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So, just to warn you. This is a Dante/Nero fic. That means it's a yaoi, which means that it's a story about TWO MEN WHO ARE IN LOVE. Should this kind of stuff offend you, please I insist-leave. If you're a complete retard and read anyway, then remember this-your flame increases my review count. So go on, increase my review count! I dare you. For those of you who are actually into this stuff, I insist-read and leave me a review! I luv reviews!

Without further ado, here's Luminosity. (Rated T for violence later on, implied sex between two hot dudes, Dante being a perv, and Nero with French fries.)

He HATED places like this. Why Trish decided to send him here was beyond his knowledge. But Trish knew why, and he was planning on calling her and yelling to his heart's content until she told him and allowed him back into Devil May Cry.

Sighing, he leaned against a shadowed wall and pulled out his red cell phone, flipping it open and speed dialing Trish's number. He held the phone to his ear and allowed the ringing to echo as he watched the huge festival unfold around him.

The Sun was high and shining- not a cloud in the sky. He looked forward at the huge group of people who were running around, buying things from numerous stands, dancing, and walking around as numerous couples. Festive music was all over. His trademark red trench coat lightly fluttered in the breeze as he continued to wait for Trish to pick up her phone.

"Come on Trish…." he grumbled.

"Hi! You've reached Trish! I'm not here now, so leave a message! No Dante, you're still not allowed to come back to Devil May Cry until your vacation is over!"Dante sighed as he hung up, then dialed Devil May Cry itself. That phone was so old-there was no way they couldn't even install caller ID. On the fifth ring Trish picked up.

"Devil May Cry."

"Trish!" Dante snapped.

"Oh, hey Dante! How's the vacation going?"

"It's boring. Why did you guys have to send me here? There're no demons to slay, the Sun's ALWAYS shining like….the Sun, and I'm here-alone with Nero!" he complained.

He could hear Trish laughing, "I thought being alone with Nero was a good thing?"

"It's the only good thing!"

"Well, that's why we sent you there!" she defended.

"To be alone with Nero? We can be alone in my bedroom anytime we want. Why'd-" but Trish cut him off.

"No! We all know you and Nero get plenty of alone time here. I was talking about the demon slaying comment. You've been working way too hard Dante, and we've decided that you needed a vacation."

Dante frowned, "By 'we' you mean you and Lady, cuz I remember Nero getting shoved in that huge wooden crate right after I did."

"Whatever. I figured that you and Nero could use a break!"

"Hey, you and Lady set this up, right?"

"Yeah." Trish replied.

"She hates me. How come she helped you?"

Trish chuckled, "Because she wanted to go for one week without finding herself knee deep in pizza boxes every morning."

"She just doesn't understand me." Dante replied, smirking.

"No one understands you, Dante." a voice from the side mumbled, making Dante look over and smile. Nero stood a few feet from him, a plate of French fries in his left hand, his right hand-the Devil Bringer-picking up the fries one by one and eating them.

"Hey! I hear Nero! Tell him I said hi!" Trish exclaimed.

"No! And tell Lady to stop judging me based on how much friggin pizza I eat!" Dante grumbled as he hung up and turned to Nero, "How come you got French fries and not pizza?"

Nero sighed, "We were forced to come here to get away from it all-and you want to eat pizza? Try something else."

"Okay then Kid. How about some strawberry sundaes?"

"DON'T call me Kid!", Nero grumbled, his right eye twitching-his Devil Bringer's glow slightly intensifying.

"Whatever Kid." he taunted again-setting off Nero's already short temper.

The Ex-Order threw the fries behind him like a Frisbee and with agile speed, shot his Devil Bringer arm forward-the demonic aurora shooting forward in the shape of said arm. The clawed hand was wide open as it went to grab Dante, only to grab nothing as Dante vanished in a blink of an eye. Quickly, said Devil Bringer returned to it's owner.

"DANTE!!" he yelled in frustration-getting numerous stares from nearby people. The Ex-Order's glare was more than enough to send them fleeing in terror. Smart people. Sighing, Nero looked around, not seeing the Devil Hunter anywhere. Stupid Dante.

Deciding to cool off, he sat down on a nearby bench and crossed his arms, grumbling something about freaks who loved pizza. His moment of cooling was cut short as someone covered his eyes with their hands.

"Guess who!"

Nero's left hand was gripping the hilt of Red Queen before the voice made him stop, "Damnit Dante!"

Dante laughed as he jumped over the back of the bench and sat next to Nero, holding onto the fries Nero had chucked only a few minutes ago.

"Come on Kid, lighten up!"

Nero's eye twitched at being called by Dante favorite pet name-and his human arm rested at his side.

"I told you to stop calling me that." he grumbled.

"Whatever-hey, here's your fries. Don't worry, they didn't touch the ground." Dante explained as he handed Nero the paper plate with numerous fries remaining.

"Thanks" the Ex-Order replied before picking a fry up and eating it. Looking over to Dante, he held the plate out, "You want one?"

"Eh. Might as well." the Devil Hunter said as he picked one up and ate it, "Still not as good as pizza."

Nero rolled his eyes, "Nothing's as good as pizza to you-" his sentence was cut short when he felt Dante press his lips against his own-giving his a kiss and making the Ex-Order freeze.

Dante pulled away and smirked as Nero's frozen stare and flushed cheeks, "THAT beats pizza any day.", as he said this, he tapped his knuckles underneath Nero's chin, then his expression turned thoughtful, "Do you thing we could have sex and eat pizza at the same time?"

Nero instantly unfroze, "DANTE!!"

Said Devil Hunter laughed as he leapt off the bench-only to get his in the back of the head by the plate of French fries, Nero still blushing furiously as he glared at Dante, who smiled back playfully.

Maybe Trish was right. Maybe he did need a vacation. This was really enjoyable-even though he couldn't fight demons. Just…hanging out with Nero.

"Still, think about how awesome that'd be! You'd get sex, and I'd get sex and pizza!"

He was promptly smacked by the broad side of Red Queen, and crashed to the ground, Nero stand over him-Red Queen slung over his left shoulder, and looking down.

"Owwww….damn Kid! What the hell was that for!?" Dante complained.

Nero's blush was still visible as his eyes narrowed at Dante, "Cuz you're such a pervert. I'm outta here…" he mumbled as he walked off, Dante standing up and rubbing his head.

"Hey Kid! Are you mad!? I'm sorry! Ki-Nero! Come on-I was just joking!!

Nero's only response was flicking him off as he continued to walk away.

Dante pouted, knowing full well he wouldn't be getting laid tonight.

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