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Chapter 1

I was sitting there in class just like everyday. I heard Jessica and all of the others talking about a new girl. The chief's daughter, so of course it was to raise some dust. Her name was Isabella Swan, I think. I went through everyday the same as normal, slow and painfully boring. By the time lunch came around, I was just thankful not to have any classes with the new girl; that would surely cause a problem.

Just then, I saw the new girl walk in. All of my previous thoughts of her vanished. She was beautiful, but just by looking at her you can tell that there is more than beauty. But she was walking with Jessica and Jessica's friends. Maybe Isabella just doesn't know anyone else. Should I walk up to her? Should I ask her to sit with me? At that I glanced around my table at my family. Alice chatting with Jasper, her boyfriend of a year and a half, and Emmet making out with Rosalie, his girlfriend of a year. And then there was me, sitting here with no one. That's how it always is. Everyone else in my family decided that they liked the people of Forks will I disliked them with every fragment of my being.

I hated this place. I hated the rain here. I hated the small town feeling. But when she walked in the door of the cafeteria I wanted to be here forever. I mustered up the strength to stand up, Alice looked quizzically at me,

"What are you doing?"

"I'm going to go talk to the new girl" I replied, coolly as if it were nothing. Alice raised her eyebrows and replied with,

"Isabella prefers to be called Bella. She's in my English class."

"Thank you, Alice." I wandered towards Bella in the lunch line.

"Hi, Bella." I said. She turned around and took in my appearance.

"How do you know who I am?" She asked, puzzled.

"I think everyone in Forks knows who you are. In a town this small there are no secrets." I said, regretfully.

"I've noticed." She said.

"So do you want to sit with me and my family?" I asked, hoping she would say yes.

"Well, I'd love to…..but I promised Jessica I would sit with her at lunch. Maybe you could sit with us." She replied, sounding sincerely sorry.

I thought it over for a moment. What would one day of torture be if I get to know Bella? Nothing at all.

"Okay, if your friends don't mind then I guess I'll sit with you." I said.

She gave me a look like 'Do I look like I care what they think?' and said, "Just come sit down, I'm sure they won't like I mean it's not like you bite."

"Well, okay then I guess I will…" I said.

Bella paid for her food, and I bought a water, then we walked over to the table. I was quite nervous because I'd never really talked to these people, not because they didn't want to talk to me but because I was too resentful to talk to them. I hated the town of Forks and still do. I have never wanted friends here but now I wish I had some. As we got closer to the table I could see the look on Jessica's face. So she clearly still remembers last semester, she had asked me out and I had told her that I didn't want a girlfriend in this small town. She had tried to act as if it had never happened and now I was walking with Bella and talking to her, while none of the other girls in this town held my interest for a millisecond.

"Hello, Bella. Hello Edward." Jessica replied, curtly.

"Hey," Bella replied.

We sat down, me sitting next to Bella and Bella sitting across from Jessica and next to Mike Newton. Mike Newton was staring at Bella with lustful eyes. I felt like throwing him into a wall when I saw him looking at my Bella that way. Wait….since when was she my Bella? I realized too late, I was already in love with her.

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