Epilogue II

So here Ginny was, sitting in her wedding dress (corset free, thank God) and staring at her own face in the mirror. Her hair was drawn up in a sexy twist, with several tendrils hanging down her neck, and her veil sat on top of her head perfectly. Her dress was exquisite – even more so than the one she wore at her first wedding. It was the color of faint ivory and made of satin. It had spaghetti straps – far more attractive than bushy sleeves, she thought – and the neckline didn't plunge so low. The bodice was decorated with beaded embroidery in what looked like a vine, trailing down past her waist and onto the skirt. It was expensive, of course, but with most of the other things already paid for by the Malfoy family, the Weasleys had been able to afford it.

Yet her surroundings were less than elegant. In Fidanzato Sala she'd had her own little "dressing room" right across the hall of where they were to be married. But now that the ceremony wasn't taking place there, a new dressing room had to be erected. This new one consisted of four walls of sheets, held up to the ceiling by magic, right near the door that led outside to the courtyard. The only thing that was there in her little dressing room was her vanity table, and the box that held her shoes. She had yet to put them on.

Ginny had just shooed everyone out of the place, because she wanted a few minutes alone. She could hear the music, and knew from rehearsal last night that the flower girl was going up the aisle now. Soon, it would be her turn. Soon she would be going up to meet Draco. Marry him out of her own free will.

She felt nervous, there was no doubt about that. But unlike last time, where her entire body felt like a solid block of ice, now it was only her feet that felt numb. This really was cold feet. Everyone got them. It was natural. That knowledge was more soothing than frightening, oddly.

As Ginny stared into her own eyes, several things flashing through her mind, one thing stuck out in particular: how did her life come to this?

It wasn't the sort of oh-what-have-I-gotten-myself-into question, as most people might ask themselves. It was more of a curiosity question. Who knew that the one person she never thought as a human being would end up being her life's partner? Certainly she would've never guessed it. But a lot had changed over the past two and a half years, and she knew it now. She knew now that things aren't always what they seem.

"Ginny?" her father's voice called. "Ginny, are you ready?"

"Yes, Dad," she replied.

Leaning over, she put on her shoes. Then she glanced in the mirror once more, and smiled brightly at her image.

A moment later, she stepped out of her pathetic dressing room. The last of her bridesmaids were stepping through doors into the courtyard. Hermione flashed her a wide grin before disappearing into the bright sunlight.

"Ginny, dear," Arthur said kindly, holding out his arm. "It's almost time."

She smiled back at him, and took his arm. But she didn't reply.

Ginny stared ahead at the doors. Really, there was only one door, but someone had used a Stretching Charm on the wall to add another one and give it a chapel effect. She was grateful to whoever did it.

"Are you ready, Ginny?" Arthur asked her softly, and she turned her head to meet his eyes. "I mean, really?"

"Yes, Dad," she answered genuinely. "I am."

He half-smiled, looked sad, and patted her hand. "I can see that he loves you," he said quietly. "I can see it. And I know you love him. I just hope that it's enough."

Arthur then glanced away and stared ahead.

A smile spread across her face as she studied his profile. Oh, he really was too good to her. Her entire family was. She was too lucky.

The double doors opened by magic. A blast of bright sunlight reached Ginny's eyes, and she blinked. Immediately after, the music began right on cue. They began walking in step, and for the second time in her life she started walking down the aisle towards Draco Malfoy.

"All you need is love," she whispered fiercely.

All you need is love.

All you need is love,

All you need is love, love.

Love is all you need.

~The Beatles

* * *

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Final Author's Notes

Well. The fic is finally over. And I'm not sure if I'm sad or glad. It's a year, after all. I've never worked so long on a story before. I thank you all who encouraged me to keep on writing.

I just have a few final (and rather short) things to say, and then I'll never bother you with anything about All You Need is Love again. ;)

This piece of fanfiction is not historically accurate by any far stretch of the imagination. I started the story just making things up as I went along, but as it progressed, I looked most of the facts up. Yet for the most part, it isn't true to reality. When in all actuality JK Rowling's world isn't quite true to reality, either, and here I am borrowing from it.

My characterization of Ginny is mostly how I think she should be. It's true that all we know about her is that she's very talkative around her family, as quoted in The Chamber of Secrets, page 40, American edition: "Ginny," said Ron. "You don't know how weird it is for her to be this shy. She never shuts up normally –" and that she is also immensely shy and timid around Harry. Writing a story centered around a character we don't know much about isn't too simple, and I think that everyone's interpretation of Ginny Weasley is different. To some, she's the type who cowers in front of Draco. To others, she's the type who defies everything Draco says with some snappy comeback or snide retort. I tried to mix a little bit of both in when writing her character.

My characterization of Draco is, once again, just based on my assumption. We know Draco's mean, even cruel, to Harry, Hermione, and Ron, and that his insults at Ron could be taken in offense by Ginny. We know his family is in to the Dark Arts, that Lucius is a Death Eater. We can deduce that he worships the ground his father walks on. But never has JK Rowling made him be the type who tries to hide his feelings. In fact, there are several instances when Draco acts cowardly and unsure of himself quite vividly. I incorporated my own thoughts of him trying to seal off his expressions by characterizing him how I see him when he gets older. In the first four books that are out currently, he's really just a kid. As he gets older he will probably learn to not allow anyone to see what a shitty life he really has – that is, if he even despises his life, which we have no solid proof of.

As to some of your reviews in relation to Lucius's response of Ginny being in his house, I don't think he would've hurt her. He would've been much more pleased to have her wander through his house forever. After all, he's only tried to harm her once, and that wasn't by his own hand or wand – but by the diary.

And . . . as a final disclaimer, this story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. The title All You Need is Love belongs rightly to The Beatles, or whoever owns the copyright.

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