "Ah!" Maria cried triumphantly, turning around with a gown of green velvet in her arms. "Perfect! It will bring out the gold in your hair wonderfully, m'dear."

    Ginny allowed herself to be squeezed into a corset, laced so tight she felt as if she was going to pass out, and then sat patiently in her own thoughts as Maria put thick white stockings over long underwear, and finally dressed in the velvet gown.

    The way she looked in the beautiful dress almost made up for the tight corset. The bodice was tight to show off her small waist and swelling breasts, and the skirt billowed out around her legs. It touched the floor and made a swishing noise when she walked. The sleeves were short, and Ginny wondered why because it had to be cold outside. But then Maria gave her white gloves that reached past her elbows. Ginny didn't put them on yet because under the heat of all the clothing she was beginning to sweat.

    Maria combed out Ginny's long, gorgeous thick red hair that curled just right at the end and put it up in a fancy upsweep. Ginny had often imagined what it would be like to wear the gorgeous gowns of earlier times, but had never thought it would suit her so well – as uncomfortable as it was.

    "What time is, uh, Prince Draco arriving?" Ginny asked, hating saying the first name out loud. It did not sound right coming from her mouth.

    "I have told you many times," Maria said. She was standing behind Ginny and, being so short, had to peer around Ginny's shoulder to meet her eyes in the full-length mirror's reflection. "Noon. Now, what necklace would you like to wear?"

    Ginny nearly fainted at the collection of jewels she had. They were hers . . . she had millions of Galleons worth of jewels, and they were hers. Not her father's, the "king" or her mother's the "queen" but her very own.

    "Oh my," Ginny murmured, peering into the large box of necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

    With Maria's help, she finally settled on a small heart-shaped emerald on a thin gold chain. Ginny felt the others were too bulky and flashy and it would be like an anchor around her neck, though she didn't say such a thing.

    "Breakfast," Maria said, and thankfully led the way down to the dinning room.

    They were most certainly in a castle. A castle much different from Hogwarts – it was somewhat colder, and unfamiliar. There were no voices, the only sound being Ginny's high-heeled shoes clicking on the stone floor. No blazing torches lit the passageways. Instead, they used fancy gas lamps that had flickering, meek candlelight.

    Maria led Ginny into the dinning room, nearly twice the size of Ginny's bedroom with a table that could probably seat at least fifty people. It was rather ironic, then, to see only two people sitting at it while two maids came in and out of the adjoining kitchen with more food and drink.

    A man and a woman sat at the table, wearing gorgeous clothes that had to be very expensive. Maria went into the kitchen, leaving Ginny standing there and feeling very silly.

    The woman looked up and frowned at her. The man didn't glance at her and said gruffly, "Well, c'mon, girl. Sit down and eat."

    Ginny obeyed, and sat on the right side of the man, who sat at the head of the table. Across from her was the stern-faced woman, reminding Ginny of Professor McGonagall.

    Will I ever see Professor McGonagall again? Ginny thought rather sadly.

    "How was your sleep, dear?" the woman asked, sounding strained. It was as if she was forcing the polite words from her mouth.

    Ginny stared at her for a moment. Dear? Oh, God, these were supposed to be her parents. The king and queen . . . of what? Wales or England? She didn't know and felt foolish.

    There was a tense feeling in the air, almost awkward, and Ginny knew it wasn't because this was the first time she'd ever seen these people in her life. They didn't get along. She wasn't sure how she knew it, but she did. This couple did not tease each other, or kiss each other goodnight, or hold hands when strolling around town. They did not tuck their daughter in, did not read her bedtime stories, or help her with her schoolwork. This family was the total opposite from what Ginny was used to.

    "Eat," the man, her father, said gruffly, nodding to her full plate. Her plate full of some stuff she couldn't recognize, that is.

    Ginny picked up one of the many forks and began to lower it to her food. How on earth could she eat anything when her stomach was pinched so tight she could scarcely breathe?

    The door to the kitchen opened and out came another servant. Ginny looked up, uninterested, until she saw the face of the servant.

    Unlike most servants she had seen, it was a man. Or a boy, rather. With that familiar messy black hair, bright green eyes, and glasses, Ginny recognized him instantly.

    "Harry!" she cried, dropping her fork with a clatter on to her plate.

    Harry, who had been in the process of leaning over the table to place a bowl of porridge in a spot free of other items, froze and stared at her. Ginny's "parents" ceased chewing at also kept their eyes on her, looking between stunned and shocked.

    She felt her cheeks flush. "You are Harry, aren't you?" she asked meekly.

    He nodded slowly, placing the bowl down and straightening. Then he turned and went back into the kitchen, and Ginny could've sworn he was walking faster than usual.

    He doesn't recognize me, she thought, her stomach dropping with dread. Harry doesn't know me. Does that mean Draco won't know me, either?

    Ginny returned to her food, but her appetite was lost. She poked at some sort of brown meat with her fork. It was then she realized that Harry hadn't had the lightning bolt scar on his forehead.

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