Call me Sakura Kitsune or Sakura Haruno

Call me Kitsune Sakura


I knew if I followed I would get into so much trouble but I couldn't help it. It was after all my first time seeing a human I mean they can't be that bad they are so small compared to us but then again I could get in so much trouble if I follow him. I Sakura Kitsune will follow this human in my human form but that means he will be so much bigger then me. I'm kind of scared what if he hurts me mommy will be so mad. Since after father was sealed inside a human and now she's gone off protecting me like I can't do it myself, it's getting annoying. Maybe ill tell her I'm tired of it and leaving to learn more about humans I know she'll say but you could get trapped in that body but I don't care I want to learn about humans. I know I'll be in the form of a human baby but nobody will know ill make sure of it.

That's it my mind is made up and once Sakura Kitsune's mind is made up theirs no stopping me from completing it. I know ill go tell mother right now she'll probably get mad but she knows I can take care of myself, I know she's at the end of her life after the poison the humans used on her. Since the attack that was my fathers fault he was spotted by the humans and was attacked so they did the logical thing and protected me she was poisoned then I know she'll understand now to tell her.

That was two days ago. She died the day before I left I had buried her body so nobody would find it the trees quickly grew and then I left. I sat on the side of a road and I waited. When I saw a human heading toward the leaf I turned myself into a human and waited for them to pick me up. They did and they took me to the hoekage I almost had a fit when they said how is it natural to have pink hair? I almost blew my cover. I finally managed to calm myself down and listen to their conversation. It was kind of annoying that they wouldn't just give me an adoptive family, then I Heard it they said the name Haruno had lost there child and wanted one but were to scared to try to have another why not give her to them. I finally get to study humans!! Yay now to keep quiet and not blow my cover. So I did what I knew all human children did I cried and it was loud. Maybe I should have been a little quieter but they just laughed at me it was kind of funny. My cry seemed loud to me but it was quiet to them well that's a good thing maybe my senses didn't change into those of a humans well that's a good thing since I want to become a ninja. Well now they are saying that wait did I hear the name Uchiha? Oh then this must be one of those powerful people who have those strange eyes that change to red when they are fighting or are just plain mad. I wonder maybe it's the one that I hear most about from the birds (she can talk to animals) Uchiha Itachi?

Now why am I thinking about old friends when I can talk to them any time I want to hmm I know ill just check when I get to my new home if they put me in the room ill talk to them through the window. Yay now we are heading toward my new home where I can study humans! Now to make a plan on how I should live. How interesting they have quite a big house, so much room now I can have fun when I'm the age a child should be when the crawl and walk.

Chapter 1! Enjoy


A five-year-old Sakura Haruno was walking toward the Ninja Academy. As she was walking she wasn't really paying attention to where she was going. So she ran into somebody (make that a few somebody's) she looked up from where she had fell and found herself looking up at Uchiha Itachi and his teammates. They looked at her with annoyed expressions, "heh heh sorry I should really watch where I'm going she mumbled out an apology. ' why hadn't I heard them coming? That's impossible my senses are the best I am a demon fox and the kyuubi's Daughter no less this is an outrage! Well at least I don't have to worry about my parents finding out.' She then remembered that she was still sitting in their way.

"Oh I'm sorry I get distracted really easy sorry Uchiha-sans" she squeaked. They just nodded and walked past her toward the village gates. 'Well that was rude they didn't even say thank you to me for moving. Grrrrr some of these humans can be so annoying but it's cool since I am learning about them at least I haven't blown my cover.'

"AHHHHH I'M GOING TO BE LATE!" as she screamed that she heard a chuckle behind her. She turned around to see a man looking at her with a strange expression she looked closely at the man and recognized him as a thief that had managed to escape every Anbu team even the Uchiha's. "I'm in trouble aren't I?" she questioned. " Yes little girl you are." The man replied. "Well then I guess ill just do this." She said. "What are you…" he never got to finish his sentence because she screamed so loud she was sure the whole village heard her. A few minuets later she heard footsteps coming toward them. 'Well it looks like my senses still work I wonder why I never heard those Uchiha's then maybe I was to busy thinking on how I was going to do my first day back at the Academy that's probably it.' She thought. She then looked at the man and saw him cowering in fear of the Uchiha Team she had just met. 'Well aren't I lucky the people I really didn't want to see end up saving me. Why do I hate them again? Oh that's right they are all stuck up people who think they can do everything on their own.'

" You know you are lucky we were near by kid." she heard the captain of the team say. " I know, I guess I should thank you. So thanks." She said. She then looked at the time and screeched

"I'M GOIGNTO BE LATE AHHHH NOT GOOD IRUKA IS GOING TO BE SO MAD AT ME!" all the Uchiha's cringed at the pitch of her voice. She then took off as fast as she could go. 'I'm so going to be in trouble. She thought. 'Oh boy what am I going to do I won't get there in time.' Unless I take the short cut Naruto showed me but it's risky I mean I have to run through the Hyuuga and Uchiha estates. Hey is that Naruto?' "Naruto?" she called. Said boy turned around " Sakura-chan what are you doing here?" he questioned. "Well my parents woke me up late and I ran into a Uchiha Anbu team almost got kidnapped and then the same Uchiha's saved me and now we'll be late if we don't take this short cut of yours" she said in one breath. "Well what are we standing around for lets get going before we get caught." He replied.

So they started running through the Uchiha estate "how long does this take? We have to get to the Hyuuga estate in like 10 minuets or we'll be late." Sakura exclaimed. "Well I'd say we just got to the Hyuuga estate. But we have to clime this wall with out being seen by any body cause many people don't really like me you know so that's why I take this path but it's hard to when theirs so many people on the other side talking." He said. "Oh great. Hold on to me we are going through the trees." Sakura said in exasperation. "But that's dangerous what if we fall out or get caught?" he whispered. "Don't be so scared we will be moving to fast to be seen and I can move through trees quite easily. Now let's get going!" Sakura whispered. Naruto nodded and he grabbed onto Sakura shoulders and they took off into the trees. They quickly moved through the trees. Sakura then stopped "we've been spotted." she whispered "what by whom?" Naruto whispered back. "Look behind us." Sakura replied.

Naruto looked behind them only to see nothing. "What do you mean behind? I don't see anyone." Naruto said looking at Sakura. "Look closer you idiot." Sakura hissed. So Naruto looked and saw a flash of brown hair hiding behind a tree. "You can come out we know your there Hyuuga." Sakura said in a monotone voice. A boy that looked about six stepped out from behind the tree. "Who are you and what are you doing here?" the boy questioned. "You know it's nice to introduce your self before asking." Sakura replied.

"My name is Neji and you are?" the boy known as Neji asked. "Sakura and this is Naruto." Sakura said. "Now can you let us go by we need to get to the academy so we aren't late?" she said. "Fine but hurry before anybody else sees you." Neji said quietly. "Thank you Neji-san." Both replied. And they disappeared into the foliage.

When they got to the Academy they were just in time they quickly went in through the window and sat at their seats. The seating arrangement went like this: Kiba, Shikamaru, Hinata, and a random person.

Next row: Ino, Shino, Choji, and a Fangirl.

Next row: Naruto, Sasuke, and a random boy, Sakura

And then the rest of the people.

Iruka then walked in and said, "good morning class. How was your weekend?" he asked. Everybody replied with a "GOOD or a FINE!"

"That's good. Now shall we get started on what we are going to do today?"

"Yes!" Everyone shouted. Iruka then started the day.

End of day

Now that it was the end of the day Sakura finally got to have a rest but first she had to get past all the fangirls that kept crowding around Sasuke Uchiha. She smiled and said to herself, "poor Uchiha so many fangirls. Maybe I should help him, he does deserve it any way since he is quite nice to me I guess I'll help him."

'Now to think of a plan. Hmm let's see oh I know I'll just go through and say that they should be leaving or their parents will end up coming for them. NO that would never work all their parents want them to marry an Uchiha. Plan b let's see why not scare them with something? YES that will work now to find somebody to help me. Hey it's Miss Spider she will help me!'

So Sakura ran over to Miss Spider and asked "Miss can you please help me scare those noisy fangirls away from that boy?" The spider looked at her and said, "Are you talking to me?" "Yes I am." Replied Sakura. "Well I am sorry but I am so busy right now you will have to ask someone else I am very sorry I couldn't help you." The spider said. "That's ok I'll find someone else."

'Hmmm is that a snake maybe I'll ask him.' "Oh Mr. Snake can you please help me get those girls to leave that boy alone?" Sakura asked. The snake looked at her and replied. "Sssure I will but will you do me the honor of knowing your name?" he asked. "Sure my name is Sakura." She said. "Now will you go scare those girls for me?" Sakura asked. "Sssure thing Sakura-chan." And he slithered toward the girls a few minutes later the girls screamed and ran away shouting, "SNAKE!" Sakura fell to the ground and laughed she then noticed Sasuke looking at the snake that was looking up at him. It then slithered over to Sakura.

"Thank you Mr. Snake I hope we meet again." You are welcome child now I must be on my way goodbye." He said and disappeared into the grass.

Sakura then went over to Sasuke and said "Hi I'm Sakura and you must be Sasuke." Sasuke just looked at her and nodded. She then said "Gee what is it with you Uchiha's and not talking it's quite annoying." Sasuke looked at her surprised and then started to laugh. Sakura soon joined in when they stopped laughing Sakura said, "I think your brother's waiting for you." And she pointed over to Itachi who was looking at them with an annoyed expression. Sasuke nodded and said, "goodbye Sakura see you tomorrow." He then ran over to Itachi and walked away with him.

Once they were out of sight Sakura took off into the trees and went toward the Hyuuga estate she felt like taking the short cut again and since Naruto wasn't with her she would make sure not to get caught. Well it would be hard she knew that they would probably be out training so she would have to make sure she didn't get caught in the line of sight from the Byakugan.

So she came to the Hyuuga's training grounds and saw only two people the boy Neji and her classmate Hinata training together. 'Hmm maybe I'll help them train give them something to see and see if they can pin point me.' She thought. She then took off into the trees getting closer when she new she was at a point where she just had to wait until they either looked this way or noticed her chakera. So she waited and soon Hinata turned just enough that she could see a flash of somebody she quickly pulled out a kuni and through it. Sakura dodged just in time and took off to a different hiding place. Neji stared at Hinata, "What did you see?" he asked. "Theirs somebody watching us. Should we go tell my father?" She whispered to Neji. They then heard a voice say "No don't I want to see if you can find me." They both recognized the voice. "Sakura-san I thought I told you not to come this way?" Neji said in annoyance. "Oh come on Neji you know you want to try to find me. It would be good training for you to try it with your byakugan." Sakura said somewhere in t he trees. "Fine we'll try it but if somebody comes over here you have to leave. Got it?" Neji stated. "Yea yea I got it now let's get started!" Sakura exclaimed. So they began their training Neji and Hinata eventually found Sakura a few times. Sakura finally left when she noticed the sun setting. "Well I'll see you tomorrow Hinata. Maybe I'll take this path again tomorrow." Sakura said. "NO you can't you might get caught by someone else so go another way." Neji said. Fine I will. Bye you guys." Sakura shouted.

Sakura Ran quickly through the rest of the Hyuuga estate and ran as fast as she could through the Uchiha estate too. When she got home nobody was there, she went into the kitchen and saw a note it read.

Dear Sakura

Me and your father have toke a mission that will last a few weeks we are sorry we couldn't be there to greet you when you got home but we promise we will take you out to get some ice cream when we return. We have asked a friend of the family to look after you they should be there to pick you up tomorrow after you're done at the academy. The people we chose to look after you are the Uchiha's please don't be mad we know you really aren't that fond of them but please be nice to them. They are after all the heads of the clan. Please don't be mad at us but it was short notice.

See you in a few weeks. Love Mom & Dad.

Sakura stared at the paper. A few minutes later you could hear a defining scream "WWWWWHHHHHAAAAATTTT!" When Sakura managed to calm herself down she thought ' How in hell am I going to live with those egotistic idiots when I hate them so much? I swear I will snap if they even think of criticizing me. My parent's better get home soon or the Uchiha's are in for one hell of a time with me.' -Evil look-

Next day after the Academy

As Sakura walked down the hall of the Academy she heard screaming of what she knew was Fangirls on the rampage looking for Sasuke. She tried to ignore it but then she realized that the screams were getting closer. 'Well this is just great, either Sasuke came this way or they heard I was staying at his house for a few weeks. I can't believe I'm going to say this but this Is' "SUCH A DRAG!" She shouted. "There she is! Get her!" The fangirls screamed. As she started to run she noticed that there was somebody standing outside. Her eye twitched 'got to get outside some how. The window! But I'm heading toward the roof well this is going to be one hell of a jump.' She thought as she ran toward the edge of the academy roof.

Itachi and Sasuke were waiting outside looking for Sakura when they heard the screams of fangirls on the roof of the academy they looked up just in time to see the girl they had been waiting for jump right off and shout "I CAN'T BELIEVE I THOUGHT OF THIS!" As she fell she pulled out some wire and through it onto a tree branch and swung toward them. She then fell right off the wire and started walking toward them dusting her self off. 'Well that was strange.' Both Sasuke and Itachi thought. "You okay?" They asked as she got to them. "Yea I'm fine but I won't be if we don't get out of here soon." They just nodded and they quickly left before the fangirls could get to them.

When they got to the Uchiha estate Sasuke looked at Sakura. "Why do you look so nervous?" Sasuke questioned. "Hmm well um I just was amazed at how big this place was." Sakura said in awe. 'Damn this place gives me the creeps. I really hate this. I wonder will I be able to see the spirits of the dead again? I really hate that it's my special ability.' As they walked she noticed all the awkward looks she was getting, "well this feels strange." She whispered to Sasuke. Sasuke just laughed at her. "They are looking at you because you aren't a Uchiha." Itachi whispered back to her. "Oh now this is strange, I've never really been stared at before, and are you sure they aren't just staring at me because I have pink hair?" she questioned. Itachi just chuckled. "Don't worry they won't stare at you much longer we are at the house anyway." Sakura just looked at the huge house in awe. 'Oh boy this is one hell of a big house. Awesome now to find a place where I can change into my real body.'

Just as Itachi went to open the door it went flying open to reveal a very happy looking Mikoto. Sakura, Itachi, and Sasuke all jumped back. 'Oh boy she's looking at me. Oh no she's got that look in her eyes my mom gets when she drags me to the market to go shopping. I'm scared I hope she doesn't have something that will torture me. I know my mom told her a lot about me so I'm really scared.' Sakura thought. "So your Sakura? Well then lets see what shall we do with you." Mikoto smiled. Sakura's eye twitched. "Um I don't know what do you want to do with me?" 'I'm really scared now.' Sakura thought. Sakura looked at Itachi and Sasuke and whispered "Help me." They just chuckled. Mikoto then started to drag Sakura into the house with Sakura trying to get away.

"Calm down." Mikoto hissed at her. Sakura froze. 'That hiss it couldn't be Nacomi the cat demon could it?' "Nacomi is that you." Sakura whispered. "Yes Sakura-chan it's been so long what do you think of the body I've temporarily took control of?" "Um no she's the Uchiha leaders wife no less the woman that's looking after me." Don't worry I'll be gone in a little while but I need to warn you those adoptive human parents you have the mission they went on the ranking changed they are in danger of being killed. The rank it went up to was Anbu it's really bad you have to get a warning to the Hoekage and tell him or just write a letter warning him to send out an Anbu team to help them." Nacomi said to Sakura. "No Nacomi it's their fate. I've known of it since they left, as much as I know they want to see the demon once before they are gone I'll show them but they will die." Sakura said quietly. "No Sakura please don't let them die like this!" Nacomi whispered. "You know I want to change it but I can't I can only show them what they want once before they must die it's what I must do. Don't stop what's suppose to happen." Sakura said. "Goodbye my friend I'll meet you in the demon world again sometime." Sakura said just as Nacomi's justsu wore off. Mikoto looked around. "What are we doing here?" she questioned. She then looked at Sakura, "you were just showing me to my room." Sakura said. "Oh how could I forget that? Oh well here we are here's your room." Mikoto said and walked away to get dinner ready. "I'll bring you your dinner when it's ready." She said. And disappeared around the corner.

When Sakura walked into her room she found it looked like a room made for girls like her. She smiled 'Maybe I will start to like this place.' She then lay on the bed and fell asleep. When she woke she smelt something coming toward her room 'smells like dinners ready.' She thought. Mikoto then opened the door and set the tray down and left without saying anything. 'Hmm I think she hates me. Wonder why.' "now this is going to be interesting." She thought. 'Well now to eat, maybe I should check if she poisoned it.' She thought. As she checked she found it was fine and dug in instantly. 'This is awesome! It's better then my mother's food.' She finally finished. ' Now that was good.' There then was a knock on the door. She got up and opened it to see the ugliest Uchiha she had ever seen. "umm do you need something?" she questioned him. "no not really I just wanted to tell you that you should go to sleep soon since you have to go to get up early." He said. "oh okay" Sakura replied. The man left to his room and she went to sleep.

The next morning she did her morning routine and got her breakfast and left quickly to the academy. While she was walking she saw Sasuke and Itachi walking toward the Academy. She smiled and took her time to look around she then felt like she was being follow she turned around only to see a flash of what looked like a pack of raving fangirls. "Oh hell no!" Sakura said to her self, and started running. She then ran past Itachi and Sasuke. They both looked at her strangely, They then heard screaming of the fangirls who had just spotted them.

So they followed what Sakura did and ran as fast as they could.

A few weeks later

Sakura was walking toward the gates she knew what was to come she knew she would see her parents limp bodies being carried in by an Anbu team. It's time to let them see what they wanted so much. 'I guess I should make my decision weather I want to go and live in the old house I lived in before or find myself a new one. I guess I'll take the new house it would be best seeing as I would be all alone and could be in my real form when I want to. So new house it is.' She thought as she headed toward the gates. She watched as the Anbu team came into view, she could already smell the blood of her parents.

She watched as they Anbu walked by her they all looked away as they saw her. She knew they were thinking how sad she would be when she heard they probably wouldn't survive. She frowned ' I guess I should follow wonder if it's reached the Uchiha compound yet if it has I better hurry.' Sakura ran off toward the hospital and got there just a little after the team that had her parents had come in. she walked toward their room and went in just as the doctors came out they looked at her and shook their heads.

When she went in she smiled "hey." She whispered. Her parents looked at her and nodded. She walked into the middle of the room. "You wanted to see what I really looked like now I will show you." She said. Her body glowed and it changed. To look like that of a wolf with back hair a blood red strip right down the middle of her back, she had red slighted eyes her black ears twitched, her long nine black tails glinted in the light coming from the window. And the she was back in her human form and was looking art them. She smiled again and said "I know you are in pain so I will end it." She walked over to her father first and placed her now glowing black hand over his heart and it stopped instantly she then walked over and did the same to her mother and said "goodbye my friends may I see you in the next life." And they were gone. She then made her tears fall. 'Why am I actually crying when I should feel nothing? They are humans and I am a demon so how is it possible for me to feel anything for them? Has my living with humans turned me into part of a human?' she thought as she let the real tears fall she cried for as long as she had ever cried. She knew her choice was to buy a new house but she didn't know if how she would when she has no money.

The doctors then came in and a Anbu that had took them in to the hospital and took her to the Hoekage where he asked the question where do you want to live? She replied she just wanted a new home where she wouldn't have to remember all the memories. So the Hoekage made the arrangements and she got herself a little apartment to live in and continued to go to the Academy. When she was there the fangirls didn't bug her they gave her flowers and chocolate to comfort her she did eat them, she even to her surprise got on hell of a big gift from Sasuke's and Itachi's family. She smiled ' I know it's strange but it feels good to get something instead of buying it myself.' She thought.

A few years later

A twelve-year-old Sakura walked down the halls of the Academy. She was wearing a long black dress that went down to her ankle's it had slits up to her thighs and she wore red shorts under it. She had on the normal ninja sandals and she had a red fish net on her left arm, she also wore her new Konoha headband. As she was walking she could hear all the noise coming from her classroom where she would be assigned her teammates and have a new sensei. She then heard the voice of one of her friends Naruto Uzumaki, yelling about something. She just smiled, 'He will never change. But I guess that's a good thing.' She thought. She then walked into the classroom and everyone turned to look at her. A few of the fangirls glared at her but she ignored it and went to sit down in between Shino and Shikamaru.

This was the seating order: Shino, Sakura, Shikamaru, and Kiba.

Next row: Ino, Hinata, fangirl, and Naruto.

Last row: Choji, Sasuke, a Random boy, and a random boy.

Just as everybody went back to talking Iruka came in and said "Hello everybody. Today I will give you your teams and your sensei's." everybody cheered and laughed they finally got to go on missions. Sakura just sighed 'well everything is different because there is no more Uchiha's I guess I wouldn't mind being on Sasuke's team. He's gotten quite strong and is kind of like a kit to me. Wait what am I thinking he can't be like a kit to me I may be like a 120 year old demon but I'm still a kit myself. But I guess it's natural he's lost his family and I'm a demon that cares about people. Oh boy I better not start to watch over him like my mother had done to me that will be plain strange.' She then heard Iruka starting to say the names of the people who are on what team.

She listened for her name.

She then heard Iruka say Team 7: Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha.

Sakura then heard all the fangirls screech in rage and shout "WHY IS THAT LOSER ON MY SASUKE-KUNS TEAM WHEN I SHOULD BE?!"

"Because she is the only girl in this class who won't bother him and hold the rest of the team back." When Sakura heard this she smirked "well I guess that's true I don't really like suck up jerks like him." She said. Everybody in the class turned and stared at her in awe and in the fangirls case anger, Sasuke just stared at her in annoyance. Sakura just smiled and said "shouldn't we get back to the teams Iruka-sensei?" Iruka just nodded and went back to saying the names of the people who were on the other teams.

Team 8: Shino Aburame, Hinata Hyuuga, and Kiba Inuzuka.

Team 10: Shikamaru Nara, Ino Yamanaka, and Choji Akimichi.

Sakura then heard Ino screech "Why am I on their team when I should be on Sasuke-kuns team?!"

"Because like I said you would hold him back because you are a fangirl." Iruka said. Ino just glared at Sakura.

So eventually everyone's sensei's came to get their team's and were gone all except Team 7. Naruto glared at the door, "how long is it going to be before our sensei gets here?" Naruto growled. "Calm down, Naruto I heard are sensei was Kakashi Hatake and he is always late." Sakura said. "How do you know this Sakura?" Sasuke said. 'Wow he finally spoke.' Both Naruto and Sakura thought.

"Well it helps when I looked into the Hoekage's office and he was talking to Kakashi about being team 7's sensei." Sakura said. Just as Sakura said that Naruto put a chalk brush in the doorway, " Naruto you know he's going to hate us for doing that. Oh and might I mention he's a Jonnin theirs no way he would fall for that." Sakura stated. "Well he deserves it since he's late." Just as he said that the door opened and Naruto's, Sakura's, and Sasuke's eyes were all on the door. The chalk brush fell and hit right on target. 'I can't believe he fell for it.' Sasuke thought. "Oh my god I'm so sorry sensei it was all Naruto's idea I tried to stop him." Sakura apologized. ' Awesome Direct hit! CHA!' Inner Sakura shouted.

Naruto just fell on the floor laughing, Their new sensei then said, "My first impression of you is that I hate you all." Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto all sweatdroped. 'Well that sucked big time.' They all thought. "Meet me on the roof in a few minutes." Was all their sensei said. They then all ran to the roof to se Kakashi standing there looking at them. " Introduce yourself then say what you like what you hate and things you plan on for the future." Was all he said. " You in the orange go first." He commanded. Naruto then started with what he liked.

(Don't feel like typing it out so it just like they do in the normal Naruto)

After they all finished Kakashi said to meet him at 5:00 at training ground 7 to start there survival skill training. Naruto then shouted "But we already did this stuff in the academy lets do a real mission." Kakashi sighed. "You may have done survival skills in the academy but you never did them with me. So live with it. Oh and don't eat breakfast or you will throw-up." Everybody's eyes widened. Kakashi then disappeared of to someplace to do what he usually does.

"Well that is a little mean." Was all Sakura said. Naruto and Sasuke nodded in agreement.


'I'm so tired. Need sleep going to fall flat on face if I don't get anymore sleep.' Was all team 7 could think although none of them fell flat on their faces. "GHAA! HOW MUCH LONGER UNTIL KAKASHI-SENSEI GETS HERE?" screamed Naruto. "Naruto please don't yell by what I know about Kakashi we won't be seeing him until like 10:00. So please be quiet." Sakura said as she started to fall asleep again. "Great, now what are we going to do until then?" she heard Sasuke mumble. "SLEEP!" Sakura suddenly shouted and fell onto the ground asleep. Sasuke and Naruto stared wide-eyed at her sleeping form. "is she okay?" Naruto asked. "I have no clue." Was all Sasuke said.


Sakura had finally woke up and was just sitting in the sun waiting for Kakashi to finally appear when she heard a small 'poof' she turned to look at the tree and saw Kakashi standing there. She smiled and said "Finally you're here I was beginning to think you were going to ditch us." Kakashi just laughed " I thought about it but if I did the Hoekage would kill me. Now lets start your survival training. You have 2 hours to get one of these 2 bells to pass the one that doesn't get a bell will be sent back to the academy and has to start the whole program over again." Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto all stared I horror at him. "But that's just mean we all worked so hard to get this far why would you do that?" Sakura said in anger. "You want to know something else out of all the graduates only nine of you will go on to do real missions." Kakashi said. Sakura then stood up. "So the whole meaning of that last test we had was to just weed out all the people who wouldn't be ready to become ninja. Am I right?" she asked. Kakashi just nodded. 'Well this just got interesting.' Sakura thought.

So they started the test. Sakura grabbed Naruto's shirt and dragged him into the trees. She then said "Naruto stay here I have to find Sasuke we have to use teamwork to get through this test." Naruto just glared. "No way am I working with that Teme!" he said. Then he took off into the trees to find his own way to get a bell. 'I guess I'll just leave it and not try since I know what we have to do to pass all together. But knowing them they won't even think of it.'

So Sakura went off to find a place to sit and watch her teammates loose pitifully. 'I would help but I don't think they would want it.' So she just watched them and laughed once in a while. She then heard Kakashi say, "So why are you not trying?" "Well for one part I know the answer to what we have to do we have to use teamwork and another thing is that they don't want to use it." Sakura said. "Well aren't you are correct but shouldn't you try yourself?""I know it would be pointless since I would just fail because I need my teammates to complete this mission." Sakura said.

So Kakashi just left her there once the time was up she walked back to the posts and saw Naruto tied up she just shook her head. As she walked over she heard Naruto say, "where were you?" Sakura just smiled and said, "sleeping in a tree." Sasuke and Naruto just stared at her "You didn't even try? Why would you do that?" Sasuke asked. "Well I knew we wouldn't pass because the thing we needed to pass was TEAMWORK you dope's." she replied. They just stared at her then looked at Kakashi. He just nodded at what she said. They lowered their heads. She then just walked over to Kakashi. He smiled. "You would so well with a hire ranking then gennin." Kakashi said to her. She just nodded. "I've learned teamwork from my family I would have thought Sasuke would have known that since his whole family used it even when they weren't on missions." She said, she knew Sasuke was glaring at her. "You know I'm right Sasuke you know your brother even used it before he did what he did." She said. Kakashi just stared at Sakura. 'She even dared to say that she must be brave to insult Sasuke like that.' He thought. He then tied Naruto to the post and then said, "I'll give you one more chance to try and pass this test." He then disappeared. Sakura looked at Naruto she knew his stomach would growl so she turned to him and said, "Open your mouth." Naruto and Sasuke looked at her. "What are you thinking he said not to give me any food." Naruto said in confusion. "Whatever he's not here so he won't know now open your mouth so I can feed you." Naruto then opened his mouth as he took the food into his mouth Kakashi appeared. "I TOLD YOU NOT TO FEED HIM!" he shouted. "WELL IF I NEVER GAVE HIM ANY FOOD WE WOULD HAVE DEFINETLY FAILED! AND THERES NO WAY I'M LETING ONE OF MY TEAMMATES GET LEFT BEHIND!" Sakura shouted at Kakashi, she knew she probably hit a nerve. "I once heard from a friend that there friend had told them never leave a friend behind because that makes you worse then trash and I would never want to be considered trash." Sakura said. Kakashi looked at her. "Did you hear that from the Hoekage?" he asked. "Yes I said I heard somebody talking about it so I asked him he told me what 'your' teammate said, and you were trying to make us fall beneath that line and become trash or worse scum." She said.

Kakashi sighed, "You all pass." He said. All of them stared at him in amazement, "W-w-WE PASS?!" they all shouted. Kakashi smiled and nodded. "Yes you proved to me that you could be a team. You deserve it so I'll see you here tomorrow morning at 8:00 don't be late." He said to them and disappeared.

Sakura looked at Naruto and untied him, she then looked at Sasuke. "You guys want to go get some ramen?" she said knowing full well that Naruto would say yes. "Hell yea." Naruto said. She looked at Sasuke. He just sighed and nodded, they then all walked toward Ichiraku (sp..?).

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