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She woke up to strange sounds coming from the kitchen. Running her hand through her pink locks, she sat up yawning. She slipped her slippers on and stepped

out of her bedroom. Making her way to the source of the noise, she suddered. It was cold. The thing was, it was spring. There were flowers everywhere and the trees had

been reunited with their leaves. It wasn't suppose to be cold. Odd. She wraped her arms around herself, trying to become warm. She missed the warmth of her bed.

Longing to crawl underneath her pink sheets and fall into a deep sleep.

Forgetting about the noise. But she could not. Not now, she was already in the hallway. There was no turning back. Or at least, that's what she told herself... She

made way to the kitchen. Peering into the room, she spotted a boy eating. "Hey, why's it so cold in here?" Sakura asked. "Ohh, I thought that it would be smart to eat ice

cream in the cold." He replyed. "Neji," She put her hand to her head, "You know better..." She was freezing and he was eating ice cream in the cold. 'Why do I live with

him, again? Oh, yeah. Because he is my step brother and I have to. Gosh he can be stupid... Why did his family adopt me? I remember. Hinata wanted me to be in the

family. I guess-she's worth it..' She thought.

"Well, what was that noise?" Sakura remembered the slirp slirp auhhhh! "Oh, I was eating ice cream and kept getting brain freeze. "Yaaaaaaaaaaa know, they

should put a warning lable on this stuff." He thought aloud. "What's up with the, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?" She questioned him. "Oh, brain freeze again. Sorry, I was caught off

gaurd." He was helpless. "So, can we turn the heater on?" She was getting really cold,"And, how cold is it in here?" "Ohh, about 30 degrees. Why do you ask?" He was

more than just helpless. Hopeless. "Well, you are wearing a heavy coat..." She explained.

"Yeah. I wanted the full expirence." "That's great." She said turning up the heat, "So, how is your project going?" The girl asked. "Oh, you mean how we're trying to

build a skate ramp? Pretty good. But..." He was lost in though. "But..." She reminded him. "We could use your help." He finished. "With...?" She was intrested. What

could they need her help with...? "Ohh, angles and stuff. You know, the strait A student thing." He explained. "So... you need me for my smarts...?" She was pleased.

"Yeah. So the guys are coming over tomarrow and I need you here..." He trailed off. "You know I have work. I can't just call it off. My part is important!" "Yeah, if

taking orders at a pizza place classifys as important." He was half way right. She did take orders at a pizza joint. She was only 15 and Neji? He was 16. He could drive...

"I'll pick you up. Okay?" "Fine..." She agreed. Sakura left to retire to her bed. She fell into the deep sleep she had longed for.

The Next Day After School

She had gotten home early. That was good. She had to take the bus today though... How she hated the bus. But she had to. She got her uniform and dressed. It

looked good on her. Black pants and a white fitted t. (Of course, No one knows why the shirt is white. It could get stained.) And a black and whit hat that said "Sakura" In

curvy letters. She gathered her bag and left. Her i-pod was silver. She turned it on. ("Northern Downpour" By: Panic at the Disco)

If all our life is but a dream,
Fantastic posing greed,
Then we should feed our jewelery to the sea,
For diamonds do appear to be,
Just like broken glass to me,

The bus finally came.

And then she said she can't believe,
Genius only comes along,
In storms of fabled foreign tongues,
Tripping eyes, and flooded lungs,
Northern downpour sends its love,

She stepped in and sat in an empty sit in the back.

Hey moon, please forget to fall down,
Hey moon, don't you go down,

Sugarcane in the easy mornin,'
Weathervanes my one and lonely,

The bus stopped again and a man stepped in. He was Roughly Sakura's age. Maybe one year older. Glidding down the bus he stopped and sat next to her.

The ink is running toward the page,
It's chasin' off the days,
Look back at boat feet,
And that winding knee,
I missed your skin when you were east,
You clicked your heels and wished for me,

We sat quietly without a problem until...

Through playful lips made of yarn,
That fragile Capricorn,
Unraveled words like moths upon old scarves,
I know the world's a broken bone,
But melt your headaches, call it home,

He started to talk to Sakura. She turned off her i-pod. "What are you listening to?" He asked. "Oh, Northern Downpour..." She told him. "Really? Who's it by?" "Panic at

the Disco." I informed him. "Cool. So, are you single...?" Was he hitting on her? "Yes." She looked out of the window. "Do you wanna go out?" He asked. "I don't even

know your name!" "Oh, Kiba. So what do ya say?" He didn't know when to stop. "No." She turned her gaze away from the window and to Kiba. "Come on... you look like

you like to party." He was stupid to talk that way to her.

"What school do you go to?" She asked. "Canon High." He said. Good, that was the answer Sakura wanted. "You know Hyuuga Neji then, right?" She asked.

What did she have in mind? "Yeah. Every one does." "Good. Then you know he's very strong, correct?" She was up to something... "Yea. So?" Kiba wondered aloud.

"Well, he's my brother. So, if I were you, I would shut up. Unless, you would like to deal with Neji..." She was good. "So, he can't do anything to me." Kiba said. "..."

"So you're going to work, huh?" He asked. "Yep." She looked out of the window. "I'll wait till your shift is up, then." "Are you a stalker? Because that's creepy."

She was freaked out. "Mabey I am. You'll find out when your shift is over." The bus stopped at Sakura's stop. She stood up motioning for Kiba to get out of the way and left.

She didn't see him follow her so she relaxed. He was all talk and no action. Or so she thought.

Work was like normal. The boss was bossy and pizzas were bought. It was nearing the end of her shift when Neji and two boy came in. Ten minutes left. They sat

at a table and Neji came up to Sakura. "Hey, Neji." She said. "Hi, Sakura." He greeted her. "We need some food..." "Normal order?" Yea." Neji said. I sent him his order

and he sat down.

One minute until my shift was to end and Kiba stepped through the door. He came up and winked at me. I glared in return. "So, how about that date?" He asked.

"No." She rejected him. Kiba kept hitting on her when Neji was going to the counter to get his step-sister. Though he thought of her as his real sister. He over heard what

was going on.

"Do we have a problem, Sakura?" Neji asked. "Yea, Neji, we do. I have a stalker and he wont take no as an answer." She was mad. "Ohh, really, Kiba?" Neji was

cracking his knuckles. "Soo, you weren't lying to me... how sweet." Kiba thought aloud. "How sweet? You know what would be sweet? You being beaten to a bloody pulp!"

She was angry. "I agree." Neji said. Kiba disappeared after that note.

They high-fived. "So, are you ready?" Neji asked. "Yeah. Lets go. Oh, and thanks... he was really annoying..." Sakura walked over to the table where Neji had sat.

She looked at the two boys. One had blonde hair and deep blue eyes. He wore an orange shirt and light blue jeans. The other had ravin hair that looked like a chicken butt.

His eyes were a black as deep as that of an ebony pencil. His shirt was blue and his pants were black. He had a toned body and seemed to be checking her out.

"So, ready to go?" She wanted to leave. "Well, we could introduce first..." Neji informed her. "Fine. I'm Sakura. Neji? Who's the goofy looking one...?" "Oh, he's

Naruto. And he is goofy." Neji answered, "And the other guy, he's Sasuke." "Okay. Now can we leave? I have to talk to Hinata." She informed Neji. "Sure." With that they

got into Neji's car.

"Hey! Neji! Ten points if you hit the grandma!" Naruto yelled. "What? Why would you even joke about that?! Besides, she's only worth five..." Sakura whispered

the last part, but Naruto heard. "She's right! Five points!" He was as loud as ever. "Hn..." Was all Sasuke said. Okay Sakura couldn't take it any more. That had to be the

millionth time he had said that in the ten minutes they were driving. "Is that all you can say!? Hn this! Hn that! Gosh! What. Is. Your. Problem!?" She exploded. "Hn." "..."

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