So, here's the prologue of the new story! Big thank you to my beta Princeps de Invidia for helping me out. :D

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I'm going to die.

That was the first thought that came into my mind as I scanned the huge expanse of trees surrounding me on all sides. Holy shit. I was lost, in a forest, in a whole other continent and I wasn't even the only one to blame.

We had flown halfway around the world to have a good time, but then I'd met Edward Cullen.

Stupid Edward Cullen.

He was the reason I was now jittery and shaking with fear at the slightest noise made around me. I was so used to having someone there to always protect me. Whether it was my older brother Emmett, my best friend Jasper, or even his conceited sister Rose; there was always someone there for me. But Emmett and Rose were thousands of miles away in the U.S. right now; and Jasper was probably having a great time back at the house with Alice Cullen.

I was all alone, it was beginning to get dark out, and I had no idea how to get back to the house. Why did I have to be stubborn and wander out here even though I'd been warned?

I became increasingly frightened as I remembered the brochure I'd read which explained all the wildlife lurking in this forest. Antelope I could deal with; but snakes or tigers?

I was definitely going to kill Edward if I ever made it out of here alive. But that was becoming more and more unlikely as the few remaining rays of sunlight slowly began to disappear; and I realized that no matter which direction or how far I walked, everything around me looked the same. Just trees, trees, and more trees.

How did I, Bella Swan, end up in this forest? How did I meet Edward Cullen? How the hell did I even end up in Africa?

Well it all started out with a class assignment…

So, what do you think? Good? Bad? Should I continue?