Me: Since this is a fic in which the ONLY thing going on is characters talking, I am not going to use quotation marks for everything they say. Only one character will speak per chapter. This will contain the rants on my profile xD.

(Camera turns on and we see Raven sitting on her bed, looking straight at us. Raven begins to speak.)

Ok, there are a few things I just need to rant about, badly in the world of fanfiction. The same goes for the other Titans. Therefore, we are using this camera to record our rants and raves for future humorous occasions. Knowing Beast Boy, he'll probably find some way to blackmail us, but anyway...

Okay, first thing's first: How hard is it to look up the spelling of my three-word mantra? Go look up Season 4, episode one of our animated series called Episode 257-494.At one point, we stumbled into an ad that spoofed my words (which I protested, by the way,) advertising the product Zinthos. On the screen CLEARLY flashed the other two words: Azarath and Metrion. Yet some of you writers STILL misspell it! Seriously, I've seen Asarath, Azaroth, Azirath, Metrian, Metron (what, am I some kind of Transformer?) Matryen, Zynthos, Zynthas, and even Synthas! How damn hard can it be?

Which brings me to my next point. If you're going to write about something, get your damn facts straight. I am NOT a cold-hearted bitch. I may give someone the cold shoulder, but I am not a set-in-stone bitch. 0

I don't hate Beast Boy. I don't know why the hell people keep saying that. I used to, but then I got to actually know him. Yet people still write stories that involve me hating his guts. Really? Are you that stupid?

I. AM. NOT. EMO! Jesus. Seriously, even AU stories usually portray me as emotionally unstable. All of you can go fuck yourselves. Especially with Trigon's red ass gone, my emotions are completely under control, which is no small feat with Happy bouncing around every second of the day while Knowledge tries to keep her from knocking herself out.

And what's this shit about me and Robin? Yes, we're close. We share a mental connection. But just because he held my half-naked body (which I'm sure he sprung one over) doesn't mean we would have anything romantic going on. That just means that Slade's a goddamn pervert and Robin just kind've enjoyed the side benefits.

What's even worse is me and Cyborg. If I could split into like, 100 of me, I would go and personally murder the writers that write that shit (and scare the shit out of Beast Boy in the process). I mean, he doesn't even have the balls to ask Bumblebee out! Pun intended, by the way. How the hell do you think Cyborg, who's afraid to tell a girl who can fly and zap him that he loves her, going to approach a girl that can leave all four of his limbs in individual dimensions?

And don't even get me started on the yuri pairings. I saw a Raven/Terra fic one time, before Trigon was destroyed, and half the lights in Jump City shut down. I mean, sweet mother of Azar. Even if I WAS a lezbo, why the hell would I go and date the traitor? If we're gonna go with Raven as a lesbian, which I seriously protest in the first place, at least make it believable. Jinx and I, perhaps.

I'll get back to you as I think of more things to rant about. Over and out.