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chapter 1

"I love you. Yuuki." Kaname said as he kissed me. I couldn't believe it. Kaname said that he loves me! As he was kissing me, I couldn't help but, kissed him back. Once the kiss was broken I looked at him and smiled as I said

"I love you too Kaname" he smiled and hugged me. He held me close to him. I loved being in his arms it made me feel so safe. I wish that this moment could never end. But that didn't happen my cell phone ringed, it was the headmaster. So I had to answers it.

" um yes headmaster?" I answer

"Yuuki I need you to get something in town for me." he said

"what is it?" I asked I hated to leave Kaname bed side but I had to. My father stared to make a list of thing that he want me to being. I sighed and told Kaname. I then left.
An hour later. I was heading back to the school with all the bags from the store. As I was walking I herd some one yell out. "I love you." I wander who it could have been and walked to where the voice come from. When I got there I couldn't believe me eyes. It was Kaname and he was kissing Ruka! I could feel tears in my eyes. As I dropped the bags and ran off in to the Ran…

Another hour later. I end up wandering around the alleys it was now dark and it was still raining you couldn't even see the tears I was crying because of it. I put my back on the wall and slid down. That's when I heard some cans being knock down. I turn to see a man there. He was eying me I tried to stand and run but I fell again and the man grabbed me! He slammed me on the ground making me hit my head. All I could remember after that was his cold icy laugh as he had his way with me.