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Chapter 15: Jail Break and Blowing Off Steam

Sakura lay in the cell for what seemed like hours waiting for the furry rodent to return with her means of escape. With her eyes closed she slowly heightened her senses waiting to hear the scurrying of little feet, along with the voices of a rather hysterical prisoner just down the hall mumbling and groaning about something or other, she didn't pay much attention to it. With a sigh she sat up pushing herself into a standing position and frowned in annoyance, 'I just had to ask a rat for help,' she thought sighing once more.

Soon after that the skittering of claws against the cold stone floor reached her enhanced hearing and she looked to the bars as the rat ran through pretty much gasping for breath with what looked like a key being dragged behind it on its tail. She raised a brow then smiled, "Thank you, my little friend." She whispered as she reached for the key, "Your services will be rewarded, when I get the chance."

The little rat squeaked and looked at her hopefully, "You are welcome Demon-hime-sama!" She cheered and looked back at the bars, "As I was coming I passed a guard he was on his way hear."

Sakura's lips twitched into a grin, and she stood fully, "You go find a place to hide I will come with your reward when I get the time, after I have sorted this mess out." She walked to the bars, reached through and expertly unlocked the door grinning manically as it swung open with a screeching cry.

Stepping out into the hall she turned and looked down the hall as two guards who had heard the door rounded the corner and froze, "How did you get out?" The first sneered heading toward her in a motion that obviously he thought would scare her.

Sakura rolled her eyes and grinned at him, "Let's say a little rat helped me… And another thing you stupid excuse of human flesh, you wouldn't be intimidating to a mouse." She raised her hand to her face her palm toward herself. "I on the other hand, can scare a demon." Her claws extended to a terrifying length and she flashed her now very sharp teeth at the guards who were stumbling back in fear.

"What the hell are you?" They cried absolute terror on the faces.

Sakura grinned making sure it was her scariest smile that she reserved for humans and demons that truly pissed her off and growled darkly, "I am the last thing Danzou wanted against him… I am your worst nightmare. And the best part is… Neither of you will ever remember that I was here or what you ever saw…" she snarled a pale blue forming around her claws which she swiped through the air, pale blue orbs shimmering through the air and popping on the two guards forehead as their eyes rolled back and the dropped to the floor.

Sakura snorted and walked down the hall kneeling beside one and taking a few kunai and shuriken before continuing toward the stairs. She grinned as she came to the top and looked around, her grin once again appearing on her lips, she walked down the hall coming to the door that hid Danzou's evil scrolls and she slipped in unnoticed looking around and laughing manically in her mind before scooping up the scrolls Danzou had stupidly left out and once more walking out the door casually like nothing ever happened.

She stopped by a window, lightly pushing it open and dropping through. She shook her head and yawned dropping into a low crouch before slicing off flickering through the shadows and making her way back to her house. 'Looks like I will be leaving Konoha for a while.' She thought sighing in annoyance as she reached the backyard of her small home, looking up at the window of her bedroom as she saw a flash of movement.

In an instant she was sitting on her windowsill tossing the scrolls on the bed as she slid in and grinned at the man standing there, "Itachi." She nodded at the silent Uchiha who watched her as she walked to her desk brushing past him and dropping the kunai and shuriken she had snatched from the guards. "The black scroll is the one you want." She mumbled and walked out of the room and to the shower.

It didn't take long for her to hear the scroll being opened and the strangled cry of rage to reach her ears as she flinched. "Please if you're going to break things go to the backyard, I don't want my room incinerated to ash." She called stepping into the shower sighing under the hot water as she slowly relaxed. 'What a day…' she thought the smell of smoke curling in as Itachi no doubt incinerated her backyard with his fire jutsu.

Shaking her head she stepped out of the scalding water dried off grabbed her fresh clothes, and weapons before she wandered out to her back yard and sitting on a rock by the door to watch the burning of the plants. Standing she walked toward the rigid back of the eldest Uchiha. Raising her hand she placed it on his shoulder, "Care for a spar?" She questioned noticing his eyes snap to her and instantly she shot back as a kunai aimed for her gut sliced inches from her abdomen.

Sakura grinned at him, "That's what I thought." She laughed as she dodged another of Itachi's swings and back flipped away. "Bring it on Uchiha."

His eyes swirled as she dodged yet another attack, Sakura glared at him, as she moved toward him her hand glowing with a pale green glint as she leapt through the air ducking under his kunai and bringing her fist into his stomach, sending him flying through the air and smashing down onto the flowers behind him. "Nice shot Tachi… Though you'll have to be a little faster if you want to really hit me." Sakura called winking at him as he pushed himself up.

He chuckled and vanished; Sakura spun on her heel and caught his kunai with her own sparks flying off the blades as the clashed. Sakura grinned at him swiftly aiming a kick at his legs only to have it caught by his free hand gripping around it. Her eyes narrowed as his grip tightened and suddenly she was soaring through the air before crashing to the ground and tumbling across the rough dirt of her garden.

Sakura coughed and pushed herself up spitting out dirt as she slid into a crouch watching him as he caught his breath. "Nice move." She muttered as she spit out more dirt. "Gotta say that's only the second time someone has made me eat dirt again… in pretty much the same day…" She coughed and stuck out her tongue. "Call it a day?" She asked.

His lips twitched as he nodded, "I believe we should…" He replied and walked into the house.

Sakura huffed as she stood wiping the dirt off her clothes as much as she could before groaning, 'I need another shower…' she thought before walking into the house behind the supposed criminal.