Myst Does Limericks

Saavedro fans are a bit mad:

Just the mention of him makes them glad.

But they're also quite scary,

for hammers some carry,

So getting them angry is bad.


In K'veer, a forgotten age,

Poor Atrus is in quite a rage –

The Stranger linked through

"I don't BOOAHR you!

You've forgotten to bring the white page!"


To run around Riven is fun:

It is warm and it has lots of sun.

Every now and then,

You'll be threatened by Gehn,

But of problems, that is only one.


Poor Saavedro – he never could rest

For he always was put to the test

With puzzles that bore

And riddles galore

In ages that he did detest.


Saavedro, the Narayan guy,

Was trapped and soon started to cry.

"No!" he shouted, "No, no!

Please, let me go!

Don't leave and condemn me to die!"


In Haven, two brothers did make

A rather ill-fated mistake:

Sirrus tripped in the bog

And was hit by a log,

And Achenar fell in the lake.


"The Least are Great," Yeesha said gladly.

"You idiot!" Esher yelled madly.

"I'm the Grower, not she!

Duhknee needed me!"

The Bahro just shook his head sadly.


Said the Bahro, "I'm out after food,

Can you recommend anything good?"

"Oh, please!" begged the Squee

"Pray, do not eat me!"

Said the Mangree, "I doubt that he would."


A D'ni bard named R'shahleev

Once left an audience peeved –

In the middle of the song,

He struck a note wrong;

Embarrassed, he quickly took leave.