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The Day had been pretty normal for 30-something, Katie Potter. The ruffled up brunette, lay on her old sofa in the middle of a dark, damp room. Her dark brown, always messy, hair lay in miniature tresses above her head. Her tattered clothes, only kept clean by the graces of a cleaning spell, lay loosely on her frame. The powerful witch, bored out of her wits, lay waiting for something to excite her boring day.


She sat up abruptly, "Charlie?" A bang came at the wall in front of the sofa. After laying back down, and realizing her young friend had just ran into a wall, she rose her hand and the wall in front of her vanished. "Charlie," she giggled, "What ever is the matter?"

A tall redheaded man entered the room, after raising himself off the floor. Gaining his composure, "Katie! Oh my goodness!"

He continued to run excitedly around the room, clutching his head in his hands smiling like a crazy man. Katie waited a few moments then, "Charles Rupert Weasley! Sit Down before you run into a wall or something!" She laughed.

20-something, Charlie, stopped his frantic passing and sat at the end of the sofa, breathlessly. He leaned his head back, closed his eyes and his breath slowed. He smiled all the while. "Well…" He sighed, as if he had some in without anything to say.

Katie sat up and looked at him amusedly, "Deep subject." She joked. He looked up, and laughed momentarily.

"What's the big news Charlie? Did you and 'Mione finally get engaged?" Charlie's mouth hung open, "Cause if so, I expect an invitation!" She ended in a very Molly-ish way.

Although not thinking it possible, Charlie's eyes grew even wider, "WHAT?!" He yelped

"Late Reaction" Katie muttered.

"Me and Hermione!?…God if only!"

"Seriously Charlie barley, what's the big deal today?" Katie was sitting on her knees, alert, and finally excited.

"Nothing's up" Charlie said offhandedly.

It was Katie's turn to gape. "Charlie Weasley! You come in here like a mad man, and you say 'Nothing's up'!" She hit Charlie on the back of his head.

"Ow!" He rubbed the back of his head, "OK, OK ,OK! Jeez, Katie!" She crossed her arms triumphedly. "OK, Promise you wont freak out…again."

She faked an appalled look, "Yes Charlie, Just bloody tell me! You sound like a bloody teenage girl!"

Charlie Stood up, straightened his jacket and cleared his throat. "Well, uh…They-um…THEY GOT SIRIUS BACK!!" Charlie looked back to face Katie, and saw a blank, emotionless look. "Kate, did ya hear me?"

Katie stood up, and walked tenderly to the wall behind the couch. She placed her hand on it, as if waiting for something.


She seemed to drop out of a trance, "Yes, of course I heard you Charlie…I…What does that have to do with me?" She pounded the wall with her fist.

Charlie was aghast, "Katie, I just thought-"

She cut him off, "You thought wrong Charlie!"

Charlie rushed over to her quivering form, "But-but he would love to see you! So would Remus!" He yelled, waving his hands in the air. He stopped when he heard a sad laugh.

"I'm sure they would," Katie said, "They would love to see me, if they thought I was alive."

Charlie stopped everything he was doing, hand motions, and even breathing. Then he stepped forward, "What in Merlin's bloody name do you mean?!"

Katie's face showed shock, as she stepped away, "Charlie don't yell at me! They just-They think I'm dead."


"Why else wouldn't I get Harry?!" She yelled, as she walked away from him, to go sit back down at the sofa.

"Why didn't you-uh-how…How did this happen?!" Charlie sat back down on the sofa as well, his head in his hands.

"You obviously never met James, Charlie." She giggled sadly, "He would have given his life for me when we were growing up. You're a lot like him, Charlie."

" "Jamie, this is idiotic! I can help! I can fight, and…James! Are you even listening to me?"

I was mad. Hell, I was overly terrified. My older brother, James, just told me that to keep me safe he was going to tell everyone that I was dead and send me into hiding for 15 years. How would you react? Thankfully, I had one person on my side. The only other person who knew my brother's plan, Lily. She thought it was ridiculous, as I did. I had great respect for Lily, and my brother, but for some reason my brother never listened to her enough.

"James, This is totally unreasonable! You cant send her into hiding And you defiantly cant tell everyone that she's dead! What will Sirius and Remus think?!" Lily yelled.

It was us against James, in a full out duel of words. I hated to have fought in front of Harry, being the small babe he was, but it had to be said right then. We had been having a calm meal, when James being the idiotic boy he was, mentioned the war. It wasn't allowed at the table, speaking about the war. Lily hated the subject, and didn't want Harry shown the concept that young. True, Harry was only 7 months old, and didn't understand a thing we were saying, but apparently, or so Lily said, he absorbed information like a small squishy sponge.

"James, if anyone needs to go into hiding, it's your family! They are the most precious thing in your life, don't forget about them." I yelled across the table, as Lily was taking Harry back upstairs.

"I didn't forget about them! You're my family too Katie!"

"Yes, but I'm not dependent upon you anymore James, I can take care of myself!"

"I don't want you hurt Katie…I couldn't stand it."


A slight, sad chuckle came from across the table, "Kate, the truth is, I tried to get Lily to go into hiding, but she slapped me silly when I mentioned it."

I got up from my seat at the large table, and went to my brother's side, "James, I cant always be your little sister."

I walked away from him, and went up the stairs to where Lily was trying to get Harry ready for bed. I got to the doorway of his nursery, and knocked on the thresh way. Lily turned from the changing table to look at me, tears in her eyes.

"Katie, I know this will sound horrible, but for gods' sakes, Just bloody go into hiding!"

"Oh Lil," I walked over to her, noticing the hard time she was having at getting Harry dressed for bed. I took him from her. "I don't want to leave you Lilly, you're like my sister. And I don't want to leave Harry, my little Godson. But, Lil, if you ask it from me, I can-I can…I'll do it." I placed Harry in his crib, and gave her a hug. "Lilly, don't ever think you're wrong about this, never doubt yourself, and love them with all your heart."

I walked back downstairs, to see my brother crying over the table. I stood behind him for a moment, pitying him, and myself, then placed a smirk on my face, and cleared my throat.

"So. What shall my famous last words be?

"And so, that's how it happened. Well ok, not really 'how' it happened but it does tell why. Kinda…right?" She finished. Charlie stared at her blankly. "Well, I mean he always said that it was his brotherly right to protect me," She giggled, "So, I 'died' isn't that sad?"

"Uh-Katie…did something happen, that you seem to be forgetting to mention?"

She looked at him curiously. "What?"

"Like as to why Remus and Sirius, didn't get to know that you were actually alive?"

"Oh…I haven't a clue."

So Charlie dropped the subject about her past, "Katie, please go see them, I mean your hiding spell, was over 3 years ago! They would love to see you, Come on!"

"Why should I, Charlie?" She begged.

"Because you're miserable!"

Katie stood up, and towered over Charlie's seated form. "Charlie…You test my temper the last time today." Charlie stood and stepped back away from her. Tripping over his own feet he ran to the wall where the portal was, hoping Katie would let him go. She did.

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