The Explorer's Song

My dreams are on Myst Island,

My dreams are not with me –

They are off a-chasing answers

And a-list'ning to the sea

They are journeying to Ages

That they've never before seen,

And as I sit alone in bed,

I wonder where they've been.

My heart is still in Riven

O! My heart, it isn't here –

It's discov'ring ancient mysteries

And dispelling ancient fear

It's a-wandering the jungle

And upturning tyranny,

And I long for it all again

And stand here somberly.

My thoughts are in Narayan,

My thoughts are not around –

They're residing where the coral sky

And lattice vines are found

I freed them from J'nanin

And its lonely, hollow isle,

Amateria and Edanna,

Calmly watching all the while.

My mind has been imprisoned;

It is not inside my head –

It's with green crystals glowing bright

And lost in jungles red

It's solving maddening puzzles,

And it's judging brothers two –

It has left my head to wander;

There is nothing I can do.

My soul's exploring D'ni –

Ancient uru, city deep

It is searching for the answers

That the silent caverns keep

It's uncovering the mysteries

And turning Least to Great –

It has linked away without me,

So I sigh and simply wait.