Light was only coming out from under one door. Katie treaded softly to it, and knocked "C-come in." A voice called from within.

She turned the door knob, and walked in slowly. She put her hair behind her ears. His back was to the door, and he was sitting on the bed.
"Harry?" She walked forward. She got close enough to see the book he was looking at. She gasped, when she saw a picture of Lily and James. But, as soon as she gasped, the book was closed.

The look on Harry's face was meant to look angry, but Katie knew that look. She'd seen it too many times on her and her brother's faces, it was one of fear/confusion. "We haven't been properly introduced," He said in a rough voice, sticking out his hand, "Harry James Potter."

Katie didn't shake his hand. She looked at it, then to his green eyes. She saw Lily in them. "Harry, I wont play this game. I know how it goes, I've played before. Stop being 12 years old about this."

"I just found out I have an aunt! A living relative! How would you feel?"

Katie chuckled softly, and sat on his bed, "Like I'd been hit by a curse, I suppose. You don't know what's going on, and you don't like it." She ran a hand through her hair, ruffling it up. It was a trait she and James had picked up from their father. A Potter thing.

"Yeah." Harry absent mindedly running a had through his hair as well, ruffling it up. "Who are you?"

"My name is Katlyn Potter, I was born a year after your father. You couldn't separate us enough to get a knut in-between, through our childhood…"


After about 2 hours of explanation, there came a knock on the door. The two looked up from the photograph album to the door. Remus and Sirius walked in.
"Harry…are you alright?" Remus asked timidly. Obviously a little embarrassed at his earlier mockery.

"Yeah, but I don't understand something. Why didn't you tell me about her?"

Sirius knelt in front of them, and looked up, "Harry 'we' never talked about her to ourselves." He took Katie's hand and caressed it, looking her straight in the eyes, "We were so demolished from losing her, even James did want to talk about it. Well, I guess I know why he didn't now, but even still. Me and Remus… We were just so upset."


"Harry will come over eventually." Sirius purred, as they sat in Grimuald Place. They were sitting on the large sofa in the common area. It was about 12 am and everyone had finally given up on figuring out what the hell was going on. Sirius, Remus, Charlie, Hermione, and Katie sat in the living room.

It seemed they were just waiting for someone to go to bed. But, nobody made a move. The scene reminded Katie so much of something before.

The five teenagers were sitting in the common room, basking in the fire's warmth. James, and Remus were sitting against the bottom of the couch on the floor, leaning their heads back to relax, and Peter was in the love seat alone. Sirius and Katie were laying by the fire, idly pushing each other back and forth.
They had just gotten done with a successful Quidditch Party. And everyone knew that Gryffindor parties were the most wild, and the best by far. The last of the House had just gone to bed, and the Marauders lay, and sat, just waiting for one of their own to go to bed.

Katie rolled over onto her side, and looked at Sirius.

"What?" He asked, rolling into the same position she was in, and raising an eyebrow.

"Nothing." She said in a high voice, while turning to look at the fire in front of them.

"What?" He asked teasingly, while poking her side.

She giggled, "Nothing Sirius, seriously."

"Oh, well aren't you just the punniest(1) girl in the whole wide world?"

"Why yes, yes I am." She sat up, "I'd like to dedicate this great and honorable title to all the little people…and of course myself." They laughed

A few moments later they heard a loud snore from the couch. They looked back, and saw Remus looking all around him. James had fallen asleep. Sirius and Katie looked at each other and laughed.
"I'll take him up." Remus groaned reluctantly. He stood up and levitated James's body up the stairs, with Peter's sleepy form following him diligently. "Night." He called from the top of the steps.


"Night Remus"

The two watched impatiently for Remus and Peter to be gone from the Common room before they changed positions. Sirius crawled on top of Katie, straddling her.
"Now that I have you all to myself young lady, what shall we do?"

"I'm sure you have ideas."

Sirius leaned near her face, breathing on her cheek, "Maybe I do. Maybe I don't." He kissed her neck, right below her right ear.

"The great Sirius Black hasn't a plan?" Katie joked in a sultry tone.

"Maybe I'm playing it by ear." He kissed her neck below her ear again.

"And who's the punniest(1) person in the world now?"

He sat back up, still straddling her, and brushed some brown hair out of her face. She was glowing, and with the fire light behind her, Sirius could have sworn she was an angel. She reached one of her hands up to his face, and ran her fingers over his cheek. He smiled, stood up, and pulled her up with him. He grabbed her hands, interlocking their fingers, and pulled her close to him. She leaned her head on his chest, and they started swaying to nonexistent music.

"Katie?" Sirius asked, while laying his head on hers.

"Hm?" She answered, half dazed.

"I think-I think I might be in love with you." He pulled his head back, almost dreading her reaction. They stopped swaying, and Katie looked up at him slowly with her eyes wide. She leaned forward, and placed a hand behind his head, pulling him into a thick kiss. When they finished, she looked apologetic.

"I-I'm sorr-" She didn't get another word out, Sirius had pulled her into another kiss. They found themselves on the couch, Katie had her hands in Sirius's long hair, and Sirius had pulled her ponytail out and was running his hands through hers.

He pulled back suddenly, "Katie. I-"

"I think I might love you too." Katie said, like trying to explain her actions. Sirius's smile couldn't have been brighter. He kiss her lips quickly, then kissed along her jaw line lightly.

You couldn't have found a happier man within a thousand miles. Katie stopped him, and held his face in both her hands. She put her forehead on his, and they sat there just smiling like fools. She laughed, which started him on laughing. It wasn't loud, regular laughter. It was quiet, private, like a secret between them.

Katie lay back, twirling a piece of her hair in her fingers. "What ever will we tell Jamie?" She giggled again. He leaned beside her, and ran his hand through her hair, that was spread behind her like a fan.

"I'll tell him I'm falling for the most beautiful, and greatest girl in the whole wide world," he laughed, "and if he doesn't believe me, then he's loony."

"As a Loony Tune."

A/N: first things first. you may have noticed the 1 by the word means to be punny in nature, or to use alot of puns :)


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