50 Things the Doctor Hates

1. Daleks.

2. The fact that after everything it wasn't the Daleks that destroyed the Time Lords, it was him.

3. Being completely alone in time and space.

4. The way this stupid little ape seems to understand him.

5. The way his hearts skip a beat whenever he looks at her.

6. The way Rose fancies Jack.

7. The way Jack fancies them both.

8. How beautiful both his companions are.

9. How much he loves them both.

10. The way he wasn't able to save Rose.

11. How scared he is when he sees the Daleks fleets.

12. The way that his first kiss with Jack had to be the last.

13. That he has to send Rose away.

14. The way that Linda dies because she trusted him.

15. The way Jack trusts him, even though he is about to kill him.

16. The fact that once again he has to destroy a whole planet to stop the Daleks.

17. That he has to listen to Jack die for him.

18. How beautiful Rose is when she becomes the Wolf.

19. That she brings Jack back.

20. That he has to leave Jack behind, even though it breaks his heart.

21. That Jack is wrong and that what ever they could have had is now lost forever.

22. That Rose doesn't remember their first kiss.

23. That he's too scared to go back for Jack.

24. The way she doesn't trust him when she regenerates.

25. That now that Jack is gone, he loves her even more.

26. That he can never tell her how he feels.

27. That Sarah-Jane hasn't moved on with her life.

28. The way Rose treats Ricky the Idiot.

29. How much he knows Reinett loves him.

30. That he has to lose her.

31. That it hurts Rose that he cares about Reinett.

32. That Mickey is smarter then anyone ever gave him credit for.

33. That Rose doesn't seem to understand him anymore.

34. That no matter what he does the Daleks always seem to come back.

35. That no matter what he does someone always seems to surfer because of him.

36. That Rose chooses him over her whole family.

37. That it doesn't even matter and he looses her.

38. That he knows he has broken her heart.

39. That he doesn't get to tell her what she really needs to know.

40. That he is so happy when Donna appears because he doesn't want to be alone.

41. The way Martha looks at him.

42. The way that Martha gets angry when he mentions Rose.

43. The way that he will never get over Rose, and the fact that he doesn't want to.

44. The way Jack's presents makes his skin crawl, when once it made it burn.

45. The way Jack doesn't love him anymore.

46. The way the Master makes his hearts race.

47. The way the Master dies just to spite him.

48. That Jack doesn't want to come with him, and that he's a little relieved.

49. That Astrid leaves him just like everyone else.

50. Donna understands him the same way Rose did, and it doesn't hurt as much when she's around.