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Chapter 1: Student Council President

Konoha Boy's Academy was a very prestigious high school equipped with the world's top students, from the boy population that is. Not to mention that graduating from the school could set you up with any job you wanted. None of this really mattered to the longhaired boy as he stared at the building that he would one day attend; this was definitely going to suck.

"Nii-chan, are you feeling nervous?" The boy turned his head and gazed at his little sister. No matter how he looked at her she looked even more boyish then he did.

"Why would I be nervous?" he asked her.

"I don't know but it is possible for the calm cool collected Neji to be nervous." Neji and his sister had transferred to Konoha since their parents died. They were stuck living with their uncle and his family until they could make it on their own. Since his little sister was always mistaken for a guy her transcripts were filed as her being a male student and she got into the school. Neji didn't mind, their mother did the same thing.

"Let's go Makenshi before I get sick of this atmosphere," Neji called after her. The boy girl trailed after him like a puppy and they went home. The two lived in an apartment with their cousin. Neji didn't want to stay at the main house and thought it would be better if he could try living independently, with the occasional adult check up. Makenshi plopped down on the couch letting her spiky silver white hair fly everywhere; she was tired from all that unpacking she had to do.

"Why did mom and dad have to die while we were in our second year of high school? Now I have to make friends all over again," she complained.

"Whatever, I just don't know why it has to be an all boy's school," added Neji.

"Oh right, I forgot about your boy phobia. How did that happen again?"

"I don't even know, I think I got hypnotized and now it's stuck in my head." Neji wasn't the average boy, he was handsome but he had a slight flaw, he was terrified of boys. He was fine with his sister or his uncle but when it came to other boys, he would lose practically all of his composure. Neji seemed a bit girly to some people but he would never be confused as a girl. He had the body of a girl, but without the chest, and his hair was as soft as a girl 's as well.

Makenshi was always mistaken as a boy, she had no boobs and she had no ass. Girls always hit on her and boys didn't even care if she was in the boy's locker room. She acted like a boy daily. She could even wear boys swim trunks and not be confused as a girl. She had no chest to see, it looked like a man's and when she worked out that only made it worse.

"Tomorrow school starts and we have to make new friends again. Well, at least I do anyway. You're not going to cling to me like always are you?" she asked him with an annoyed expression on her face. Neji shot her a glare and immediately looked away.

"Look, I know you'd rather be a boy and all but please continue to wear a shirt when you're at home," he said. Makenshi looked down at her chest and sighed, she had completely forgotten about that.

"Does it really matter? I mean, the only one who can tell is you."

"Yes it does matter!"



"Get over that boy phobia of yours and then we can talk."

"Will you shut up!"

- -

"What the hell is this place a maze?!" Neji shouted. He tried to comprehend the map that Makenshi gave him but nothing was clicking. He'd rather blow the place up and find his class out of the scattered remains. The school was a sea of boys. Everywhere he looked there were boys as far as the eye could see. He was feeling nervous, sweaty, and he was already starting to turn pale. Neji was a calm and collected person but he swore that if some boy touched him he would scream and run.

Out of frustration Neji ripped the map apart and allowed the map confetti to cover the place where he had been standing. Someone tapped his shoulder and he immediately jumped ten feet in the air. He looked back to see Makenshi looking at him with a confused look.

"What the hell?! Don't ever do that again!"

"Calm down before someone hears you. I'm going to skip today and the class you're looking for is on the second floor to your right. If you get lost just call me on my cell, I'll be at home waiting." Makenshi turned around as she waved goodbye behind her shoulder. Neji was a bit sad to see her leave; she was the closest thing he had to a sanctuary. Damn phobia, he thought to himself.

After much preparation Neji entered his homeroom. The entire class glanced at him and went back to talking. Neji found a seat in the corner with no one sitting next to him or behind him. He could handle it if someone was sitting in front of him, this way he could see the enemy.

Neji breathed a sigh of relief; his first class would be easy. As long as no one touched him, looked at him, or talked to him. Neji was a lone wolf by nature but his appearance would always cause the girls to ruin his world of solitude.

"Hey!" Neji snapped out of his collected thoughts and was plunged forcefully into the real world. The boy in front of him was trying to get his attention. It was a boy with a bowl cut haircut, huge eyes, and eyebrows that had to be fake. Neji slid back his chair to keep a safe distance from the boy. The boy was a boy no matter how weird he looked.

"Nice to meet you! I am Rock Lee, if you need anything just ask and I will do my best to assist you!" The boy kept talking and yelling at Neji until he completely tuned him out. It was hard at first because he was so loud. His voice and his personality were irritating.

"Shut up Lee! You're giving me a headache," someone complained. The boy was two seats down from Neji; his hair was blonde and spiked. His bright ocean like blue eyes were the first thing that Neji noticed about him, they were very captivating. The boy had his ear pierced and had altered the uniform to his rebellious style.

It was a simple enough uniform. White collared shirt, navy blue pants, tie, and a jacket. The boy had dyed the pants black, and the first three buttons of his shirt were undone. He had decided to use the tie as a belt instead of using it properly. Neji could already tell that he was the delinquent. He shot Neji a glance and smirked. Neji immediately looked away, he suddenly felt like a deer caught in a cars headlights.

"Did that Makenshi guy skip already? Damn, I really wanted to ask him more questions," another boy complained. This boy had taken the seat where Lee had previously occupied and was now sitting in front of Neji. His black hair and onyx eyes were all focused on Neji. Neji gulped as the boy rested his shoulders on his desktop. Neji slid his chair back a bit more. The boy was mostly a rebel. He wore the uniform correctly but the jacket was wrapped around his waste and he had a white t-shirt on behind his white unbuttoned collared shirt.

"You must be the brother he was telling us about. You're the quiet one right?" he asked with a smirk. Neji blinked and stared out the window. He didn't want to talk to this boy at all; he didn't want to talk to anybody.

"Looks like he's ignoring you Sasuke," the blonde laughed.

"Stuff it Naruto!" Sasuke managed to catch a stray hair from Neji so he could get his attention. Neji was already freaked out enough and he had begun to sweat. Why were they talking to him? What did they see in him? And where the hell is the damn teacher?

"I got your attention, try not to ignore your comrades. After all, you are the student council president," he smirked. Say what? To hell I am! Neji thought over and over again. There was only one logical explanation for all of this, Makenshi.

The teacher finally came in and he was a bit odd. Half of his face was covered with some sort of ski mask or scarf, it just wasn't' natural. Neji sighed and rubbed his temples; this was not going to be a good day. The man's hair was pure white and he was reading a book as he walked in. He wrote his name on the board and sat back down. Hatake Kakashi. Neji sighed, he had a feeling this always happened in this class.

"Oh right, we have two new students today." Kakashi looked around the room and could only find one face he didn't recognize.

"Since one isn't here, I guess we only have one new student to introduce. Is there a Neji or Makenshi Hyuuga here?" Neji slowly raised his hand but when he was asked to say his name he only stood in his seat and looked out the window. Kakashi shrugged, he didn't really care.

"From what I hear Neji will be the new student council president, now remember everyone let's not try to repeat what happened last year." What the hell happened last year, Neji thought to himself. Neji still had no idea how he became the student council president anyway. It seemed that everyone knew who Makenshi was and she had only been in class for ten minutes. Damn sister, this is all her fault. The boy sitting in front of him tapped his desk and Neji looked forward. He pointed to the blonde boy. What was his name again? Naruto Uzumaki.

"I'm your student council vice president and Sasuke is the student council treasurer." Neji glanced at Sasuke, he wasn't paying attention anymore.

"There are a few more members but they seem to skipping this class. Come to the student council room after school and then we can talk." Neji didn't want to go, in a room with boys. That was insane. Besides, he didn't need someone to find out his phobia and ruin his lone wolf status. Neji only managed to say, "Hn."

The next period was much worse than before. He had no idea where the hell he was going. He had ripped up the map and left his schedule in his homeroom. He knew the class was Physics but he didn't know anything else. Then he realized something, he would have to ask one of these boys to help. Neji found a boy who might have at least looked friendly but not to friendly. He ended up going to a boy with shaggy brunette hair and red triangles on his face.

"Can you tell me where the physics lab is?" The boy looked down at him, he was pretty friggin tall for a high schooler. He grinned and walked in front of him, gesturing him to follow. The boy led him to a room and followed behind him. The only empty seat was in the middle of the row next to a boy with red brown spiked hair. Neji noticed that a lot of boys seemed to like the spiky hairstyle. Neji walked to the seat careful not to make any contact. He slid down in his chair and breathed a sigh of relief. For some reason he felt someone glaring at him.

It was the boy with the red hair. He was wearing a black fishnet short-sleeved shirt under his school shirt, it was clearly visible. He had a thick rim of black around his eyes and pale jade green eyes that seemed like daggers to Neji. He suddenly felt nervous and couldn't tell why.

"C-Can I help you with something?" Neji asked him nervously.

""Hn." The boy looked away and continued to stare at something else. Okay, that was awkward, Neji thought to himself. Neji saw Sasuke and Naruto walk in, both of them sat in the back. Sasuke stared out the window while Naruto listened to music on his headphones.

"Alright, I'm Kiba and I'll be your teacher. I don't care what you call me and I don't care if you fail, just shut up when I'm talking," he said. While Neji was busy taking notes everyone else was doing other things. Neji wondered why they wouldn't try to whisper or anything but he'd rather have Makenshi find out then him. A knock came on the door and Kiba opened it.

"So yeah, I changed my mind because nothing was on TV." Makenshi was standing at the doorway; she had a pass and handed it to him. She probably forged it, it was her specialty after all.

"Yo bro."

"I have nothing to say to you."

"Why's that?"

"Because of this student council president crap!"

"Oh that, I thought it would be good for you."

"In what way?!"

"Honestly, I just got here and you're already nagging. You seriously need to calm down or something. Take some Midol and shut up." Realizing he was in the classroom and everyone was watching them Neji decided not to say anything. He simply answered her remark with a fist to the head. He sat back in his seat as she cradled her head. Since there were no seats Makenshi decided to sit on top of Neji's desk, he didn't mind. She always did things like this when she wanted attention. Kiba shrugged and continued with his lecture.

- -

"You're way to uptight, you know that?"

"You so don't have the right to talk to me right now." Naruto came over and slung his arm around Makenshi's shoulder.

"FYI, but when you skip you have to do it for the entire day."

"Shut up spiky." Neji rolled his eyes and picked up the pace. He did not want to be late to class. He was going to find the room even if it killed him, he didn't want any help from Makenshi. She was only following him around to make sure that he didn't get lost.

"I do have a question though," Neji asked. He immediately stopped and looked back at his sister. "What exactly is this student council president business."

"That means you're the next target," Naruto answered.

"For what?"

"You'll see. I have to go and do student council crap but I'll see you two later. Don't forget to come to the student council room after school. Make sure you bring your little brother with you, you seem to get lost easily."

"Target? For what?!" Neji glanced at Makenshi, she wouldn't tell him a thing. Neji had a feeling that his phobia was somehow going to be exposed, one way or the other. He knew this school was going to suck, he just knew it. Neji sighed and he let Makenshi lead him to their next class. He had no idea what type of year the school would have in store for him. However he kept thinking of one thing the entire day, the new target. Target for what?!

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