Dear Readers,

I know that I reassured you all that I would continue writing, and I will. I will continue writing my originals… but my fan fiction has hit a dead end.

Reasons? I have many. I'll list a few for you.

I have no passion for these fan fictions. That's right. No passion, and if there's one thing a writer should have…its passion. I have no passion for Bella/Edward love, but if you do, then write it!

Twilight fandom barely interests me anymore. My friend, who got me into Twilight, hates the series now, and honestly…. I don't know why I feel so in love with the series. Yes, they are well written, and yes, the love is there.

But normally, I'm not the type to be all… 'OME I LOVE EDWARD CULLEN.' But that's exactly what I turned into. During school, the only thing me and my friends ever talked about was Edward Cullen and it got old. Sorry. I do still enjoy the Twilight books, but… I'm done with the fan fiction.

In the words of my best friend, 'Why write fan fiction? Don't you like no limits? Breaking the rules?' So…. My best friend is right. No, she doesn't write, but she's there for me. No, she's never so much as read Twilight, and I think that's why her opinion means so much to me. Because, she can say what she wants, and not be clouded with….but I like the book. Or but I don't like the book.

My other best friend quit fan fiction recently, and started working on her originals. I think that because me and her are both so close, that it made me think. You see… it's not her fault (Yes I have to include that because it's not) but when I would say something about my fan fiction… it feels like….it's a lot less important now, because it is less important.

I grew tired of forcing word after word. I grew tired of forcing myself to be devoted to stories that don't satisfy me. I apologize. I know that I have a few fans out there, because you all threaten me. Nice, right? But I have to do this. In my eyes, it's finally doing what's right for me, and not for others. Because… I can't explain this. I have always done something to make others happy, but not myself. Though, I told many friends I was quitting, they told me to continue, and that I needed it. Well, the one friend that told me that I needed to do what's right for me…. She really helped me. (Thanks, Kit.)

And I know that I may get PMs or reviews on this… but honestly, I could care less.

You should write for you, and not care if you disappoint others with your new idea. I know that someone may ask to take over my story, the only story I'm willing to hand rights over to someone is The Social Outcast.

I am sorry if this in any way makes you angry, or sad, or upset. That is not my goal. I hope you understand, and if not…well, and then shove it.

I am not going to be nice to anyone who calls my reasons…stupid, or meaningless.

Thanks for wasting your time to read this, and if you wish to speak to me about The Social Outcast then PM me or leave a review, and I'll get back to you. If you want a reason that the others won't be put up for… 'Adoption' then PM me, and I'll give you my reasons.

I'm sorry Shaina. I'm sorry Mary Beth. Sorry readers.

No passion for the story No more story.