(Camera fuzzes on. A pair of green eyes fill the lens before Beast Boy finally steps away, looking satisfied)

There we go! Hey all, this is Beast Boy! I'm here today because I have recently purchased a video camera. I was reading fan fiction recently, when I had a another Beast Boy- style incredibly brilliant idea.

…Blow it out your ear, Raven!

Heh. Yeah, that's right, I just blew off Raven. She's not gonna kill me though. She loves me too much for that, plus she already promised me one "no consequences for offense," as she said. So there!

So yeah. I came up with the idea to give each Titan the camera so that they could express and share their opinions/rants about fan fiction with you, the public. And so, I, Garfield Logan am here to share MY thoughts on certain subjects.

First off on my list would have to be, well, me! I'm not an idiot, and my room isn't a chemical biohazard! And no, Cyborg's opinion doesn't count. Seriously, folks. I may have my moments, but….


I'm generally a smart guy, though. Seriously, do you think I'd be with the most badass girl in this dimension if I was stupid?

(A/N: For this fic, BB and Raven are together simply because they are the most hinted at couple.)

Okay, I do believe the next subject I'd like to discuss is the moped. The moped! Why do I see such a lack of mopediness in my stories?! This issue makes me a sad, green panda. My moped is like Robin's hair gel, except useful.

(Robin is heard yelling in protest)

Hm…I think I may have heard a Birdarang come out…might wanna watch my back later. Anyway, as I was saying: More moped, for the love of…uhm…Azar? Iunno, first thing that came to my head. Just…more moped! And less Raven killing me! Well…I don't know if Raven would agree with me on that one, but I digress…

Raven! Yes, thank you, my vocabulary HAS been growing! Go suck on a tofu dog!

Oh, shit…I spent my "no whupping" thing already…

(There is suddenly a flash of black, and we can't see anything for a few minutes. When the screen clears, Raven is sitting in front of the lens)

Beast Boy is, er…unavailable… as of present time. So, tell ya what. Check back la- HEY!

(Camera is yanked away, and Gizmo is heard yelling various taunts and swears at Raven)