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Full Summary: Artemis Fowl is quite content. Minerva is no longer his rival, and he feels a little something something towards her...Holly Short works with LEPRecon now, and Mulch Diggums is no longer a major criminal and occasionally helps Holly and Foaly while running his own business with Doodah Day. Artemis's twin brothers, Myles and Beckett, are rather annoying, but what else is to be expected? They're still cute. His parents have been successfully mind-wiped and believe Artemis was with Butler on a tour around the world for the past three years. But, of course, good things don't last, and Artemis needs to challenge himself because, obviously, he is a genius. He is just setting out with Minerva, insisting Butler he needn't come, to challenge himself when he encounters a girl at the restaurant. He simply assumes she is nothing to be concerned about. But he is wrong. She comes with extremely important news that is deemed quite implausible by "Arty and the crew." But of course it is true. And Arty and the crew must stop it, or they are all in for it. Big time.

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The voice of The Traveler was one that demanded attention when it was heard. Though it was barely audible, the chattering, sharing of news, and general nonsense was put to a halt immediately. He stood up with some difficulty.

"Travelers from all around, I beg you to take heed of my words. I am fully aware that this kind of...ah... urgent council has not taken place for approximately one hundred years, but this is indeed very urgent. This is because we have discovered something. It is not a typical plot, not one that is simply some petty criminal trying to take over some world. This is a sinister plot to kill an entire universe, one that we have all heard of and appreciate, that of-"

"Wait!" rang out a nasal male voice. All heads turned to stare at this newcomer. Was he an idiot? No one, not even the president or prime minister had he or she been here, interrupted The Traveler when he was speaking, especially at such an important time. No one. It was simply unheard of. The red-headed young man rose from his unimportant seat at the long wooden table. "I apologize for my extremely rude behavior. Really, I do. But honestly...I can't let you go on. I simply can't. So it's time for you to go. Now, I'm afraid," the man said, grinning like a madman and sitting down again with his hands neatly folded in his lap and all eyes on him. There was a deathly quiet silence. Then...

"Oh my God!" shrieked some woman. "The Traveler is dead!" All thirty-four eyes widened in panic and shock and turned to the lifeless Traveler. His blonde head had lolled to one side, and his previously bright blue eyes were now devoid of everything, especially the exigency that usually occupied them. His hands flopped at his sides. It was as if someone had simply flipped the switch that controlled life and death.

Madness erupted.

"What are we going to do?"

"What was The Traveler talking about?"

"Who shall be The Traveler now?"

"What happened to The Traveler?"

"Who the hell was that redhead?"

"Mind your language! All of you, stop acting like uneducated, incompetent peasants and use those brains of yours! Instead of running around like fools, let us make plans and decide what shall happen," an old man with hardly any of his noticeable green hair left boomed commandingly.

Eventually, it calmed down enough for the council to continue. Astonishingly, shockingly, but continue it did. It seemed as though no one dared to talk, and many kept glancing fearfully at the place where The Traveler had been as if they, too, would suddenly drop dead and evaporate.

The old man cleared his already clear throat and began his impromptu speech. "Now. The Traveler is dead. We do not know how. What we do know, however, is that some young fellow with red hair, the only one here with red hair, I might add, is the primary suspect. This particular redhead is nowhere to be found." The old man glared around as if daring someone to get up and assume the identity of the redhead. "The Traveler was just about to say which universe was involved in this 'sinister plot' he was just beginning to tell us all about. And now we shall never know what he was talking about, which, I acknowledge, is terrible, and I do not use that word lightly.

"I hope we have all assumed by now that this is extremely important, seeing as to the last council that was held was nearly one hundred years ago, and we have all been called here with short notice." He paused, and nobody spoke for a while. "Now, I want all of you to go back home and come back again tomorrow at the same time as today, noon. I understand that many of you are still numb from today's events and the young ones, like you," he nodded at the youngest one, a fourteen-year-old girl sitting stock-still in one of the seats in the table, "haven't the strength to continue normally. Proceed."

Hesitantly, many still in shock and nearly paralyzed with fear as the old man said, the people that occupied the council room filed out. The old man did not leave. Instead, he walked around the room wondering how in the world that redheaded murderer escaped and killed The Traveler. The only doors that were open were the ones that he had opened himself, the ones that the people were going out of at this moment. One window hid in the wall, nearly invisible. It was only big enough to crawl through, but he had been standing by it, so, obviously, no one could get out through there. He realized that this narrow-minded thinking would get him nowhere and nearly slapped himself for his foolishness.

Were there any loose floorboards? Any hidden trapdoors he had somehow overlooked? Were they under any rugs? No, of course not; there weren't even any rugs in the room. So where did that killer go? He checked the table, feeling foolish. Perhaps the old man hadn't seen something. Of course not. He missed nothing... The overconfident man left, yawning. He would come back later with more council people after a small rest. A decision that would prove to be quite unwise.

One of the first people to be out, a middle-aged man with thinning brown hair, smiled triumphantly to himself when he was a far enough distance from the hated building. He patted one of the many pockets in his bulky coat. Among other things, it contained an expensive red wig.

Many universes away, Captain Holly Short of LEPRecon stopped what she was doing and shivered.

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