Sympathy for the Diva

Disclaimer: The series Blood+ is not my property, but if it were it would have happened like this. Well… like this but censored enough for television.

Italics = Thoughts and specially emphasized words.

At its core this story is basically the result of the twisted imagination of a guy who is attracted to the idea of a sexy, psycho vampire in a relationship with a young, kind, shy vampire-turned boy just experiencing puberty. It is yet another "what-if?" alternate universe story that engages in that fetish. However, it also attempts to keep the series' dignity intact. In particular it addresses the question of what role a bridegroom chevalier might have in chiropteran society (we can assume that they weren't usually killed after impregnating a queen).

The story also seeks to showcase a possible way to at least semi-realistically redeem Diva. While she did inflict terrible evils against many people, we know that she was not truly evil but rather was the product of other evils and manipulated by them. In the end she was shown to truly want something that was far from evil. Therefore, what if she had other influences? What if she made one choice that changed her future?

This story is rated Mature for containing various scenes of violence as well as sexual content. Be warned.

Further notes are included at the end detailing what this story is about and how it will go.

With all that said, let us begin.


Part 1: Cat and Mouse


Where are you little boy?

OH! There you are!

It's fun to chase you, so run all you like…


I want you so I will have you.

Soon… very soon…

You'll be mine.


Putting it mildly, Diva's mind was far from stable. Even Diva herself could acknowledge that to some extent. A nearly complete lack of emotional or physical care throughout her childhood and adolescence had left her psyche warped practically to its very core. She had never learned to control base urges toward violence or selfishness that typical people gradually develop through many years of patient frustration from their parents.

Add to that the myriad other tortures that her confinement and use as an experimental subject had inflicted on her mind and it was a miracle Diva could even appear sane for any period of time. This of course made her all the more dangerous as few could suspect what she was capable of until it was too late. This had enabled her to surprise and feed on a few people in Joel's mansion, giving her the strength to accomplish her vengeance on the old man so many years ago.

That first day of freedom had been in some ways a temper tantrum that had been repressed within her for many years. Only unlike a toddler throwing her toys about or flailing in her mother's grasp, Diva was a young chiropteran queen, her strength and speed allowing her to slaughter all around her with ease. It was a wonderful, empowering feeling. To have overcome her keeper so completely, to drink her fill of the blood she had so long been starved of, and moreover, to at last release the carnal impulses of violence and dominance that were denied to her for all those years.

She had reveled in the bloodshed, in the power, in the utter freedom of acting as she pleased with no restraints, no limits, no walls or doors chaining her in place. Yet, it was not true joy, no amount of killing could take away the years she had spent in utter loneliness and despair. No, it was more a pleasant sense of satisfaction. Her tormentor and his friends were dead, save for one man who she made into her personal slave to serve her forever. It had been so very satisfying. And she had expressed this satisfaction in the one way she knew how, with the haunting song that seemed as much a part of her as her need for blood.

To her credit she did not find much pleasure in her victim's pain, though their expressions of fear could be amusing. She had no interest in torturing them, their screams and cries only grated on her sensitive ears, their pathetic whimpers for mercy disgusting her to the point that she would laugh at their audacity before killing them.

After all, what did they know of suffering? They had lived free to come and go all their lives, their worlds had always been larger than a single dark, dank room. What right did they have to complain if she ended their lives to gain a taste of their years of unearned freedom? Whatever they felt it couldn't have warranted even a moment of thought from her. So she could kill without remorse, but most torture simply bored her.

No, it was far more fun to forever silence them, to dominate them and drain their lives away at her whim. To bite down and suck away, to feel it as their struggles weakened till they lost consciousness and at last their hearts stopped. To be so much faster, so much stronger, so utterly beyond the starved lab rat she had been made to be before. Diva lived for this feeling for the simple fact that as long as she reveled in domination it numbed the memory of how helpless and lonely she had been for so long. And indeed, one could even say that for Diva the physical intimacy associated with feeding was desired as much as their blood and the euphoria of indulging her lusts. For in a twisted sense it was comforting for the girl who had never been hugged, kissed or given the slightest of an affectionate touch to hold a warm body close to her, even a dead one.

In the years that followed Diva would, out of necessity, develop some rudimentary control over these impulses. She would learn to pass for a fairly normal person, and even to enjoy being treated as simply another spoiled rich girl, an epitome of her namesake. But it was a fragile discipline, requiring the near-constant surveillance of her chevaliers to keep appearances up.

For Diva could scarcely meet with any number of humans without at some point making some comment related to her desire (or lack of it if she found them unattractive) to taste their blood or feel their bodies against hers. Making sure she was well-fed hardly guaranteed anything, as Diva could always muster some appetite if someone around her happened to unfortunately catch her eye. At least she would usually veil her comments as flirtatious come-ons or innocent misunderstandings, giving her chevalier time to run damage control and get her away from the scene before she actually did anything. Not surprisingly Diva did not often get chances to socialize with people, the risk of exposure was too great, yet this lack of contact only deepened her loneliness as she was routinely confined to all-but-empty buildings while her chevalier went about their business.

Related to this lack of control over her impulses and general emotional immaturity was a nature of extreme fickleness. Diva was prone to rapid mood swings and her attention span was completely unpredictable. In a heartbeat her interest in any particular activity could wane and vanish to be replaced with some entirely new desire. Anticipating these changes was nearly impossible and meant her chevalier were often left in the dark as to what goal her current actions might have at any one time. She figured this to be only fair, as after all Amshel didn't tell her everything he got up to either.

With that being said, there were rare occasions where Diva would find a goal worth devoting all her attention to. And when that happened her perseverance knew no bounds. These goals were all related to one thing, truthfully the only thing, she had desired most in her life, and now she knew she was at last taking a step toward it. It was like a voice urging her from within, a voice that had first appeared shortly after she had fed from the boy she was currently pursuing, and had grown louder ever since. For she had felt it back then, the instant Riku had become Saya's chevalier.

From that moment she had felt increasingly drawn to the boy. It was true that he had from the start been a very tasty, very cute and sweet meal, but this was something more. Thinking about him made her heart quicken and a ravenous heat spread through her body along with a yearning for his body, yet not for use as food. It was an instinct, a hunger every bit as strong as her thirst for blood, perhaps even stronger. Her inner regions pulsed with pleasure just thinking about him.

There was no better way of putting it. She wanted him, and nothing would stop her from having him. Somehow some part of herself deep inside knew that he was the key to giving her the one thing she had always wanted but been denied, the one thing that had always held her interest. She would have a family, people of her own blood. True children of her own who would grow into her equals, not mere servants like her chevalier. This was her goal, but first she needed to get that boy…

That was not to say she had every step planned ahead. She knew who she wanted and she knew what she wanted to do to him. The details were still being decided on and could change in an instant. In particular she was vacillating on what to do upon achieving her initial goal. Should she kill her consort once she was done with him, forever making him hers and forever taking him from dear sister Saya? Or should she take him alive, like the prize he was to her, to use for her pleasure forever? There were pros and cons to each and despite how thinking too much about things was something she avoided, she chose to make an exception here. It was turning out to be a long walk anyway.

Diva first considered how there was something attractive about having a mate. To have someone who was not obligated to obey her the way her chevalier were, someone she could raise her children with, they all seemed quite romantic and endearing possibilities. After all, a father was important wasn't he? Not that she knew anything of it from experience. She had known no father or mother in her childhood, just an unfeeling master, a man who brought her meager meals, and a girl who looked like her yet ran freely in the sun. Did a father make a child less lonely? Perhaps… provided they were not like Joel. Could keeping Riku alive help keep her and her babies from ever being lonely again? It seemed worthwhile to try and see if he could.

Still, there were many complications to going that route. After all he was still Saya's chevalier, would he cooperate? That other chevalier of Saya's, what was his name? Hogi? Agjee? That tall, quiet, incredibly boring man who made James look like the life of the party in comparison? Ah yes! Haji. She had never felt any desire for him, and it was clear if he desired anyone it was Saya, just as all but two of her chevalier had gone beyond any desire for Saya they may have had and refocused it to devotion to their queen.

She thus knew he was far too imprinted on Saya, far too in control of his chiropteran urges and impulses to be of any use to her. But Riku… he was above all so very innocent and new to being a chevalier. When she had first fed from him he hadn't even realized what she was doing in time to struggle. That had been one of the most enjoyable parts, she had simply held him tenderly as she drank her fill of his sweet blood. He had felt so nice in her arms, so soft and frail, so helpless, submissive and so very innocent…

Indeed, his innocence intrigued her to the point of even increasing her lust. Innocent was something Diva had never been, exposed to torturous realities from her earliest memories. She could scarcely comprehend the world Riku seemed to live in, the blind trust and optimism he had. It seemed to be innate in his personality to trust others, even after the traumas he'd been through.

Of course, she knew this innocence would also make him easier to manipulate, given how he likely had little experience with controlling his new chiropteran side. He would have no idea of how to handle her feminine allure or his own primal hormones and couldn't hope to resist her. He would be putty in her hands and she would be able to revel in that feeling of sweetness and innocence that made him who he was. But afterward he could become a liability if he turned against her. Even as much as she liked him she didn't feel she could trust him.

Besides, surely he wanted to be free of this conflict? It was hardly a place for such a kind and tender heart. She could free him of this cruel world in a manner most pleasing. After all, how many in all the history of humanity ever had the honor of being her lover? He really should consider such a gift worth his own life. She felt she knew him more than well enough to make such a judgement. Feeding on him had given her access to his mind, to his personality. She could even take on his form, voice and mannerisms if she wanted to. She knew he was simply not suited to the life he was currently leading, even if he was trying hard to change that.

So there were plenty of good reasons to kill him, but were they enough? Would the extra effort of taking him back with her be worth it? It would give him a new life that he could become better suited to than travelling with Saya. She could after all simply kill him later if need be. She had never before taken on a companion who was not of her own chevalier. Perhaps that alone meant taking him alive was worth a shot as Diva was always eager for new experiences. On that same train of thought she was curious about how it would feel to kill one of her sister's chevalier. That was something else she had never done before. She decided to stop thinking about it for now, the inner debate becoming irritating.

Back to the task at hand, Diva thought on how getting to her reluctant consort was becoming quite a fun game. Especially since she knew she would win. There was no way for Riku to truly hide from her. She could feel him, call out to his mind and sense his reaction to her. In addition to her personal desire to have a family and to no longer be alone, to find a partner and propagate one's genes was as powerful an urge as any in nature, and she would satisfy it.

Unlike killing Saya this was not a feeling subject to her whimsical moods. Indeed, nothing short of her own death would stop her here. With that lust-driven resolve she went whichever direction made the burning desire in her flare to a greater height. Finding him was instinctual, an urge that guided her perfectly from one part of the ship to another in her search. For Diva always relied on her instincts. To think too much about anything only brought confusion, pain and sadness.

That was perhaps her sister's greatest failing in Diva's eyes. Saya rejected her chiropteran heritage almost completely, trying so hard to act human all the time that she lost touch with her inner beast and became a sad and weak excuse for a queen. To indulge in the level of passion their superior bodies allowed for was one of the main keys to becoming as strong as they could be. Indeed, the mindless artificial chiropterans Amshel made from experiments with her blood behaved solely based on their urges and instincts, namely their lust both for blood and for Saya, though they lacked the intelligence to do anything for the latter desire other than seek Saya out by scent.

True chiropterans like herself, as well as chevalier, on the other hand, could control and direct their passions with practice. They could come to succeed at things or enjoy pleasures on a level beyond humans, be it Nathan's passion for the theatre, Amshel's obsession with knowledge or James' jealous devotion to serving her. Diva considered herself too full of life to focus her passions on any one area, except perhaps for sating her blood lust as well as her desire for all kinds of physical pleasure, the two desires often intermingling. Whereas Diva reveled in such primal pleasures Saya seemed utterly passionless and boring. Did the girl even have a sex drive?

Indeed it was ironic that for all her childish behavior Diva had a very healthy libido, too healthy some of her chevalier might say. This actually wasn't related to her desire for a family but simply to her passionate nature and tendency to indulge to the fullest whatever whim struck her and sexual urges are among the more common whims a mind drifts to. Being a chiropteran of course meant her various urges could also be far stronger than in a human, just as the pleasure could be more intense. Her lack of control and the stresses placed on her damaged mind meant she practically needed such satisfaction at times or she could risk going on a violent rampage. Thus ever since she had first been able to indulge those desires she tended to do so shamelessly. Still, sex, while fun, tended to be unfulfilling, just a brief respite where in the heat of passion and afterglow she could forget about how truly alone she was. The thrill of drinking blood could act as a substitute or addition to sating such urges.

Thus it was that another difference between the sisters was where Diva relished in regular meals of warm blood, preferably from a living source, Saya seemed to not enjoy it at all, or at least not allow herself to enjoy it. Given how slow and weak she was when they had reunited at the Zoo Diva had conjectured that Saya only fed on blood when she absolutely had to.

It was true that like Saya Diva did not need a lot of blood to live. She could potentially subsist off of an ordinary diet, albeit she ate more than a typical person her size, and regular transfusions of blood. However, for rapid healing and superhuman abilities, regular intakes of another's blood were of great importance. It provided her incredible abilities in combat.

On that note Diva didn't even have to think to fight the Red Shield agents. For this too was pure instinct. She simply acted upon the impulse to defend and attack until they were all down. It was like flying on autopilot. Saya had it as well, as she had proven in Vietnam when her chiropteran instincts had raged out of control. Even then though, it was nothing compared to Diva's. She needed no sword to kill an enemy, especially a mere human one. Even if shot she could usually recover in seconds, and it was nearly impossible for any human to hit her with any weapon unless she allowed them to or was caught by surprise. Indeed, she could move with such speed and agility that once she chose to attack the humans may as well have been standing still. And now she was doing all of this while working with a handicap.

For Diva had decided early on that she needed to look her best for Riku. Sure she wouldn't be wearing the dress for long once she found him, she giggled to herself at the thought, but it still wouldn't do for her to appear messy. This was such a special time for them after all and the location, while exciting, wasn't that romantic so she had to do what she could to make it the best tryst it could be.

With this in mind she refrained from actually using any part of her body to directly kill the agents. This meant controlling her battle rage to keep from simply tearing them apart with her bare hands, not an easy task for someone who usually reveled in bloodshed. Instead she needed to move so fast that they ended up shooting each other. Then she would snatch a gun from one of the survivors and in a matter of seconds kill them all with amazing precision, shooting them or using the gun as an improvised club. Humans were so fragile that she knew hitting them hard enough in any number of areas would ensure a rapid death or at least an injury bad enough to keep them from following her, and so she focused most on remaining clean. To Diva's satisfaction she had succeeded, getting through each round of obstacles without so much as a spot of blood landing on her dress or gloves.

Indeed she actually didn't kill all the agents, not that it mattered to her. So long as they were rendered unable to interfere Diva regarded it as a victory. She wasn't going to waste time making sure they were all dead. She had more important things on her mind, like catching that boy.

For Diva it may as well have all been some friendly foreplay, a bit of fighting and chasing to really put her in the mood. While not equal to drinking blood, battle had always had a bit of an aphrodisiac-like effect on her, and combined with the thrill of the chase and her hormones urging for satisfaction, it was all she could do to keep herself from taking one of the agents in her excitement. But no, these men were not worthy of such a thing, they could not give her what she desired. Still she would play with them for a bit as required, it would be rude to completely ignore them. It wasn't much trouble to grant them the honor of dying by her hand, and they were a bit of fun, she admitted to herself, acting as if they really believed they stood a chance of stopping her.

Plus, one of them had kindly given her a beautiful pair of running shoes, so fitting for her mission. Or at least she had the impression that he had no more use for them and wouldn't mind her having them. After all, he was dead now and so wouldn't be walking anywhere any time soon.

Her thoughts refocused as she felt the heat rise inside her again. He was close. She smiled and licked her lips. She could see it now, his little body overwhelmed by hers, that sweet face crying out her name. And his neck… she had to make sure she got her fangs in his neck or shoulder again at some point if she decided to keep him.

Sucking his blood would have to wait though, it'd be easier if he stayed conscious after all and there were… other… delicious things she could try. For she would taste him further this time. Besides his blood there were other things on offer. She'd lick his clear, youthful skin as it got all sweaty, she'd taste his lips and what lay beyond as she conquered him. Yes… he was going to be a beautiful lover.

I'm coming Riku, ready or not…


Elsewhere on the ship the same young teen on Diva's mind was struggling to unscrew a ceiling vent to escape through while his elder brother searched for an effective tool. Riku knew his own attempts would probably not work but it made him feel useful and he hoped would keep him from thinking too much about what was going on. Despite this his thoughts again traveled to the vampire queen pursuing him.

Just what did the girl want with him? Back when he sighted her in the elevator, tying the laces on a pair of running shoes for some reason, she had waved at him of all things and given him the strangest look. A friendly, almost shy smile that said nothing of ill intentions, and he was beyond certain it had been directed at only him, as though Kai and the Red Shield agents weren't even there. For a moment, it had felt like he and she were indeed the only ones there and he had to forcibly tear himself away to escape.

Even now her face seemed etched in his mind's eye, and not necessarily in a negative way. He couldn't help but think she looked… beautiful… How could that be? She looked a lot like Saya and he'd never felt attracted to her like this. He shook his head and wondered if there was something wrong with him. He understood more about Diva and about being a chiropteran than he had before, having been allowed to read Joel's diary some time after his first encounter with Diva and having talked about it with Julia during some of his tests, but it was still confusing.

For one thing neither source had mentioned was how Diva seemed to be able to speak into his mind. Back when she had asked where he was it had been as if she was trying to get inside him and feel for a reaction. His heart had sped up in fear and he somehow just knew beyond any doubt that in that instant Diva sensed his reaction and knew exactly where he was. The genuine mirth as she exclaimed her knowledge of his location had perhaps been the most unsettling part. It felt as if the girl saw this all as some kind of twisted game of hide and seek, with some kind of very desirable prize for her if she won.

Perhaps she wanted his blood? She had taken it before after all. Yet he was Saya's chevalier, wouldn't that mean his blood would be dangerous to Diva? Thinking a bit more, he realized that couldn't be true. If it was then Haji would be able to use his blood to kill chiropteran's just as Saya did. Apparently only the blood of a queen herself was poisonous to a sister queen and her chevalier. So his blood could be a target, but it still didn't make sense. Why go to so much trouble? Did Diva resent being interrupted in her feeding previously and wanted another chance to drain him completely?

It was times like this he wished he could remember better just what had happened back then at The Zoo, if there might have been a clue to the situation he was in now. Thinking hard, the most he could recall were the few seconds of walking up to a girl who he had thought was Saya. The girl had smiled at him, said something about how cute he was and that she wanted to taste him, then in an instant her arms were wrapped around him and her teeth were in his neck. There had been surprisingly little pain, at least as far as he could recollect. He lastly remembered being too shocked to even be afraid as she at first forcefully, then more gently suckled at the wound, and soon he had simply blacked out.

Noticing a presence behind him he briefly defended his actions at the vent before turning to who he expected to be his brother. Instead he found Diva standing below him, her eyes intent and unwavering upon him. She smiled, and Riku felt himself freeze in place under her gaze, an odd heat rising in his body and almost making him blush. Where had that come from?

The moment was shattered by the sound of a gunshot and Diva falling limp to the floor after the bullet passed through her side. In the back of his mind Riku recognized his brother was calling to him, but he was slow to respond, his actions stymied by fear and… something else… his mind had felt hazy from the moment Diva had set eyes on him. Her eyes… that intense, wanting look she had just given him. It refused to leave his mind's eye, even after she fell. That look made him feel strangely compelled to not run… indeed her eyes had seemed to communicate this as a very direct command into his mind.


Even so he managed to get down to the floor and slowly step toward Kai only to be stopped in his tracks as Diva grasped his leg possessively. He turned to see her staring up at him with eyes that were full of want and yet somehow vacant, as though her mind was occupied with something else while her desires made her body move as needed.

Indeed that was the case as Diva inwardly cursed the lapse in awareness that allowed her to be shot, not actually giving any regard to Kai for shooting her. Now her dress, worn specially for this tryst with her soon-to-be lover, had two holes in it! Her heated urges toward the boy were pleasant but it seemed they were also distracting.

Not that it mattered. The boy's brother could riddle her with every bullet he had and barely slow her down. Experiencing physical pain meant little to Diva anymore, her years of torturous experimentation under Joel had ensured that her tolerance for pain was exceptional even among chiropteran. She would not be denied, he would not get away from her, the little chevalier would be hers before the night was done.

Moving her grip up his leg she stood, prepared to start where she had left off, Kai's presence vanishing from her mind as she again focused on the presence that had brought her here. She was quickly reminded though as the elder brother roughly tackled her aside.

It was actually only now that Diva had become mildly annoyed at Kai himself. The older brother had looked tasty when she'd first seen him at the tower but now he just seemed rude. He should have taken the hint after his gun failed and realized that she wasn't going to stop, yet he continued to pester her. She would have even allowed him to watch them play together but he had to go and be stubborn. His loss.

For no sooner had Kai pushed her aside than had Diva responded in kind, albeit with far more force, sending Kai rocketing into a crate where he fell and lay in a heap. She briefly thought about what a pity it was to mess up such a cute face, but it didn't really matter, a cuter one was right before her.

Riku could only stare and gape at the display of strength from the girl and hope that his brother wasn't hurt too badly. As for Kai, he found himself lapsing out of consciousness from Diva's hit, but he still managed to catch the both horrifying and baffling image of the ornately-dressed queen advancing on his brother. A worried "Riku…" was the only thing he managed to utter before he blacked out.

Not sparing Kai another glance, Diva took in her trembling prospective consort. At last the distractions had been dealt with, at last they were alone! She began smiling again as she eyed Riku's body, his slight built, delicate features, expressive eyes and nicely combed chocolate brown hair. He was quite different from all other chevalier she had known… and too cute for words! She just had to have him!

"I came here to see you, Riku," she stated silkily. She then brought a seemingly delicate hand to the blue rose-covered clasp of her ornate dress and in a single smooth motion released it, causing the dress to fall and pool around her feet. Riku's eyes widened as Diva was revealed to not be wearing anything under the dress itself and now stood before him in nothing but her gloves and shoes. A trace of her smile remained but as her eyes began to shine an ominous blue her expression subtly altered to a mixture of eerie and predatory. With slow, confident steps she crossed the remaining feet between her and her prize.

Riku was trembling more than he ever had before, unwilling to accept what was happening. He had had "the talk," and so he had a fair idea of what a woman getting naked with a guy could mean, but it just seemed too ridiculous to believe. Maybe she was going to tear him to pieces and didn't want to get her dress dirty? It was hard to think with the way his heart was pounding in his ears. Pushed to the limit, he rambled the most encouraging thing that came to mind. "I have to do my best, I have to protect Kai." The words seemed desperate, empty, and fell on deaf ears.

He still looked cute, but Diva hoped to see him smile in a bit. Intimidated or overwhelmed was fine but she didn't like the expression of absolute terror he currently had. Bending forward, she lined her face up with his, her soft ruby lips parting slightly in invitation.

"Don't be afraid little boy."

She grasped his face in her hands to force him to look at her, her shining gaze seeming to reach right inside him, a strange but undeniable mirth in her tone.

"You'll be mine."

For in her mind, this alone was good enough reason to alleviate his fears. She drew her open lips closer, her fangs slightly visible…

It should be noted now that Diva was selfish and twisted. There was no arguing against this. However, it would be wrong to say she thought nothing about her playmate's state of mind. To her this was not to be a rape, but rather a seduction. If she had merely wanted to do something as simple as rape him then her current actions would not have been needed. No, if this was rape it would be harder to get what she needed from him. So instead this would be wonderful, beautiful, something she and he would remember always, the moment new life was created for her and her kind. He would enjoy this, whether he wanted to or not. She would make sure of it. For in her view no one could resist her for long, not if she wanted them.

With this in mind she closed the gap between them and locked the boy's lips in a kiss more fierce and passionate than he had imagined in his wildest dreams. Shocked, he opened his mouth in a gasp and her tongue slipped in, at once flicking and licking in every which way to stimulate him best and spread her sweet, pheromone-laden saliva about. She could hear him making various protesting noises, muffled by her lips of course, but didn't let it distract her. She simply kept stroking his adorable little cheeks with her fingers while her palms kept him from moving, and easily dominated his tongue, curling around it, sucking on it and his lips in ways she knew would drive his senses wild.

Riku soon realized he couldn't move a bit away from Diva. She was incredibly strong and it felt as though his head was locked in a vice. A vice with soft, warm lips and an incredible taste that he could scarcely struggle against. More than ever he recognized that Diva was somehow in his head, that she held some sort of power over him and that right now she was flooding his mind with thoughts and desires that he had rarely or never had before. It was more than enough to keep his face flushed. What's more he suddenly found himself thinking about how soft and warm Diva was and how nice she smelled. Something was stirring inside him, in his blood. Something primal, something instinctive, something hungry

He did think about acting to defend himself from this… assault. To scratch her or hit her, for all the good it would do. Yet he did neither. He squirmed and tried to slip out of her grasp to no avail and soon even this struggle stopped under the attentions of her lips and hands. His body felt paralyzed, her scent, taste and touch all acting together to overwhelm his senses. He wasn't sure what he was feeling now… he liked what she was doing and yet at the same time he didn't like it.

Then he heard a soft, pleasured moan but it wasn't until he had heard it a few more times and felt Diva smirk and giggle in the kiss that he realized he was the one who had made it. There was no way around it. It was the most logical explanation.

He had to have gone completely insane.

Yet he found it hard to be particularly upset over that fact. Perhaps this wasn't really happening, maybe it was all just a very strange dream?

Diva now took a moment to breathe and take a look at the boy, their noses close enough to touch, she was pleased by how deeply she had gotten him to blush and how his breathing had quickened. She proceeded to kiss him again, but whereas before it had been strong and passionate, now she was fast and teasing. She peppered his lips, face and neck with quick pecks and nips, leaving him even more flustered before returning to exploring his mouth with her tongue and fondling him.

His mind still reeling from that bout, they separated again just long enough for Diva to pull his head into her chest. She found the feel of his small face and rapid breaths against her breasts to be surprisingly arousing and held him closer, closing her eyes, stroking his back under his shirt and humming to herself contentedly, Riku's renewed struggles to slip away from her waning. Mmmm… this really is nice…

Riku's first instinct on being pressed up against Diva's breasts like this had been to pull away, but her grip on him prevented that from happening. He struggled as he tried to not notice how wonderfully firm, full and round they were, how soft and inviting they felt. However, his quickening breath made it impossible not to note how intoxicating her scent was becoming. He was losing himself in it. Then he made the mistake of opening his mouth slightly, giving him the barest of traces of the texture and taste of her alabaster skin against his teeth and tongue. That brief touch seemed to send a jolt of pleasure racing through his whole body. What was she doing to him?

After a bit more of this she examined him again and was pleased to find his blush was mixed with eyes that were rapidly glazing over with desire, much as hers already were. It seemed he was already relaxing and cooperating. Riku proceeded to tentatively wrap his arms around her, rubbing and nuzzling his face against her breasts, a blissful expression on his face. He seemed to be in a dazed, dreamlike state now, overcome with arousal he had never experienced before.

By now his chiropteran blood was burning with desire, thinking of little else than responding to the queen that had chosen him as her bridegroom, his rational, human mind having been beaten into submission for the moment. The queen was to be pleased above all else, and so he would pleasure her. The encouraging sounds she was making kept him from even considering stopping.

Diva now flinched a bit as he gently nipped at her but then moaned at the warm spasm of pleasure radiating from her chest, an arousal that went to her very core. So it seemed he did have a bit of a naughty side… Yes, she would enjoy this, and so would he.

Without conscious thought Riku found his hands moving toward her breasts, squeezing them as he continued to suck on portions of them, eliciting a louder moan from Diva as her pleasure intensified. This was turning out even better than the chiropteran queen had expected. She began to tug at his belt, finding it hard to undo without looking at it. However, this change seemed to snap the boy out of his daze for a moment and he tried to pull back, something Diva was not going to allow.

For no sooner had Riku tried to get away then he had been slammed up against a large crate behind him for another passionate kiss and period of fondling. Soon Diva had torn his shirt open and thrown him to the floor, pinning him there and ravaging his chest with licks, kisses and nibbles. She continued downward to forcibly rub her breasts against the front of his pants, eliciting a moan and thrusting motion in him, Riku again too stimulated to think straight.

Diva was certainly enjoying herself, many things seemed to be making this boy more fun than any of her previous sexual partners. But it wasn't enough that she felt pleasure. She needed to get him in the mood and keep him there. She had to get him to orgasm inside her to get what she needed. She could do it though, she was sure of it and was in fact was well on her way there.

Also, she actually could feel a nice climax of her own coming. Already she was feeling quite damp in her lower regions. The experience of having a lover smaller than herself was proving very arousing for the queen, who would not abide any degree of domination from her lovers. But was this the best way? She wanted to experience this pleasure more, to explore it and sate herself in it. Plus doing this just once might not guarantee her the children she so desired. Noting she had managed to get him into that dazed and pliable state again, she slowed her ministrations and tried one last time to think this through.

Even now she had still not decided on just what to do. It would help to know just how much more fun it would be to keep Riku around rather than kill him, but impossible to compare the two. After all she couldn't find out what keeping him alive would be like if she killed him. She cursed that aspect of reality for limiting her choices. She would simply have to do the next best thing. She would continue this for a bit longer and see if the pleasure continued to grow. If it did she would take him alive for herself.

She already viewed Riku as her own. Not only had she fed from him, but now that he was one of Saya's chevalier he had become her groom. That was what her chevalier often said Haji was, though she had no interest in him. Still, it meant to her that Riku was ripe for the picking once she chose to do so.

Riku had other concerns. Still afraid but now also confused and more stimulated than he'd ever imagined, he continued to give in to the strange urges pulling at his mind. He let those instincts guide him and on a conscious level simply tried to not think about what was happening.

Diva moaned as she felt him relax and tentatively respond again, Riku now lightly kissing and licking at her neck, she encouraging him with deft caresses of her hands. His movements were of course unsure and inexperienced, yet he performed them with genuine passion and she reveled in it. It was an amazing feeling for her.

For to Diva her past sexual encounters had tended to fall into one of two categories. If she tried something with a willing stranger then they usually tried to dominate her, which was something Diva never allowed anyone to do to her in any way. It simply reminded her too much of being helpless as Joel's prisoner, held down while he performed whatever latest experiment he'd decided to subject her body to. Needless to say Diva made it a point to always be on top during sex.

Alternatively, if she tried something with her chevalier they were completely subservient in their actions and responses to her, which left her feeling quite unsatisfied after a while as she didn't really need to do anything during it. They would do their best to stimulate and pleasure her and they certainly had the passion to do quite well at it. Yet she usually enjoyed most taking an active role in obtaining something she sought, which was difficult to do when her chevalier simply gave her it without question, condition or effort. It just got plain boring eventually. How could she be expected to stay satisfied with sex when she was expected to just lie there? Pleasure was pleasure, but with her chevalier it lacked that excitement, the special pleasure she got when dominating someone or taking an active role in something.

She didn't know if Saya used Haji for such a purpose, she doubted it actually. However, at the same time she suspected that the two of them would be good sexual partners. Their relationship was different from any of the ones she had with her chevalier, perhaps because they had been friends beforehand. Not that this helped Diva, for she had no friends and wasn't sure she wanted them, not with the control she would have to give up.

Other reasons factored into her lack of satisfaction, each unique to each chevalier she had. She had only ever accepted Amshel once in an attempt to get pregnant. He was loyal and not that bad-looking, but the sight of him in such intimacy reminded her too much of Joel. That is to say he looked at her not with real lust, but with a disturbing scrutiny, a fascination, as though he were making scientific notes in his mind for every sound or movement she made. To Joel and Amshel it seemed sexual desire was just a distraction for more important things. She was partially thankful for that, as it meant Joel had never done anything sexual with her and Amshel had never asked to beyond their initial 'experiment' so many years ago.

James was gorgeous certainly, and yet he deified her so much that he would scarcely touch her during intercourse beyond what was necessary. She had only ever been with Karl once, proceeding to refuse his advances after he got weird ideas about their relationship. He was hers to use as she saw fit, not the other way around, and more than that he seemed to want an image of her he had made in his mind rather than the real her. Her thoughts were confirmed when he switched his obsession to Saya. He wanted a kindred spirit, and Diva had no interest in filling that role.

Solomon was perhaps her favorite of her chevalier and until recently was the one who pleased her most, albeit even he was lacking. There was always a touch of insincerity about him when they were together, as though he were only being polite in his actions, rather than actually feeling utmost passion for her. It was a feeling that had become very clear after he had met Saya and one that meant Diva felt little attraction toward him now. As for Nathan… despite his somewhat ambiguous sexuality he had been willing to indulge her one time, if only to prove he couldn't get her pregnant either. As she had no particular desire for him she had left it at that.

It was only with Riku that she had felt this amazing sense of satisfaction at getting him to willingly submit to her. The feeling of control it gave her was amazing. It seemed that Riku's special status as her groom meant she indeed had a special hold over him, and could seduce him in a more enjoyable manner than she could any other. If she let up then he would start to break free, then she could enjoy the process of getting him into the mood all over again. If she could continue to experience this, especially if it could continue all the way to climaxing… the pleasure would be incredible.

He would be like the world's best pleasure toy. Of course she usually broke her toys, but she did that as much because she knew they could be replaced at her whim as she did it for a sense of control and a way to vent her emotions. Riku on the other hand could not be replaced. Plus, where all her toys were given to her or allowed by her chevalier to take, Riku was something she could take herself for herself.

Indeed, she had found this whole excursion extremely gratifying. It was her own initiative, her own idea and she was accomplishing it on her own, only using Karl for transportation and as a distraction for Saya. To have Riku and make her own family through him was an objective of her own designs, independent of the countless, boring and useless experiments Amshel always claimed to be doing for her. To keep the results of her independent actions, to proudly display him as a trophy of her resourcefulness, it was quite a pleasant idea.

Was that also a good enough reason to let him live? After all, even if she killed him she wouldn't really kill him… he would live on within her and her babies… of course if she did that then she wouldn't be able to enjoy him this way. Diva didn't want to deny herself more time playing with this boy unless she had to. So at last she decided to let the boy choose his own fate, unconsciously having already decided for him as in her view no one in their right mind would refuse such an offer from her.

"Riku… would you like to come back with me? We can continue this somewhere nicer…" she purred into his ear and nibbled it, enjoying the way he gasped and twitched in confusion, fear and pleasure.

Riku's head was spinning, he could barely think straight with the barrage of emotions and sensations that were assaulting him. He looked at her, his eyes unfocused and a dazed look on his face. She interpreted this as an affirmative and, still smiling, swiftly delivered a strike to his neck in such a way that she knew it would keep even a chevalier like him unconscious for a few hours. It would be easier this way, she didn't want to risk him escaping before she could finish claiming him. The silly boy was so shy he just might try to slip away on the flight back, leap into the sea and get his clothes all wet and that just wouldn't be acceptable.

Diva noted how good it felt to have decided. She had settled for the potential long-term benefits and promptly, elegantly, slipped her dress back on. She looked back at her groom and couldn't help but think with a hungry smile that Riku looked positively delicious laid out helpless on the floor with his shirt torn open and his hair disheveled. Yes, she doubted she'd regret deciding to keep him.

Fully dressed again she looked aside to see Kai slowly regaining consciousness, then doing his best to glare at her from the floor, and smirked in amusement at him. Such an impertinent look the boy had, he really ought to learn respect. A new idea rapidly started forming, one that would allow her to teach him a lot of respect. He was handsome, plus Riku would like having his big brother around, wouldn't he? I think I'll make him mine too.

Diva stepped over to him and looked down, still smiling in amusement as the boy's anger. "Would you like to live forever, handsome boy?" she inquired, smiling even more at how his expression changed from enraged to utterly confused and shocked.

She bent down and picked him up by the neck with one hand, ignoring his pained groans of protest. Then she squeezed her other hand into a fist, digging her nails in until her palm bled. She repositioned her grip and leaned Kai's head back, forcing the half-conscious boy's mouth open with ease and letting her blood drain in. Kai soon gagged on it and mustered enough strength to spit some back in Diva's face.

At this Diva considered tearing his face off, but her anger quelled almost immediately at the sight of Kai struggling to remain conscious and fight in some way when he in fact could barely move. He was too pathetic a sight to kill. Plus, she knew that despite his best efforts, he had swallowed some of her blood. It was only a matter of time now. Meanwhile, she noted, it seemed someone had finally caught up to her. It was about time too. Sister…

As for Kai, he at first felt nothing but the odd metallic taste of Diva's blood draining down his throat. He fought the nausea and the pain of his injuries, becoming ever more enraged when Diva seemed amused at his spitting on her, the girl smirking and licking off a bit of her own blood that had splattered on her lips. She dropped him with disinterest and looked toward the door, as though expecting someone. Then, in a flash, his world was drowned in pain. It felt as though every cell in his body was on fire. He contorted in agony for several seconds before he mercifully lost consciousness, though his screaming and thrashing continued.


Tired from all the fighting and running she had done, Saya still wasted no time in throwing the door open upon hearing the screams and entered to see Kai convulsing on the floor in apparent agony before falling limp shortly after. "Kai!" she called out to him concern before noticing Diva standing nearby.

Diva had a finger to her chin in a thoughtful expression. "Why must they always scream like that?" she asked herself. She then turned and beamed at her sister, as though just noticing she was there. "Oh, Saya! You just missed me giving this handsome boy some of my blood," she indicated to Kai with child-like enthusiasm.

Saya's eyes widened. No… she couldn't have… "Diva…" it was all that could escape from her lips before she charged at the queen with a cry of rage, her sword drawn and eyes blazing red. If she had been thinking clearly she might have noticed that Diva seemed unconcerned and made no effort to dodge as she impaled her clear through the torso.

"Don't get so excited," Diva whispered in her sister's ear, her voice barely showing any pain even at such an injury. Indeed, she sounded as though she was ashamed of Saya's attack. "You forgot to add your blood." Saya could only widen her eyes in shock at her error before Diva threw her into the side of a nearby crate with enough force to leave her badly stunned.

Diva pulled the sword out without even flinching, and discarded it like garbage. Though a bit messier than some bullets, the pain wasn't really any harder to handle. Still, it was too bad her dress was now truly ruined.

Saya struggled to her hands and knees only to collapse again, frustrated at how easily she had been overpowered and wishing she could heal faster than this. It was then her eyes caught the sight of Riku lying across from her, unconscious and with his shirt torn open. "Riku?" she looked at Diva in confusion "what did you- why Riku?"

Diva only giggled. "Let's just say that for once I am knowing the pleasure of taking something precious from you and making it mine. I wanted to experience what it was like to kill chevalier like you seem to love doing, but now I think this idea might be even better. He is really such a nice, handsome littleboy, and tasty too," she licked her lips. "So, I decided to make him mine."

It was then that the forms of Haji and Karl crashed through a wall and into the room, Karl in his full chiropteran form and Haji struggling to fend off his attacks. Grabbing one of Karl's arms and holding the other back, he looked to Saya as his first concern. "Saya, are you all right?"

"I'm fine," she replied, wishing she looked more convincing. It didn't matter now though, she didn't matter. "But Riku… I don't know what Diva's done to him!"

Haji glanced at the boy's still form, unable to tell in the heat of battle if he was dead or merely unconscious. The possibility of the former was enough to anger him a good deal. Haji generally avoided forming close bonds with anyone as a matter of necessity. He needed to reserve himself entirely for Saya, plus if he did have friends they would inevitably want to know why he never aged and in turn could get themselves drawn into the conflict with Diva.

Nevertheless he had grown quite fond of this boy who had become Saya's adopted brother. Riku was kind to a fault and seemed to accept his reclusive nature without judgement. He hadn't demanded that he come and celebrate with them that one night on the beach, but rather had simply brought him food to let him know he noticed he was there and cared. Haji had even found himself musing a bit on how the decades he would spend without Saya would be a good deal more pleasant with another chevalier around, a boy who he believed he could come to see as his own brother.

So it was that the sight of Riku lying there was enough for the normally utterly stoic chevalier to show a hint of a frown. However, the true extent of his anger was only noticeable in how he suddenly found the strength to snap Karl's arm with one hand before leaping back to grab Saya's sword and prepare to fight at her side.

Karl growled in fury, stepping back as he realigned his arm bones and waited the brief time needed for them to heal. Haji was a strange chevalier to fight. Aside from one clawed hand and some speed he used so few chiropteran abilities, relying instead on knives and that ridiculous cello case. He could appear so weak one moment and so strong the next, as though he was holding back. Plus he seemed to regenerate as rapidly as any chevalier could, given how he seemed utterly unaffected from his body essentially being nailed to the deck of the ship not long ago. Not that any of this mattered a lot to Karl. After all, at least he was with Saya again. Now their dance could continue, perhaps to the end he dreamt of.

It was not to be though as Diva suddenly addressed him. "Karl, I have that boy I wanted. Now I want to get out of this stuffy place. Make me a door and get me to the top."

"…Yes, mother," Karl replied, hoping that he would still get a chance to keep fighting.

Knowing her order would be promptly obeyed Diva quickly stepped beside Riku and picked him up, bridal style, she noted in amusement. She also noted how angry her sister became at the sight. It felt nice to know she was causing Saya to make such a funny and ugly face like that, although at the same time her survival instincts told her Saya's expression was something to be concerned about. Even so she simply glanced at her coyly as she stepped toward Karl. "Sorry Saya, I can't stay and play with you right now. This precious boy is just far too tempting for me to ignore."

Saya cried out in rage and both her and Haji charged at Diva, trying to head her off. It proved futile though as Diva's form seemed to blur in front of them and suddenly she was seated on Karl's back. No sooner had they realized this than Karl had leaped at the ceiling, ramming his head and claws into it with every bit of strength he could muster. The result was the ceiling giving way, tearing and falling about him as his momentum allowed him to plough his way all the way to the top deck of the ship. He left a large hole through which the stars could be seen through the dusty trail of debris. Somehow Diva had positioned herself on his back in such a way that she and Riku remained there, largely unmarked from the experience.

With the new distance between them she couldn't help but give into the urge to taunt Saya again. They didn't spend much time together so she figured she may as well make the most of this meeting before leaving. "I've decided that you can keep my new chevalier for now Saya," Diva called down to her. "He may come to me eventually on his own and either way I have what I wanted most." She cradled the unconscious boy in her arms and kissed his cheek before giving Saya a haughty look. "I'll be sure to take good care of little Riku."

"Diva!" Saya's eyes were blazing red even more, and without thinking she leaped up toward the hole and with a few more jumps had gotten to the main deck, Haji following close behind her. With a final superhuman leap she held her sword out and shot at Diva like a spear.

Karl swooped to the side, Saya's blade barely missing him. Diva looked on in amusement as her sister landed hard on the ship below, likely breaking a few bones. "That was a good jump Saya, though it seems you don't know how to land on your feet," she joked. Inwardly, however, she was impressed that Saya had managed such a feat of strength in her weakened condition. Perhaps even without regular meals of blood a chiropteran could do extraordinary things when pushed to their limit.

Haji was already at her side but Saya could only look up at him pleadingly, her eyes filling with tears. Her best effort had come to nothing, and the surge of strength that her rage had briefly given her was gone. She was helpless. "Please Haji… I don't care what just please do something to save him…" her eyes closed as she lost consciousness.

Haji stood and looked up at the enemy with stoic resolution. "As you wish." I am glad that your eyes will be spared this form of mine that once caused you to look at me with such fear, if I am to get Riku back I cannot afford to restrain my powers.

There was the barest hint of anger in his expression as he glared into Diva's eyes, knowing she could hear him perfectly. "You will return him." Diva only smirked.

However, her smirk faded when massive wings suddenly sprouted from Haji's back, silent save for the sound of his suit ripping, adding to the many tears it had suffered from Karl's attacks. At the same time his human arm transformed to match his clawed one. Seemingly a moment later he was coming at them, mighty flaps of his wings powering him forward. Karl swung at him wildly only to have Haji easily block with one clawed arm. Haji took the opportunity to use Karl's arm as leverage, vaulting himself over and past the surprised chevalier, allowing him to lean in close on Karl's back and reach for Riku with his other hand.

However, He could not hope to have been prepared for the speed and viciousness of Diva's reaction, as she grabbed his arm and snapped it with seemingly no effort, her blazing blue eyes giving him a look as vicious as the one Saya had given him back in Vietnam. The bad memories this triggered, along with the pain, were enough for him to lose his place in the sky, flailing back as Karl proceeded to slash at one of his leathery wings, nearly tearing it off and causing Haji to plummet back to the deck with a resounding crash.

The confusion below and the lack of visibility in the sky meant that Haji's transformation had gone unseen by the fleeing crewmen of Red Shield headquarters, though the sound of his fall back to the ship had not. Briefly unconscious, his wings retracted on reflex.

Diva took a moment to calm herself from her brief outburst. Haji reaching for Riku had triggered a sudden rage in her much like a child who had just had someone try to take a favorite toy from them. NO ONE was allowed to take what was hers! It was pointless to fume now though, she'd punished Haji for his impertinence, so she need only return to her room and enjoy the fruits of her labors. She stroked the face of the unconscious boy in her arms. He was looking more desirable to her by the second and she felt her lower regions give a pulse of pleasure at the thought of taking him. "We can leave now Karl," she remarked in an offhanded manner, her eyes not straying from Riku's face. "Now that I have this boy, I want to play with him properly."

Karl, however, was focused on the sight of Saya, conscious again and slowly getting back to her feet. "My queen…" he pleaded, albeit with an edge of hostility in his voice, "please, allow me to continue my dance with Saya!"

"Karl," Diva warned, her tone cutting him to very core. "I said we are leaving."

In reaction he tensed for several seconds, then with a frustrated roar he loosed several barbs from his arm in a display of rage. Down below, one of them struck the young descendant of his namesake Joel in the back as he tried to evacuate to a helicopter, effectively crippling the leader of Red Shield. This did nothing to quell Karl's rage and disappointment though. "Yes… my queen," he conceded with a growl, unable to hide his anger. He turned about and with a few flaps was well on the way back to land.

Saya watched them go in silence as despair consumed her. She trembled and clenched her fists, not caring about the pain from her injuries that had only partially healed. "Riku…" she whispered bitterly. She hated Diva for this, but even more she hated herself for her failure to save him. She couldn't stand feeling so utterly helpless and yet all she could do was fall to her knees with a scream of rage and sadness that echoed into the night.

Atop Karl, Diva took a moment to stop caressing Riku and held a hand to her heart. She had heard as well as felt Saya's anguish to some degree through their mental bond. She had truly hurt her, truly filled her sister with sadness by taking something precious from her and making it her own.

It felt good.

She smiled as she basked in the feeling and considered the ironic justice. Upon their births Saya had taken everything from her. By pure chance Saya had been the one chosen to live as the first Joel's pampered daughter, to be given all that could have just as easily been Diva's, to be given love, a family, friends… Now, so many years later, she would take it all back. This boy she held in her arms would ensure that. She caressed his cheek, excitement filling her.

Just wait until I get you to my room…



Where possible I have attempted to follow what is known about chiropteran society and physiology, but have had to make up a few things for the sake of developing Riku's new role. This is necessary as the series does not cover the possibilities that he is hinted at possessing and how they might have manifested if he had survived.

It is really quite surprising that I have found myself writing this when I haven't written yet for a number of series I absolutely adore. You see I am not usually interested in anime that are as bittersweet as Blood+ is. I prefer anime that are somewhat "happier." However, Blood+ does so well at setting up potential happy-ending type plots (only to dash them later) that I have found myself a fan of the series in a very unconventional sense. That is my love for the series is based in part on my own fantasy for how I wish the series had gone rather than how it actually went.

Writing alternate universe stories is also very strange for me as I normally prefer writing things that are mostly canon (on the other hand I have read many good alternate universe fanfics). Yet here it is, though it is admittedly only alternate universe in the sense that a few events are going to be different. Thus I will retain most of the original plot, only altering what I felt needed to be to make my wants for the series seem plausible.

In that same vein comes the one other change of note in this fanfic. Namely I am having the Schiff be cured by Saya's blood instead of killed by it. Therefore Irene is alive and the Schiff have devoted themselves to helping Saya and Red Shield in gratitude, though they still understand little of working together with non-Schiff. Their location during this first chapter will be explained in the second.

Irene's continued presence will profoundly effect the story, mainly concerning my having her develop a romance with Kai. I realize and respect that Kai came to love Saya as more than a sister in the series, but I believe that had a lot to do with how much he devoted himself to her after Riku's death. The way he and Irene bonded so quickly and easily makes me think it is just as likely that he would have fallen for her if she had lived.

I credit Story Weaver1's fanfic "Learning to be Human" with the idea behind the Schiff surviving. Namely it is based on the premise that Amshel could have had some of Saya's blood in storage from his days with Joel, perhaps not in good condition but there nonetheless. Furthermore it could be reasoned that he would try to use it to make the Schiff so that should they become a threat to Diva she could easily defend herself. Plus it would make them more effective at fighting Saya as her blood would not kill them.

I also am not ignoring how James explained in the series that the blood of a queen could not directly cure the Thorn for the Schiff. Though it was not explicitly stated it is indicated in the series that the blood of the correct queen could in fact treat the Thorn effectively, just not cure it. When Diva rejected James' new body it can be assumed that he didn't receive her blood anymore (if he ever did) and without regular infusions of her healing blood the Thorn developed after a period of time. This theory is supported by the evidence mentioned, as well as how Lulu's ends up getting an extension to her life at the end of the series thanks to a component discovered in Saya's blood. Presumably if they had been made from Saya's blood (as in this story) that component would be even more beneficial and could be the one means of truly curing them, but of course it wouldn't apply until the end of the series when Julia discovers it.

I plead that I do not know the series timeline perfectly and therefore certain scenes may not match well. If so I request that you inform me so that I might make alterations. This series of course starts on the episode "Boy Meets Girl." Except where noted otherwise, everything should be assumed to occur much as it did in the series.

I am also aware that there are different spellings used for some of the character's names depending on whether it's the manga, the dub anime or the original anime. Mainly this is for Karl and Haji. I will be using those spellings of their names for no valid reason except that I like how they look.