Rated: M

Title: Our Student Council President

Chapter 5: To Swim or not to Swim

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Chapter 5

"Why don't you pick this one?" Makenshi asked her older brother.

"No," Neji refused. Makenshi sighed, since Neji didn't have a swimsuit he had to go buy one. He got special permission from the principal to ditch school in order to buy a swimsuit in time for P.E. although; there were a few conditions. He had to bring the student council members with him.

"You should wear a Speedo Neji, you'd look completely sexy in one!" Naruto shouted form across the store. Neji sighed, he wished he had a cave to crawl in and die. This was to humiliating.

"Why not try this one. It's a full body swimsuit. Like the kind surfers use," Sai asked. He handed it to Neji and Neji kind of liked it. It wasn't that bad. At least if he wore this not that many guys would be staring at him.

"What do you think Gaara?" Neji asked him. He was standing there next to him silently. Neji was used to Garaa being around him but if Gaara kissed him it would definitely be over. Definitely. Neji sighed; this was starting to get stupid.

"Isn't everyone supposed to wear a school mandated swimsuit?" Neji asked.

"Not if you're the president," replied Kabuto.

"Your goal is to look your absolute best," added Sasuke.

"Sexiness is the goal!" Naruto shouted. There was something about Naruto's loudness that made Neji want to kill him. Every waking moment of the day Naruto just had to be overly excited, it was ridiculous. That kind of happiness was just inhuman in normal people. Neji sighed and grabbed the full body swimsuit that Sai had picked out.

"You're not going to try it on?" Makenshi asked her older brother. Neji glanced at Kabuto, Sai, Gaara, and Naruto. There was no way he was going to try it on while they were there. They'd probably molest him or rape him right therein the store. He was not going to risk it. He'd rather just buy it and face the consequences later.

"Why didn't you try it on, we would have so wanted to see it on you," Naruto complained. He was walking backwards in front of Neji so that he could see him. Neji kept thinking that he was going to fall but for some reason, he didn't'.

"I don't have to tell you anything," Neji said. He was getting fed up with Naruto and decided to place his finger on the boy's forehead causing him to fall on his back. Naruto kept shouting and Neji tried his best to ignore him.

"President, do you know how to swim?" Kabuto asked him while he adjusted his glasses. Neji and Makenshi stopped. Sure they had swimsuits but they never really got them wet.

"Let me guess, the both of you can't swim?" Sai asked the two siblings.

"Well uh…it's not that we can't swim, it's more like…" Neji began to say.

"IT'S THAT STUPID WATER! DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE DIE BECAUSE OF THAT?! THERE'S JUST NO WAY! THERE'S JUST NO WAY!" Makenshi said in a panicked tone. The real reason why Neji never learned properly was because his little sister had a deep-seated fear of water. No one really knew why she hated water but she just did, end of story, period.

"I see, being the great older brother you were you didn't go in the water for your dear little brother right?" Naruto asked.

"Um…no, Makenshi wouldn't let anyone in our family go in the water. If we ever did this person wouldn't stop crying. It was so bad one time I think that he might have stopped breathing, he turned blue and everything. The doctor said he was dead for a full six minutes," Neji said. Sasuke and Gaara glanced at Makenshi; they had no idea just how scared Makenshi was. Probably because of the laid back attitude that she was always showing. They never would have guessed it.

"Sasuke knows how to swim, he can teach the both of you," Kabuto added.

"Gaara knows too, just ask him. He's the one that won the competition," replied Sasuke. It wasn't like he didn't want to teach Neji but having Neji all to himself in the pool was not good for his self-control.

"But you have to ask him when he's by himself or else he won't be able to give you a proper answer," Kabuto whispered into Neji's ear. Which he used as a great opportunity to lick the inner part of his ear. Neji froze and looked back at Kabuto's smirking face, who had walked on ahead. Makenshi noticed Neji was falling behind and went over to him.

"Dude, you okay? You're doing that thing you do before you pass out," Makenshi pointed out.

"Fine…just fine," answered Neji. He was not okay, he was far from okay. He had to try hard not to scream and run away. Neji walked next to Makenshi for a while until something very unexpected happened.

"Neji!! LOVER, HIIIII!!" Neji looked back. Oh no, he thought. He had guessed right on who was screaming his name, Haku. Makenshi thought it was amazing how quickly Haku was able to tackle Neji. One minute Neji was standing straight and the next minute Neji was on the ground with Haku on top of him.

"What the hell are you doing? You're supposed to be in school!" Sai shouted at Haku.

"So many little hearts floating around," Makenshi said.

"I don't want to be at school unless Neji is there. It's boring without him," Haku complained.

"GET OFF ME! STOP TOUCHING ME NOW!!" Neji demanded. He could handle Haku touching him but all the cuddling and snuggling he was doing was making him feel faint.

"I love it when you boss me around," Haku said. He kissed Neji on the lips, which had completely pushed Neji over the edge. First the ear licking and now this, another boy who stole his kiss, what is wrong with people?!

"GAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!" Neji pushed Haku off of him and ran. He didn't know where he was running but he was definitely running away from all of those perverted boys. He did, at least, run back to the school. Neji took a breather when he reached his locker. He was panting and wheezing like he had just run six marathons.

"You look tired," someone said. Neji looked up and instantly turned pale. It was the boy who kissed him the other day. What was his name, Itachi was it?

"Sorry about the last time we met but I couldn't quite resist," he teased.

"…" You have no idea how much I hear that from people, Neji thought to himself.

"So you're the new student council president hmmm? It is true…you really are sexier than the last one. The president's just keep getting cuter and cuter." Neji didn't notice before but unknowingly Itachi had been moving closer and closer to him. It didn't actually make itself known until Neji suddenly felt Itachi breathing on his forehead.

"Well, I'll be going now…" Neji's attempt at getting away didn't work.

"What's the matter? Afraid your teacher is going to get steal another kiss from you?" Itachi grabbed Neji's arm and pulled Neji into him. Neji didn't know what Itachi was planning but he didn't like it. Itachi would have taken the chance to take Neji for himself if something hadn't hit him on the back of his head. A notebook?

"Well that was unnecessary," Itachi complained.

"You're a teacher above anything else. Stop trying to deflower your students," Kiba-sensei said. Akamaru had picked up on Neji's scent and ran after him during the middle of Kiba's class. Of course, Kiba ran after him to see what had made him go crazy. He guessed that Akamaru liked Neji; it was kind of cute in a way.

"Geez, I was just having some fun. Since you've gone and ruined the mood I guess I'll say farewell…bye Neji," Itachi said as he left to prepare for his next class.

"You all right there? Don't mind him much, he's just out to tease his little brother. Sorry you got drawn into the battle," Kiba apologized. He looked down at Neji and was shocked to see him crying. The kid was in full on chibi mode with the watery eyes and tears streaming down his face. C-Cute!! Kiba thought to himself. This kid was absolutely adorable!

"What's wrong? What'd he do? Hey, stop crying! A man shouldn't cry!" Kiba shouted in a panicked tone. This was the first time he had actually ever tried to console someone. Neji stopped crying and sniffled a few times but his eyes were still red and watery.

"Hey, do you want to go somewhere and talk for a bit?" Kiba asked him, scratching the back of his head. Neji nodded and followed Kiba to the courtyard with Akamaru trailing behind the two. Kiba bought him a soda and it didn't take long for Neji to spill his guts to he rather uncaring teacher.

"Look kid, men are always like that when they want something, especially Itachi. He's only out to tease his brother so try to be around more people ok?" Kiba advised.

"I guess you're right…thanks sensei," Neji said with a smile on his face. The smile he gave Kiba was the cutest thing he had ever seen so when Kiba suddenly had to leave because of a nosebleed Neji didn't quite get it.

"Found you!" Makenshi shouted.

"When did you get here?" wondered Neji.

"I have many ways of getting around. Anyway, P.E. is about to start. You better change into your swimsuit."

"And what about you?"

"It's enough that I'm wearing a swimsuit, what more do you want from me?"

"Our life is so screwed up right now."

"I wouldn't have it any other way."


Neji was nervous about going out there in his new swimsuit. Sure, it was a full body swimsuit but somehow that made him really uncomfortable. It was only him and Makenshi in the locker room so he asked her on how the swimsuit looked.

"Let's see, it hugs your ass like no other and I can clearly see the outline of your chest. As for the crotch area I'm not so sure about. The boys might like it though," she commented.

"That's not what I wanted to hear!" Neji shouted.

"Oh hush, you're the president right? Might as well use it to your advantage. Wait a second…" Makenshi walked over to Neji and pulled the zipper that was keeping his swimsuit together down by half an inch.

"What was that for?" Neji asked.

"You could call it a peep show I guess…smile," Makenshi said as she took a picture of her rather confused older brother. Neji turned red with anger and followed her out into the pool. The moment he walked out he could feel eyes all over him.

"Neji! Today we shall race for our honor!" Lee shouted at him.

"What honor?" asked Neji.

"The honor that our never ending well of youth has bestowed upon us ever since our day of birth!"


"Be ready in ten minutes!"

"You've got some serious issues, you know that?" Lee jumped into the pool and practiced swimming laps with Gai-sensei cheering him on. Neji sighed, what the heck was that guy's problem anyway? Neji suddenly remember that he still hadn't asked Gaara to help him with his swimming. He found Gaara standing in the corner of the pool with his eyes closed and arms crossed. That's a little dangerous, isn't it, Neji thought to himself. Neji dipped his feet in the water next to Gaara and hesitated a bit before tapping him on the head. Gaara opened his eyes and looked at Neji, except it seemed more like a glare and ended up scaring him a little.

"Will you please teach me how to swim?" Neji asked him.

"Hn." Neji didn't know if that was a yes or a no. He didn't exactly know what to do but he did want to learn how to swim. Neji had to think of something, so he decided to do the only thing he could think of. After all, he was in a school with boys that were after him, it wasn't hard to figure out what boys wanted at this point. Neji tapped Gaara on the head again causing Gaara to open his eyes and look up at him. With that sudden movement Neji had leaned over and kissed Gaara on the cheek.

"What the hell?!" Naruto shouted. Everyone saw it. Makenshi took a picture of it and an overwhelming aura of jealousy and hate filled the air. It was almost suffocating. Gaara's face remained unchanged but he did look shocked. Then he did something unthinkable. He got out of the water next to Neji and grabbed the boy's face, pulling him closer into him.

"If you want me to teach you so bad then you'll have to do a little more than that," he said. Gaara opened Neji's mouth with his finger and slid his tongue inside. Neji was completely taken aback and shocked by the new development. He felt it, Gaara's tongue in his throat, in his mouth, all over the place. Gaara pulled them apart and stared at Neji, he wanted to see his reaction. Neji turned dead white, lost all the color in his eyes, and fell over into the water.

"Wow, he actually fell over to his own death…that was stupid," Makenshi said as she pointed her camera at her older brother.

"What's the matter with you?! I thought you were worried about his drowning earlier!" Naruto shouted.

"I have no need to worry if it's his own stupidity and ignorance that caused his demise. At least he can learn from it. Besides, he's not even drowning."

"What do you mean by that?" Sai asked her.

"Just look for yourself." Makenshi pointed to the place where Neji had fallen in and everyone was pretty shocked to see him still alive. He was at the bottom of the pool, in the beetle position, with a scared and creeped out look on his face. I'm never coming up. Never! Never! Never! NEVER!!

"How long is he going to stay down there?" Kabuto asked her.

"Probably until the chlorine starts burning his eyes," Makenshi answered.

"How long will that take."

"Give it a minute!"

"GAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH IT BURNS!!" Neji shot out of the water and ran to the locker room. He was running so fast he left a gust of wind behind him. Unfortunately, since he was still wet he ended up slipping and slamming his head into a metal support beam.

"President! Damn it, Gaara, you bastard. Look at what you did!" Naruto shouted.

"Don't get mad at me because you're the only one that hasn't done anything to him yet," replied Garaa.

"Look freak…" Naruto had grabbed Gaara and look at him with killing intent. "Don't make me drown you right here and now."

"As if you could," Garaa retorted. As Naruto and Gaara were getting into an argument of words Haku was leaning over Neji trying to get him to wake up.

"Darling! What's wrong, DARLING! Oh sweetheart wake up!" Haku was shaking Neji and slapping him trying to get him up but Makenshi thought he was making it worse. Speaking of which that gave her an idea.

"Hey Naruto!" she yelled at the blondie. He stopped arguing with Gaara and asked what she wanted.

"Why not come over for a sleepover today? I'm sure Neji will be excited." Besides, even if he isn't…I'll have fun anyway.

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