Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

"Wonder Woman Arrives in Man's World"

In days long past, when gods and monsters roamed freely before the advent of science, there existed a race of warrior women. Called Amazons, they were the children of the heavens. Granted almost unequal gifts of strength, wisdom, beauty, and cunning, they were a great power in the ancient world. They were commanded by their queen, Hippolyta, the mightiest among them, and with her guidance peace reigned across the land.

Until one fateful day, Hercules, one of the mightier heroes, beguiled his way into the queen's heart. Betraying her, his forces sacked their proud city of Themyscira. Embittered, Hippolyta launched a savage counterattack and drove Hercules from the ruined city. Seeing the damage done, Hippolyta prayed for justice. The goddess Athena heard her call and transported the city to a hidden location, where it would remain undiscovered for centuries.

Until now…

December 8, 1938

The water lapped gently at the shore. As the sun sank, golden rays danced upon the surf, creating a breathtaking image. Two figures walked in the sand. Both were armored, although the younger of the pair seemed to be taking her duty much lighter than her companion. The older woman smiled slightly, but her expression turned grim as she spied something approaching from the distant horizon. "Venelia, what is that?"

Venelia, a proud fiery haired warrior, shielded her eyes against the glare of the sun. "I don't know Phillipus, it appears to be some manner of machine!"

The captain of the guard, a white haired woman with scars that spoke of her skill, hefted her spear. "Get word to the queen. I'll investigate."

"But captain!"

"No arguments! Of the two of us, you're the swiftest. Now go!" She narrowed her eyes, as the black dot grew steadily larger.

In the royal palace, Hippolyta stood as her advisors were beginning their meeting. The sudden arrival of the near breathless Venelia caused a commotion that only the hand of the queen could silence it. "What is the matter sister?"

Gasping, the younger woman removed her helmet and dropped to her knees. It was both out of respect and exhaustion that guided her actions. "My Queen, a strange craft approaches!"

A murmur rippled through the room. A dozen voices, a dozen speculations, "An attack?"

"A lost traveler?"

"A sign from the gods?"

Hippolyta glared and the room was stilled. "I will see to this myself. Alert the guard, but tell them to wait until my signal. We shall not attack unless provoked."

Mounting her steed, she raced through the paved streets, past lanes of traffic and through the dense forest until she arrived at the beach. Her eyes widened at the sight before her. "By the gods!"

Phillipus stood at the ready before the strange craft. Her spear pointed at the dark metal hull, she only relaxed when Hippolyta ordered her to stand down. "What is this?"

The captain looked blankly at the vehicle. "It's like no ship I've ever seen." Poking the four metal blades sticking out of the front, she moved around to her queen's side.

The vehicle, unknown to them, was an airplane. The propellers were badly bent and the engine was riddled with holes. One wing was missing and the other was badly bent. "You say this flew?" Hippolyta marveled at the metal tail.

"Only briefly, as I could tell. Perhaps the driver could tell us more."

Gripping the busted canopy, the two of them easily lifted the broken glass away. Pulling the pilot back, Hippolyta gasped as she gazed upon the pilot's face. "It's a woman!"

The woman, blood flowing freely from her face, weakly reached up and gripped her wrist. "Please, help me."

"Rest easy sister, you're safe now." Turning to Phillipus, Hippolyta issued orders. "Take my stead and ride back to the city. Bring as many healers as you can find and ready the Purple Ray!"

With a curt nod, the captain dashed away on the animal as Hippolyta turned her attention back to the injured woman. Carefully examining her wounds, the queen's anger grew as she felt several bullet wounds in the woman's torso. "So this is what the outside world has come to?"

Coughing blood, the woman tried to focus her bleary eyes on Hippolyta. "Steve Trevor, Holiday College, Paula…" her voice faded as her eyes rolled back.

"No!" Hippolyta pulled her free of the plane and laid her out on the beach as a chariot arrived. "Take her to the Purple Ray, now!"

Epione kneeled by her queen's side. "Her wounds are too grievous, my Queen."

"Take her! That was an order!" Hippolyta's eyes flashed. The others obeyed silently as the dying woman was transferred to a stretcher and placed in the back of a chariot. Later, in the House of Healing, she sat and listened as the stranger was placed within the healing pools and bombarded with the Purple Ray, the source of all major healing on the island.

Epione held up a blood soaked card before the pilot's ruined clothes were burned. "We found this and some paper within her clothes." Sighing, she looked over at the pulsating purple pool. "Her injuries are numerous and grievous. Most of her insides were pelted with shrapnel and various projectiles. Her extremities were shredded at various points; my Queen, who could do such a thing?"

Hippolyta was silent. "Did the paper give any clues?"

Regaining her composure, the healer continued. "According to this, her name is Diana Prince, from somewhere called 'the United States of America', and it seems she is involved with their government."

Hippolyta took the card and the papers. The card she could read well enough, but the paper was a mystery, filled with odd figures and nonsensical phrases. "This document, written in code?"

"As near as we can determine. It may take us a few days to decipher it." Phillipus stepped forward.

Glancing down at the card, Hippolyta shook her head. "No, I fear that may not be enough time…"

The next day

The entire island was abuzz. At daybreak Hippolyta ordered the wrecked craft to be moved to the smith's forge. "Fix it before night fall" were her only orders. Moving to the armory, the queen had spent a better portion of the morning among the various weapons and artifacts that had been stored there. Selecting a variety of arms, Hippolyta called for a general assembly.

The Great Hall was filled. Nervous glances were traded back between the Amazons. The frenzied whisperings were silenced as the queen entered.

"Sisters." She looked out over the assembled throng. She wore neither crown nor any other badge of office. "We have lived here, cut off from the outside for centuries. I, and many among you, believed this would spare us any more dealings with the outside world; that by ignoring the problems, Man's World would cease to be." Various arguments broke out. She held up her hand.

"Sisters, that peace was broken. A stranger to our ways, yet still our sister, found this island. She did not come here by choice, but rather found her way here by accident, pursued by enemies of all that is decent." Holding up the notes taken from the injured pilot, Hippolyta's voice grew grim. "We have broken the code. It speaks of a deadly agent and plans to attack and disable a nation. Monitoring the outside world, I have seen what has flourished in our absence. There is a war brewing between nearly every country, and we must not stand by and ignore it."

"Why not? Man's world is poison!" Various groups spoke out. "Let them all die!"

"Why should we help? They would only attack us!"

"Enough!" Hippolyta's rage was almost tangible. Leaving the podium, she walked among the crowd. "These are the Amazons?" The crowd visibly shrank back at her words. "Would the real Amazons abandon their fellow sisters to the horrors of war? Would the real Amazons stand idly by and allow a tyrant to rule?"

Venelia stepped forward. "What would you have us do my Queen?"

Hippolyta shook her head. "Nothing. I will not have my people divided." Returning to the podium, she faced the crowd. "I see many of you think me mad. Perhaps, but I will not stand by and allow undue suffering when it is within my power to stop it. I know I could order all of you to go, to wage war, but that would also be futile. We are only as strong as the weakest link, and I will not force any to fight for a cause they do not believe in." Taking a deep breath, she paused before continuing.

"That is why I will go to America alone."

Part II

The reaction was swift. The entire hall broke down into furious arguing, with multiple groups each taking her side for different reasons and multiple groups condemning her for multiple reasons. Hippolyta, for her part, silently left the hall and made her to her chambers.

The Amazon Mala stood at the waiting before the doors. "My Queen, the air ship is ready."

"Excellent, I wish to leave as soon as possible." If the blond warrior sensed the feelings behind the Queen's words, she said nothing. Leaving the palace and making their way towards the beach, Hippolyta stopped suddenly as she bumped into something. "What magic is this?"

Mala unsuccessfully tried to hide her smile. "Forgive me my Queen, but I had to jest with you." Rubbing her earring, she stepped back as Diana Prince's plane suddenly appeared before her eyes. The plane's shell was the same, but it was now a pure white.

"Amazing! But how?"

Mala beamed as she explained. "Repairing it was easy enough your highness. Using my own design I reworked the engine and overall design. I say with no arrogance this is the fastest machine anywhere." Removing her earrings and tiara from her head, she handed them to Hippolyta. "I had my apprentices coat the outside with a special paint I made. Rubbing either earring sends out a charge that reacts with the paint, making it unseen to the eye." Her grin even wider, she pointed to the tiara. "And the controls? Well, simply slip this metal band over your head and tell the machine where to go."

Hippolyta was stunned. "Amazing!" Slipping the trinkets on, she walked around the plane. "Have my weapons been loaded?"

"I oversaw that myself my Queen."

"Excellent." Taking one last look at the island around her, Hippolyta took her crown and gave it to Mala. "Since I am not a queen in Man's World there is no point in my having this. Take it, and use it wisely."

Now it was Mala's turn to be stunned. "My Queen, surely you can't-"

"I am." Climbing into the cockpit, she gripped the controls. "Tell me, has the outsider recovered?"

Mala shook her head. "Her injuries were grave. The Healers have placed her in suspended animation, and they don't know when she shall be whole again."

Hippolyta sighed. "All the more reason for me to leave. Tell everyone of what I have said. I shall return either with my shield or upon it."

Closing the canopy, she concentrated as Mala instructed. At once the engine roared to life; the propellers began to rotate quicker and quicker as the plane lurched forward. "It seems easy enough, but I have to focus." The plane's speed increased and with a sudden shift left the ground. Feeling her stomach drop, Hippolyta focused on keeping the plane aloft. Gaining altitude with every second, she marveled at the stretches of ocean around her. "I almost forgot what this world looked like from above."

Rubbing her earring, Hippolyta marveled at the plane's shimmering body vanished around her, cloaking her in its invisible body. "This should keep my presence secret, at least until I am ready." Flying low, she handled the plan simply. "No point in trying to be fancy." She spotted land after almost an hour. "According to the radio transmissions I monitored, Holiday College is several miles north, near the capital of this land. I'll have to land there and investigate this matter on foot."

Tuning the radio, she listened carefully to any traffic or bit of news she might need. Hearing music, sports, and even the occasional comedy show puzzled her. "What odd things to say, but then again I suppose the culture of the people would have changed in our absence."

Part III

Several miles off the coast of the Eastern seaboard, a sleek German U-boat slid through the murky depths. Inside, a thin cigarette hanging from her lips stood the infamous spymaster, the Baroness Paula Von Gunther. Silently she studied the data spread out before her. At her side was a woman. Dressed in rags, her limbs covered in scars, the woman dared not look up as the Baroness spoke.

"So, was the body of that accursed spy recovered?"

The woman spoke quickly. She learned the price for making her mistress wait far too often. "No Baroness, her plane was shot down into the sea."

Whirling around, Gunther gripped the slave's throat. "You didn't answer me! Was the body recovered?" She spoke slow and emphasized ever word. The slave barely managed to shake her head.

"No," She meekly coughed as Gunther tightened her grip. As black spots formed in her eyes, the Baroness suddenly thrust her forward. Colliding with the sub wall, she slumped to the floor with a gasp.

"I want those pilots whipped." Barking orders, she angrily cleared the table with one fist. "Surface! Our agents have told us where that blasted spy was supposed to meet! I'll handle this mission myself. Radio Berlin and tell the Fuhrer I will personally guarantee the success of our glorious mission." Bending over, she took the cigarette from her mouth and rubbed it out on the slave's bare back. "Oh, and Mavis? I want this sub cleaned while I'm out."


Hippolyta had landed the plane. It hadn't been easy, but willing it to slow as she approached a barren field was harder than she thought it would have been. Removing her gear, she closed the canopy, rendering the craft totally invisible. "This will do for now, but I'll have to find a more permanent residence." Based on what she heard about modern dress, she slipped on a sweater and a modest skirt. Folding her courtly skirt over her weapons and armor, she bundled the items up and slung it over her shoulder. "Now, to find this college."

Walking towards what she guessed was the road; she stepped onto the blacktop and made her way towards the bright lights of the town. "At this pace I should be in the city before sunrise." Hearing a horn behind her and seeing two points of lights appearing in front of her, she spun around, ready for an attack. To her shock, a truck slowed down in front of her, its twin headlights almost blinding her.

The driver, who was an old man with a scraggly beard with plain clothes, rolled down his window and leaned out. "Well darn it all missy, what do you think you're doing in the middle of the highway?"

Taken aback, Hippolyta quickly thought of an answer. "I was…on my way to the college."

The man spit a brown glob that landed close to her feet. "Figures, you college kids ain't got the brains to stay off of the road. Well, hop on in. Least I can do for a lady." He opened the side door and beckoned. Her disgust at the man was deep, but Hippolyta knew that she couldn't afford to waste time.

"Thank you." Climbing into the cab, she sat in wonder at the interior of the truck. "Is it far to Holladay College?"

The man rolled down his window again and spat. "No, but I'd suggest you think twice before walking out in the center of the road again. Some folks might not be so forgiving."

Hippolyta memorized that for later and sat quietly as the man rambled on, mostly about problems caused by other people. The radio blared a dance tune that she found rather relaxing. When they neared the campus, she thanked the driver and stepped out. Coughing slightly as she breathed in the exhaust, she walked through the parking lot and entered the commons.

She gazed in wonder at the ivy-covered towers and well manicured lawns. Even as the moon rose into the sky there was still activity as students hurried from one place to another. "Prince was supposed to be meeting someone, but who? And for that matter, where?" Finding herself pushed along by the crowd, she slipped off to the side and moved towards the safety of a nearby alcove.

"Alright girls, let's get this from the top!" A woman's loud voice startled her. Peering out from around the corner, she spied a short heavyset woman pumping her arms as a group of similarly dressed women sang in unison.

"What's this?" Hippolyta moved towards the group and listened. The women were singing all right, some manner of song about the school, but Hippolyta was impressed by the leadership of the woman in charge.

The woman backed up and bumped into her. Startled, she lost her place. The singers quieted down as she whirled around and stared at Hippolyta. "What's the big idea?"

Hippolyta was taken aback. "My apologies, I meant no offense."

The shorter woman raised an eyebrow but stuck out her hand. The Amazon queen looked at it oddly. "None taken. Name's Etta, Etta Candy, head of this chapter of the Beta Lambda sorority." Taking Hippolyta's hand, she pumped it up and down. "What's yours?"

Understanding the meaning behind the gesture, Hippolyta returned the shake. Her mind blanked as she realized her predicament. "I can't use my real name, surely that would rouse suspicion." Thinking quickly, she blurted out a shortened version and used the first surname she could think of, "My name's Polly, Polly Prince."

"Well Polly, I'd like my hand back." Etta joked as Hippolyta realized her error. Taking her by the elbow, she pointed her towards the other women. "Polly, this bunch here is what I'd like to call the Holliday Girls. We only accept the best, the brightest, and the bravest. Interested?"

"Hmm, such a group could be a way to find information." Shaking her head, she gestured towards the wider area of the campus. "I'm sorry, but I've only arrived here tonight and I have not even enrolled."

Etta's eyes lit up. "A freshman? Well heck, why didn't you say so?" Gesturing towards the nearest Holliday Girl, she introduced Hippolyta to the slender brunette. "Billie, give her the nickel tour. The ad building already closed for the day, but you can bunk with Billie for tonight. Freshmen aren't allowed to rush, but I think nobody would say anything if we put you up for the night."

Dazed, Hippolyta followed Billie into the dorms. "So, are you new here? I love your accent."

Tightening her grip on her bag, Hippolyta followed Billie down the hall to the rooms. "Greek, I'm from Greece." Tuning out Billie's questions and only giving her general answers, she entered the small dorm room and sat down on the bed. "Are things always so busy here?"

Billie smiled as she sat down on the other bed. "You've never to college before, have you?" Looking at Hippolyta's confused stare, she put her hand to her mouth. "Oh, wow, you really haven't."

"I had to forgo a higher education." Hippolyta looked away. "I'll have to provide some kind of back story later." Changing the subject, She settled back on the hard mattress. "Tell me Billie, why were the girls singing outside?"

"Oh, that. We were just practicing for the rally tomorrow night."


Billie nodded. "Yeah, some goodwill ambassadors from Germany are making the rounds of all the major campuses on the East coast. We've been picked out of all the houses on campus to act as guides, so things have been real crazy."

Part IV

Captain Steve Trevor ran his hand over his chin and looked at himself in the mirror. "What I wouldn't give for some scotch and a hot shave." His stubble was rough, but part of the job meant going undercover. Glancing around the restroom, he secured the window before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a hip flask. Unscrewing the top, he pulled out a small scrap of paper. Reading over it, he nodded before lighting a match and setting the message on fire.

Tossing the burning remains into the sink, he exited the room. Stepping out into the cool air, he tightened his coat as the evening's festivities went underway. "Alright, no message from my contact, but she's never been late before." Making his way through the crowd, he stood and waited for the signal. As he stared at the red and black swastikas that dotted the stage, he felt a chill go down his spine. "Come on kid, where are you?" Stepping onto the stage was his superior Colonel Phil Darnell. The colonel was overseeing the festivities and acting as an observer, but they way the German envoy looked at him made Steve nervous. When one of the women, a blond with a slightly bent nose, stepped forward and led him off the stage, Steve couldn't help but wonder if there was more going on than what he saw. A sudden rush of students prevented him from getting too close to the stage. "I can't cause a scene and blow my cover, but I have to know what's going on!"

If Steve had been able to slip backstage, he would have been shocked. The moment the All-American Colonel Darnell stepped behind the curtain, his smile turned into a sneer. "Well Baroness, are you convinced?"

"Ja Fritz, ja, but you keep up the accent." Paula turned her attention to a bound and masked figure in the corner. "While you talk about how peaceful everything is, we'll be disposing of this weak fool."

"And when we march into Paris, I'll make sure the Americans are too divided to do anything!" Fritz chuckled. Paula slapped him.

"Quiet you fool! No one must know of this! I'm going to dispose of this body myself. You keep up the act and try not to go deaf due that blasted Yankee singing."

The next night

Hippolyta stepped into the barn. The morning had been spent in one line after another. "Perhaps I should have aspired for something higher. A student seems to require a great deal of paperwork these days, and I fear I don't have the time. Birth certificates, passports, all of these I can forge, but perhaps I should forgo all that." Setting her bag down, she opened it up and started to take her armor out. "The message Diana held spoke of Germany and a 'double'. These ambassadors must be part of the plan, or at least a cover."

Slipping her sweater and skirt off, she made a mental note to return the borrowed clothes and undergarments back to Billie. "Odd how fashion has changed, but oh well." Laying out her armor, she thought back to her days as a warrior. Back in the day there would handmaidens to help her, but those days were long since gone. "I must succeed first. After that, we'll see about the school."

First, she slipped on her sandals and leg guards. The blue metal had been shined to perfection. The cuirass went on next. The red metal breastplate was adorned with a golden eagle on the front. The pteriges hung loosely around her thighs, the blue metal and white stars seemed to give off a glow all their own. Connecting the arm guards to her bracelets was easy; once finished she put on her helmet and picked up her most important weapon: her lasso

To the casual observer the lasso was a simple thing. It twinkled slightly as the moonlight played on the golden strands. To Hippolyta, this was more than a simple woven thread. The golden strands were taken from the very girdle of Gaea herself and personally forged by Hephaestus, god of fire. Light as a single thread, the golden lasso was capable of making a person reveal the truth. "No lies shall be woven with this thread" she remembered the saying. "You shall be my most valuable weapon."

Climbing into the cockpit, she started the plane with a thought. She offered up a small prayer as the plane rolled out of the barn and took to the night sky. "Hera, protect your daughter."

As she flew towards the school, she spied an odd sight. Below, racing away from the school, was a car. That, she decided, was not unusual, but the fact that it was going extremely fast and seemed to lack lights was the odd thing. She only caught sight of it as she took off over the road (and she was quite grateful that she remembered to render the plan invisible). Circling around, she stayed low and followed the speeding car. "Something tells me there is something afoot here." Flicking on her radio monitor, she tried to tune and pick up the signals, if any, which may have been coming from the car.

Back at the college, things were getting underway. The Holliday Girls, led by Etta, sang the school anthem. The faux Darnell clapped along with the rest of the crowd before he took the stage. "Friends" he gestured for silence, "I know there are many of you who are wondering why we're here tonight. Well, let me tell you, we are here in the name of peace and brotherhood!" The crowd cheered wildly, save for one man.

Steve raised an eyebrow. "Since when did the colonel speak with a Midwest accent?" Checking his .45, tucked neatly in its holster, he slipped through the crowd and carefully made his way towards the stage. "I'll just have a little talk with him afterwards, I hope."

Unbeknownst to Steve, the real Colonel Darnell was bound and gagged and was sitting in the backseat of the speeding motorcar. "Hurry, the faster we get to the rendezvous point, the better!" Picking up the transmitter, the scarred driver gave a low whistle. "The fish is in the net. Is the fisherman ready?"

"Affirmative." Both men smiled as the driver put the transmitter down.

"Now all we have to do is drive, and drop our package off." The pair laughed, but their laughter died almost as quick as it began. "Wait, did you see something?"

Hippolyta was coming in fast. Still unseen, she bore down on the speeding car. Getting near level with it, she rubbed her earring, turning the craft visible again.

The driver screamed. Before his eyes, a white plane suddenly appeared in the road before him. It was bearing down on him from out of nowhere. Panicking, he slammed on the brakes as he wretched the wheel, sending the car into a wild skid. The vehicle spun off the road and into a ditch. The engine sputtered once before various colored fluids poured out of the front.

Hippolyta landed the plane in the field and darted towards the wreck. Her lasso in one hand, she easily pulled the door off the car. "Are you alright?"

Col. Darnell, the gag having falling free, sputtered in shock. "Who are you?"

"A friend." Gesturing towards the two men, she unhooked her lasso. "What where they planning?"

"I'm not sure, but they have a double of me giving a speech at the school, you have to stop them!"

She nodded. Lightly tying the rope around the still moaning man, she pulled back. "What were your plans?"

The man drooled as he spoke. "We were to replace the colonel with a double. He will speak out against military action against Germany. From there we will build support for the Nazi party."

"The fiends!" Darnell raged as Hippolyta pulled him out of the car with one hand. With a jerk, the lasso fell away and the guard slumped forward. "Wait, where are you going?"

"To stop this madness now!" Hippolyta shouted back before climbing into the plane. The engine roared to life as it took off into the nigh sky. Darnell gave a low whistle in amazement.

"What a gal!"

Back at the college

The rally was reaching fever pitch. The faux Darnell shouted along with the crowds as Paula smiled from backstage. "Perfect, just perfect. These fools will do the job for us!" Looking out into the crowd, she spied a blond haired man muscling his way towards the stage. "That one might be a problem." Checking her Luger, she slipped a jacket over her arm and made her way into the crowd. "With all the noise, no one would hear a gunshot."

Stepping out, she caught the blond stranger's gaze. Their eyes locked and she smiled to herself as she noticed him following her. "Like taking candy from a baby."

The drone of an airplane filled the air, sending a hush throughout the crowd. Paula stopped and frantically looked around. "What? Have the Americans discovered our plan?"

Above the crowd, a plane suddenly appeared. Swooping past the stage, it circled around before landing in the commons. The crowd scattered as the canopy opened and a figure emerged. A collective gasp was heard as the pilot stepped out.

"That man is an imposter!" Hippolyta shouted as she unhooked her lasso. "And I can prove it!" Rushing towards the stage, she shouldered her way past the guards and leapt onto the platform. Darnell pulled out a pistol and fired.

Everything seemed to slow down around her. The imposter's gun belched smoke and fire as the bullet screamed at her. Without thinking she raised her arm as she charged. The bullet struck her wrist and ricocheted into the curtain next to them.

"What are you?" The imposter screamed as he threw the gun at her. She caught it and with the slightest of effort, bent the barrel. He screamed in German and jumped off the stage.

"Someone who won't be stopped by the likes of you." Twirling her lasso, she snagged his ankle and dragged him back. "Tell the people of your plans!" Ripping the microphone free, she thrust it into his face as he whimpered.

"I am an imposter! My real name is Fritz Mueller, and I was paid to pose of the real Darnell. The person behind the plot was-" He jerked as the sound of a gun rang out.

Dropping the dead man, Hippolyta whirled around to see the departing form of Paula. Breaking into a run, she caught sight of a blond man racing after the fleeing killer.

"That was impressive work angel!" The man huffed as he kept the pace.

"Thank you." Hippolyta raised an eyebrow at the man. "The real colonel is safe and a few miles from here."

"Thanks, but I think we should focus on the real target!" Steve drew his gun as Paula dove into the backseat of a waiting car. He managed to shoot out the rear window and a taillight as the car sped away. "Blast!"

"Fear not, they will not escape." Hippolyta turned, but before she could race back, Steve laid a hand on her shoulder.

"Hold on angel, who are you?"

Overhearing the crowd, Hippolyta listened to the men and women talking about her.


"Who is that woman?"

Looking back at Steve, she none too gently shrugged his hand off. "Wonder Woman, and I'm here to help."

"Good enough for me." Steve fell in step behind her. "That plane of yours carries two?"

Part V

Paula swore as the car raced along the back roads. "Can't this American piece of junk go any faster?"

"Sorry Baroness!" The driver, Hans, meekly coughed as he shifted gears, "But that plane, I can't lose it!"

"Swine! Hilda, shoot that blasted machine out of the sky!"

Hilda nodded mutely and reached under her seat. Pulling out a modified Thompson machine gun, she leaned out of the window and scanned the sky. "I can't see them!"

"What?" Peering through the bullet riddled windshield, she swore even louder. "How? How is that possible?" The drone of the plane's motor grew louder, but Hilda dared not fire blindly.

Directly above them, Hippolyta looked down at the speeding car. "This is amazing!" Steve marveled at the plane's interior. "Who built this, Hughes?"

"A good friend from back home." Bringing the plane down lower, she opened the canopy. "Do not touch the controls. I'll be back in a second." Before Steve could question, she slipped free of her harness and deftly leapt from the plane.

Hitting the car's roof with a solid thud, she gripped the metal with all her might. "She's on the roof, shoot her!" Paula ordered. Hilda leaned the gun and squeezed the trigger. Hippolyta narrowly avoided the bullets as they shredded the roof. Bringing her forearm around, she deflected the deadly projectiles back into the car's cab.

Unseen by her, the new trajectory sent the lethal bits of lead directly into the seats occupied by Hans, Hilda, and the engine. Smoke began to pour out of the front hood as the car began to weave back and forth. Steve leaned out of the plane to shout. "Get out of there Angel, you're coming up on a quarry!"

Looking up, she softly swore as the car raced towards the edge of the cliff. Ignoring the screams coming from the backseat, Hippolyta rolled backwards. Gripping the back bumper, she dug her heels into the ground as she tried to slow the car down. "Hera! Give me strength!" She gritted her teeth as her feet plowed two deep furrows into the ground.

As she slowed down, the bumper suddenly broke away. Falling back, she hit the ground as the car lurched forward. Its speed had been reduced, but not enough. It broke through the guardrail. Hippolyta caught Paula's hate-filled face staring back at her from the backseat seconds before the car disappeared over the side. Rushing to the edge, she reached it just as the car exploded, sending shrapnel and flames high into the air. Hippolyta silently stared at the flaming wreck as it continued to tumble to the bottom.

Later, once she had willed the plane to land, she stood before Steve. He was leaning against the metal, his eyes wide. "Wow."

"You are Steve Trevor, correct?" Steve's expression changed.

"How did you know that?"

Hippolyta reached into her bracelet and removed a slip of paper. "This message came from Diana Prince."

"Diana?" Steve snatched the paper away and read it by moonlight. He grimly shoved it into his pocket and stared at her. "Alright angel, I've given you the benefit of the doubt, but how did you get hold of this?"

"My name is not angel, and as for how, Diana gave it to me. She was badly injured, but once her wounds are healed I see no reason why she can't return."

"Hold it, you mean you have a American agent captive somewhere? And running around with secret documents?" Steve drew his gun. "Friendly or no, I have to bring you in."

She surprised him by placing her hand on his shoulder. "Steve, I understand, but I can not allow that." With lighting speed, she snatched his gun from his hand and easily crushed the barrel. "Diana came to me, dying, but she told of you and the danger Paula posed. I could have done nothing, but I choose to act."

Steve eyed the bent lump of metal on the ground. "Paula von Gunther still poses a threat. In this line of work Wonder Woman," he added an extra emphasis on the name, "unless you bury the body personally then odds are they're still kicking somewhere."

She looked out to the plume of black smoke. "Possibly, but I still stand by my actions. I was under no debt to you or your country, but I helped anyway."


She looked shocked. "Because it was the right thing to do. Tell me; is the cause of justice a forgotten concept in Man's World? Must I have permission now, to act for the tenants of fairness and equality?"

Steve shook his head. "I don't know. Things are becoming darker, I admit. The info you gave me proves it, but it also doesn't tell me enough." Looking up to the smoke filled sky, he clenched his fists. "A war is coming. Everybody knows it, but nobody wants to do anything about it!"

"I do." Hippolyta climbed into her plane. "Go back to your leaders and tell them this. For as long as tyranny and oppression exist, there will always be someone willing to fight." Looking up to the sky, her face bathed in moonlight, she spoke so softly Steve had to strain his ears. "I will return when I am needed."

Closing the canopy, she started the engine. Before Steve could protest the plane was already airborne. Seconds later it faded from sight, leaving him alone. He chuckled as he looked up into the night sky. "Well, I'll be waiting when you do."

The end

Wonder Wonderings

Well, thus ends what will hopefully be a running series. This is mostly an original idea, with the main inspirations coming from two sources:

The first is the creators of Wonder Woman, William Moulton Marston, Elizabeth Holloway Marston, and Olive Byrne, who without this concept never would have happened.

The second, and equally important, is Kalinara, of the blog Pretty, Fizzy Paradise, who actually dreamt up the whole idea of Earth-25 and who deserves all the credit.

Earth-25, to those not in the know, is a world in DC's Multiple Earths 52-verse. In this world, the first major (sorry all you Crimson Avenger fans) hero active in 1938 was NOT Superman, but rather Wonder Woman. Who, rather than being Princess Diana, is in fact Queen Hippolyta. The rest has been filled by the followings inspirations:

The aforementioned Marstons and Ms. Byrne, with a dash of George Perez, John Byrne, Gail Simone, and all Wonder Woman creative teams past and present.

All the groovy fanboys and fangirls at PFP

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