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Author's Note: Written for a Drabble Contest with Week 13's Prompt at the LiveJournal Community, mfsanctuary, Unlucky.


Luck's Lament,

By Winterwing3000


Jaken grumbles as he watches the human pest snuggle next to his lord's mokomoko, hating the fact that she is allowed the warmth that he is not privileged.

His luminous bulbous orbs observe the girl with envy as his beak bunches up.

Ever since his lord revived the child from her death, he was discarded and his favoritism was lost. The girl takes everything from him! His lord's acknowledgment, his kindness, even his protection! She has done nothing for his lord, yet he provides for her with more care than he ever gives to him! The most loyal servant of the dog demon lord!

He nearly squawks indignantly when his lord gently caresses her hair, soothing her into slumber.

Luck is definitely lost, Jaken laments. Lady Luck has betrayed him and offers in his place a mere human child. For his lord will only do such a thing for her.




AN: Eh, I don't think this is the best that I could have written. I might post another version of the prompt, but it probably won't be part of the week's contest though.