Hey, this is my first Bleach story, so I hope I do well with it. This is an idea I've been pondering for a good while, so hopefully, it's a good enough one.

Hope you like it.


Chapter OneMission and Diagon Alley

Kurosaki Ichigo grumbled as he, Hitsugaya Toushirou, Matsumoto Rangiku and Abarai Renji stepped into the pub called the Leaky Cauldron. They were being sent to act as transfer students at a school called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for the purpose of protecting Harry Potter and investigating the wizard, Voldemort, who had severely violated Soul Society laws by severing his soul into seven pieces.

"What kind of name is Hogwarts anyways?" he muttered under his breath as he and the other two Shinigami made their way through the pub. He glared as he noticed people staring at them. The three of them were quite noticeable due to Ichigo's vibrant hair color, Hitsugaya's white hair and icy demeanor, Matsumoto's more-than-ample bust and Renji's tattoos.

"It's just as bad a name as the Leaky Cauldron." Renji quipped in response and he and Ichigo snickered. Hitsugaya just rolled his eyes.

"Will you two focus for once on what we're supposed to do and not trivial matters like names?" he grumbled, running a hand through his hair. He was a bit on the crabby side because he'd had to endure many weird looks and people coming up to him, cooing about how he was "such a cute little kid." The temperature around him was becoming quite frigid, so Renji and Ichigo were giving him a pretty wide berth.

"So what exactly are we supposed to be doing in this place?" Matsumoto inquired, looking around in slight interest, seemingly oblivious to the enamored looks she was receiving from many of the men.

"This place will lead us to the gateway to Diagon Alley, a wizard market place where we can get school supplies." Hitsugaya said. "If the three of you had been listening to Yamamoto-so-taichou when he'd been telling us of the mission, you wouldn't be asking that question."

"It's not our fault that he's so boring to listen to." Ichigo grumbled. He didn't really like Yamamoto all that much. The man was way too rigid in how he handled certain things. It didn't relieve Ichigo's fears of what would happen to him if Soul Society found out about his Inner Hollow. It may just make things more difficult for the other Vizard as well.

Ichigo didn't even know what would happen if Yamamoto realized that the Vizard had played a part in the Winter War, choosing to side with Ichigo, as he was one of their own against Aizen's plans. As much as they hated the Shinigami, it was their world that Aizen was messing with. All of Aizen's plans had been thwarted, the majority of his Arrancar destroyed and the Hougyoku ceased to exist anymore. The biggest concern was that Aizen and Gin were still ought there somewhere. They hadn't caused any disturbances in the last few months of peace but Ichigo and Hitsugaya had a strong feeling that they'd be seeing the two traitorous Shinigami again one day.

To many people, the Winter War was over, but there were those in the Gotei 13 who believed that this was only the calm before the storm. Aizen would be back for sure.

It was in the middle of this calm that Ichigo was selected as Captain of the 5th Division, Renji for the 3rd Division and Hisagi had taken over the 9th Division. A short while after that, a living man trapped in Soul Society had been discovered and he'd been brought in for questioning by Yamamoto. This man, Sirius Black, explained how he had fallen through the Veil of Death in a place called the Ministry of Magic and then proceeded to explain about Voldemort and the heavy disturbances being caused by him and his Death Eaters. Yamamoto had people do some investigation and upon finding out about Voldemort's atrocities had ordered Ichigo, Hitsugaya, Renji and Matsumoto to act.

Sirius Black, now believed dead to the living world, although he was very much living, was also given a role in the mission. He'd be like Ichigo, as a representative of Soul Society. They didn't turn him into a Shinigami, but his responsibilities were about the same. He'd help them out with their problems and he'd help them out with theirs. They were planting him as the new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher at the school under the guise of a half-British half-Japanese man named Kuroba Orion. He'd disguised himself with magic, so now Sirius had neatly trimmed chestnut brown hair and hazel eyes and he appeared to have a bit more of an oriental appearance to back up his "heritage."

Hitsugaya just sighed.

"Anyways, let's just get this over with. Kuroba-san is waiting for us back at our current lodgings." He said as they went into the alley. Hitsugaya did the necessary combination to open the alley and they all went in.

Ichigo, Matsumoto and Renji looked around in avid interest at all the different stores, completely awed.

"This place is so cool… look at what they all wear… so different than our normal boring Shinigami robes…" Matsumoto said, wide-eyed.

Hitsugaya shook his head. Matsumoto always had shopping on the brain.

"Where are we going first?" Ichigo inquired curiously.

"Gringotts Bank. We need to get money first. Yamamoto-so-taichou already opened a bank account for us, using our Captain's salary." Hitsugaya said as they headed to the big white building a small distance away.

Ichigo whistled, looking at the place in awe.

"This place is cool." He said before looking at the message warning people from trying to steal. "Wonder what happens to people who try?"

"I don't think you should ponder such a thing, Kurosaki. You'd only waste precious brain cells on something pointless." Hitsugaya said. Ichigo scowled slightly before shrugging.

"What are these things? They look almost as ugly as Hollows." Renji said, looking at the goblins with distaste.

"I don't want to know." Matsumoto said with a small grimace as Hitsugaya led them to one. Sirius had made translation bracelets for all of them, so they didn't have to worry about not understanding people or people not being able to understand them.

"We'd like to withdraw some money from our account, please." Hitsugaya said politely and the goblin, Griphook, gave them a stoic look.

"Do you have your key?" he asked and Hitsugaya showed it to the goblin. Griphook led them to one of the carts and they headed off.

When they finally got out of there, both Hitsugaya and Renji looked a little green to the face from the rather… rough… ride while Ichigo and Matsumoto looked absolutely thrilled from it.

"Let's do it again!" Matsumoto said enthusiastically, only to get a glare from her Captain.

"Okay… now we need to get the supplies. We should split this up so we can get everything faster. Abarai, you and Kurosaki will get the potion supplies from the Apothecary while Matsumoto and I will go get the books from Flourish and Blotts. After that, we'll meet up at Madame Malkin's and get our robes." Hitsugaya said. The group nodded and went their separate ways.

When they met up at Madame Malkin's, they could see that Hitsugaya was beyond irritated. Ichigo and Renji gave Matsumoto an inquiring look.

"Everyone thought he was a first year and they were treating him like a little kid that needed to be babied… lucky I got him out of there before he turned them all into icicles." Matsumoto said; sweat dropping at her angry Captain.

"Hn." Hitsugaya just grumbled under his breath as Renji and Ichigo shook their heads. They kind of wanted to make fun of Hitsugaya for that but they knew, for the sake of their lives, that it was not a good idea.

They headed into Madame Malkin's and again, they got a lot of attention for their… rather odd attributes.

Hitsugaya was getting even more irritated as his robes were being measured as he was around the same size as the first year students getting their robes and they kept trying to talk to him as if they were in the same boat.

Renji got a lot of disapproving looks due to the number of tattoos he had. He looked like an everyday punk and he had a feeling that many thought he would cause nothing but trouble.

Ichigo had a better reception because his orange hair wasn't so much of a novelty here in Europe though he did get a lot of questions about if he was in any way related to the Weasley family… whoever they were.

Matsumoto had a bit of a harder time with the measurements due to her bust size. She didn't really care if it was exposed some, but due to school standards she'd have to keep it covered and she kept complaining that it was too suffocating for her.

The harried Shinigami were more than happy to get out of Madam Malkin's.

"All we have left to get are our wands." Matsumoto said, sounding pretty excited. The others nodded, a bit less enthusiastic than her. They were worn out by then.

They stepped into Ollivanders and they didn't see anyone at first.

"You're here to get your wands, I suppose." A voice said from behind them. The four Shinigami jumped before seeing an old man with strange glazed over eyes standing behind them.

"Are you Ollivander?" Hitsugaya asked and the man nodded.

"That I am. So… which one of you would like to go first?" he inquired and Matsumoto bounded forward happily. "Which hand is your wand hand?"

Matsumoto looked confused at first before realizing he must mean her dominant hand and she raised her right.

A magic tape measure started doing her measurements and it irritated Hitsugaya greatly when the tape measure went on to measure her bust size… particularly when he didn't think that had any relevance. The tape measure dropped to the floor frozen.

Ollivander stared at it, seeming bewildered, but then he just shrugged it off and handed Matsumoto a wand.

"9-inch, oak, kind of flimsy with a dragon heart-string as a core. Go ahead and wave it about." Ollivander declared. Matsumoto did so and ended up destroying a vase. The other three Shinigami just watched in bewilderment. Ollivander took it back. "That's not the one."

He rejected a few more wands before he handed another one.

"Here, try this one. It's a 10-inch holly wand with a whisker from a magical cat." Ollivander said. Matsumoto took it and felt Haineko react to it almost instantly. It appeared her zanpakutou approved of the wand.

"I think this one is the one." She decided as she gave it a wave and a small spray of ash came out of it.

"Very good." Ollivander said, sounding approving. "Next?"

Renji went up next and the wands that Ollivander first handed him were disastrous.

"Try this one, an 8 and ½ inch oak wand with a piece of a chimera's tail as a core." Ollivander said. Renji gave it a wave as he heard Zabimaru's approval and a small red flare came out of it.

Hitsugaya went next and the first few wands he tried were frozen completely as Hyourinmaru roared out his disapproval. A harried Ollivander reluctantly handed another one over.

"An 11-inch rosewood wand made with the heartstring of a rare ice dragon as a core." He said, hoping that this wand wouldn't freeze as well. But Hyourinmaru seemed pleased with this one and only a small amount of snow came out of wand. Ollivander sighed in relief and Hitsugaya smirked, pleased.

Now it was Ichigo's turn.

Ollivander had the hardest time trying to find a wand for him, because it wasn't only Zangetsu rejecting wands, but Shiro was too. They didn't seem very pleased with the entire wand-picking process.

Finally, Ollivander came across a strange wand and he pondered the possibilities.

He handed a strange bone white wand, with a splash of red on it, to Ichigo.

"This wand was carved out from a strange bone-like mask I found somewhere in Japan. It's 9 and ½ inches long with pieces of moonstone as its core." Ollivander said. Ichigo instantly thought of a Hollow's mask at the description of the bone mask.

Zangetsu and Shiro approved of this wand and a strange red-tinted black energy came out of it.

They paid for their wands and they headed back for their current lodgings. They weren't going to get any pets as they felt no need to have one.

"So, how did things go?" Sirius asked curiously as they returned to the apartment.

"It was alright… a bit tiring, though. I'm glad we're back now." Ichigo said, sitting down on a chair.

"We've got a month until we have to go to the school. I suggest we start catching up on our studies if we're going to successfully pass off as sixth year students." Hitsugaya said and the other three Shinigami groaned.

"I hate studying…" Matsumoto grumbled as they started reading up on all the material they'd need to know before the school started. Sirius just watched them all in amusement. In the short time he'd known them, he'd found them to be quite the amusing group… for death gods at least.