#28 Constellations/Starry Nights


She tugged his hand gleefully. She didn't usually do such things, especially when he'd just come home from a mission. She knew that his sleep was sacred, but looking at this was important to her.

He sighed patiently. He knew this must have been important to stay up until well past midnight just to show him something. His footfalls softened as she slowed. They were near the Hyuuga training grounds now.

Her hand clenched his to let him know they were where she wanted to show him. She turned to face him and smiled sweetly at him. "We're here, Shikamaru," she whispered.

He couldn't help but be lifted up by her shining smile. He looked around, wondering what was so important that he just had to see. He heard her giggle gently then tuck a hand under his chin. She leaned closer to him and lifted his chin so he could see the skies.

"What am I looking for?" he asked, not quite getting the point at staring towards the stars.

She giggled yet again and lifted a finger to point at one bright star. "See that really bright one?" He nodded. "That one's new." A blush caught her cheeks and her voice lowered intimately. "Just like us…"


The theme is from the ShikaHina community Sunny Clouds on Live Journal. I hope you like this one.